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In the new economy, information, education, and motivation are everything. (Quote by - William J. Clinton)

A penny saved is two pence clear, A pin a day's a groat a year. (Quote by - Benjamin Franklin)

The economy of a novelist is a little like that of a careful housewife who is unwilling to throw away anything that might perhaps serve its turn. (Quote by - Graham Greene)

With the changing economy, no one has lifetime employment. But community colleges provide lifetime employability. (Quote by - Barack Obama)

I place economy among the first and most important virtues, and public debt as the greatest of dangers ... We must make our choice between economy and liberty, or profusion and servitude. If we can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the. (Quote by - Thomas Jefferson)

The love of economy is the root of all virtue. (Quote by - George Bernard Shaw)

To think that the new economy is over is like somebody in London in 1830 saying the entire industrial revolution is over because some textile manufacturers in Manchester went broke. (Quote by - Alvin Toffler)

The challenge as we saw in the Nigerian project was to restructure the economy decisively in the direction of a modern free market as an appropriate environment for cultivation of freedom and democracy and the natural emergence of a new social order. (Quote by - Ibrahim Babangida)

Cinema has become a global economy, totally international. (Quote by - Lasse Hallstrom)

Ere you consult your fancy, consult your purse. (Quote by - Benjamin Franklin)

There's plenty of juice to keep this economy going. (Quote by - Steve Forbes)

The world abhors closeness, and all but admires extravagance; yet a slack hand shows weakness, and a tight hand strength. (Quote by - Thomas Fowell Buxton)

Even the striving for equality by means of a directed economy can result only in an officially enforced inequality - an authoritarian determination of the status of each individual in the new hierarchical order. (Quote by - Friedrich August von Hayek)

I think a major cause of present Asian economic difficulties that mainly come from, you know, lack of market economy. (Quote by - Kim Dae Jung)

Economy, prudence, and a simple life are the sure masters of need, and will often accomplish that which, their opposites, with a fortune at hand, will fail to do. (Quote by - Clara Barton)

I think Russians today have a distorted picture of capitalism, liberal democracy and market economy. (Quote by - Garry Kasparov)

In today's knowledge-based economy, what you earn depends on what you learn. Jobs in the information technology sector, for example, pay 85 percent more than the private sector average. (Quote by - William J. Clinton)

And as a Member of this body, I believe firmly that States do have rights, and I believe that local communities have rights, and they have made decisions to allow these businesses to prosper as they are a big part of their economy. (Quote by - Jon Porter)

Not wishing to be disturbed over moral issues of the political economy, Americans cling to the notion that the government is a sort of automatic machine, regulated by the balancing of competing interests. (Quote by - C. Wright Mills)

I think most people... would be glad to pay the same taxes they paid when Bill Clinton was president, if only they could have the same economy they had when Bill Clinton was president. (Quote by - Howard Dean)

The political system is not for the people. The people are secondary to the economy. It's about what generates money, not about what benefits the people. (Quote by - Ziggy Marley)

Today, the US spends less on defense as a percentage of our economy than we did at any time since he Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. For the world's only superpower, that is an invitation to very serious trouble. (Quote by - Steve Forbes)

An economy hampered by restrictive tax rates will never produce enough revenue to balance our budget, just as it will never produce enough jobs or enough profits (Quote by - John Fitzgerald Kennedy)

The Obama presidency has two great missions: fixing the economy, and preventing Iran from gaining nuclear weapons. (Quote by - Benjamin Netanyahu)

A dynamic economy begins with a good education. (Quote by - Bob Taft)

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