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We are in a crisis today because the practical consensus between the left and the right, linking economic efficiency with social protection, has broken down, (Quote by - Andre Glucksmann)

Imagine a hospital housekeeper working with a loud vacuum cleaner for hours at a time. Over time, this can affect worker productivity, efficiency, and may be as harmful to their health, just as inhaling the fumes of powerful cleaning chemicals. (Quote by - Robert Robinson)

The fleet is currently concentrating on drafting and implementing plans to raise its combat efficiency. (Quote by - Vladimir Dorokhin)

The special early retirement offer is part of ongoing efforts to run lean and enhance our efficiency, competitiveness and financial strength for future growth opportunities, (Quote by - Robert Lane)

You get more speed and more fuel efficiency out of using the software. (Quote by - Paul Bemis)

It seems eliminating jobs is becoming the central means to boost efficiency in the company. (Quote by - Erich Klemm)

This is an important step in understanding how such jets can be launched from magnetized disks of gas near the event horizon of a black hole. Just as with cars, it's critical to know the fuel efficiency of black holes. (Quote by - Steve Allen)

IT Management is working to align IT with the business, improve compliance, agility, service quality, efficiency and accurac while also reducing risk and costs. Much of the challenge lies in IT's very natur a structure of technical silos, which naturally conflicts with enterprise level activities. (Quotes by - Don Casson)

This past year has seen the sharp rise in fuel prices more than offset the efficiency gains and a strong revenue environment. (Quote by - Brian Pearce)

We need to improve our efficiency and production. (Quote by - Bill Cockhill)

We can 'borrow' unused capacity from areas where it isn't currently needed and direct it to other areas where demand is higher at any given time. The result is better service and improved network efficiency. (Quote by - Mike Flanagan)

While large banks need to cut network and work forces to enhance efficiency, small city commercial banks may need to expand to increase economy of scale. (Quote by - May Yan)

For CEOs today, it's all about achieving growth and efficiency through innovation. It's not about product innovation so much anymore as about innovating business models, process, culture and management. (Quote by - Ginni Rometty)

I don't think there is anything this Congress could do more definitively to put people back to work, to stimulate our economy to increase our efficiency, our competitiveness, both nationally and internationally, (Quote by - Peter DeFazio)

The efficiency will prove that we will be saving. Even by renting a building, it ends up costing us less money per case. (Quote by - Matt Greene)

Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right thing. (Quote by - Zig Ziglar)

The goal of this is multiple - to avoid unplanned shutdowns, improve operating efficiency and quality of the product, and to get at maintenance and make sure that the maintenance dollars are spent efficiently. (Quote by - John Berra)

Given the evidence of deteriorating investment efficiency, China needs to rebalance its growth by shifting away from investment toward consumption. (Quote by - Qu Hongbin)

We will throw in some calibration images that allow us to measure the volunteers' efficiency. (Quote by - Andrew Westphal)

The industry is taking steps on both the energy efficiency and clean-energy fronts -- there are plenty of resorts doing one or both of those things. (Quote by - Geraldine Link)

Efficiency is the cheapest, best, and fastest way to respond to our energy needs, and legislative and governmental embrace of that reality is gratifying. (Quote by - Seth Kaplan)

To me, this is not a question of efficiency. The real goal is not to squeeze every last dollar out of assessors, though there may be money saved. The real money at stake is taxpayer money. (Quote by - Karl Berron)

I'm saying the disclosure that it was done for efficiency purposes was wrong. (Quote by - Mark Koenig)

Everyone took Carole Taylor's challenge on efficiency and quick bargaining at her word. Where are those promises now? (Quote by - Connie Credico)

There is an urgent need for bold reforms to transform Singapore into an R&D-driven, innovative, knowledge-based enterprise economy, where we compete on knowledge and talent, in addition to efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Singapore needs to refocus its research and innovation agenda. (Quotes by - Tony Tan)

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