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There's no dancing girls. We're kinda like secondary to the thing. It's a story about these two guys that are in love with this one girl and how it unfolds and what happens. (Quote by - Eric Carr)

I do not know what the spirit of a philosopher could more wish to be than a good dancer. For the dance is his ideal. (Quote by - Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche)

The body is your instrument in dance, but your art is outside that creature, the body. I don't leap and jump anymore. I look at young dancers, and I am envious, more aware of what glories the body contains. But sensitivity is not made dull by age. (Quote by - Martha Graham)

Next time you're mad, try dancing out your anger. (Quote by - Sweetpea Tyler)

Do you think dyslexic people have difficulty dancing to "Y.M.C.A."? (Quote by - Dave Sokolowski)

When you're dancing, you're dancing for people to see. (Quote by - Pharrell Williams)

I can not remember even thinking that I was deaf when I was dancing. (Quote by - Stephanie Beacham)

Custom has made dancing sometimes necessary for a young man; therefore mind it while you learn it that you may learn to do it well, and not be ridiculous, though in a ridiculous act. (Quote by - Lord Chesterfield)

All Indians must dance, everywhere keep on dancing. (Quote by - Wovoka)

I just put my feet in the air and move them around. (Quote by - Fred Astair)

The dance can reveal everything mysterious that is hidden in music, and it has the additional merit of being human and palpable. Dancing is poetry with arms and legs. (Quote by - Charles Baudelaire)

He dances well to whom Fortune pipes. (Quote by - John Ray)

Ever since I was a little kid, whenever my parents would have company over, I would put on shows, whether they would be magic shows, singing shows, dancing shows, little skits. (Quote by - Ellen Muth)

Dancing's a touchstone that true beauty tries, nor suffers charms that nature's hand denies. (Quote by - Soame Jenyns)

In life as in the dance: Grace glides on blistered feet. (Quote by - Alice Abrams)

He who cannot dance will say: the Drum is bad. (Quote by - Africa)

We didn't have movies in this little mining town. When I was 12 my mom took me to New York and I saw Bye Bye Birdie, with people singing and dancing, and that was it. (Quote by - Margot Kidder )

Dancing is an excellent amusement for young people, especially for those of sedentary occupations. Its excellence consists in exciting a cheerfulness of the mind, highly essential to health; in bracing the muscles of the body, and in producing copious perspiration.....The body must perspire, or must be out of order. (Quote by - Noah Webster)

I could work out a lot of my emotions by going to class and dancing. (Quote by - Suzanne Farrell)

Dear creature!--you'd swear When her delicate feet in the dance twinkle round, That her steps are of light, that her home is the air, And she only par complaisance touches the ground. (Quote by - Thomas Moore)

All dancers have a cumulative tendency, because each beat of the tom-tom has an almost irresistible appeal. Soon, those who were just spectators would dance too. (Quote by - Camara Laye)

Dancing is a sweat job. (Quote by - Fred Astaire)

All the ills of mankind, all the tragic misfortunes that fill the history books, all the political blunders, all the failures of the great leaders have arisen merely from a lack of skill at dancing. (Quote by - Moliere)

O give me new figures! I can't go on dancing The same that were taught me ten seasons ago; The schoolmaster over the land is advancing, Then why is the master of dancing so slow? It is such a bore to be always caught tripping In dull uniformity year after year; Invent something new, and you'll set me a skipping: I want a new figure to dance with my Dear! (Quote by - Thomas Haynes Bayly)

For you and I are past our dancing days. (Quote by - Shakespeare)

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