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The other team played hard; they executed a great free kick. You have to give them credit. We suffered some injuries but you have to give the credit to the team that played well. (Quote by - Fernando Clavijo)

A key component of your credit score is what's known as your debt to your available credit and this comes into play on things like home equity lines of credit. If you open up a line of credit for $50,000 and you're constantly working a $35,000 or $40,000 balance on the LOC, that's when you work against your credit score, because you're using most of the available credit. (Quote by - Greg McBride)

There are seven other states that have adopted the contingent tax credit plan and, to date, there's no record of those states having to cash in those tax credits. (Quote by - Lisa Nason)

We originally launched Triple Alert in December 2004 through select channels and are now offering the product more conveniently through its own unique Web site. Consumers are becoming more aware of the importance of monitoring all three of their credit reports and we want to help them become more knowledgeable about their credit while stopping possible identity theft in its tracks by providing the most affordable three-bureau credit monitoring product on the market today. (Quote by - Ty Taylor)

If you carry a balance, you should by all means use this low-rate environment to lower your finance charges and trim your debt. But rather than blindly shop for the lowest rates, consider your credit history and search accordingly. You have to be realistic about your credit, .. If your credit is spotty, don't waste your time applying for a 9 percent rate. (Quote by - Robert McKinley)

I am personally discouraged. Consumers do not fully understand the concept of credit, that by using credit, they are committing tomorrow's income today. (Quote by - Gail Cunningham)

This step, if successful, may lead to a fundamental change in China's economy and credit market. Improved credit access should contribute to a boom of small and medium enterprises in China. (Quote by - Yiping Huang)

Many FOP members are unaware of the devastating impact that impaired credit can have on their financial security and their ability to improve their daily lives. Without good credit, it is difficult to save money, become a homeowner and accumulate wealth. (Quote by - Bob Martinez)

Ask any dealer or marketer who is on their No. 1 most wanted list, and they would say the credit-card companies. Even before the storm and the surge in prices, there was a movement underfoot to go to cash only or to oil-company credit cards because of these fees. (Quote by - Tom Kloza)

Got to give Oregon State a lot of credit. Got to give them credit for hanging in there. I was proud of our guys. We played much better than last week (a 38-13 loss at Georgia) -- not good enough to win, but some things to build on. (Quote by - Dan Hawkins)

Many families are frustrated and overwhelmed by working hard only to see their debt grow instead of their savings. This is a large group of people who are one late payment away from receiving punitive default rates of almost 30% on credit cards and other loans. If you are at the edge, default rates will be devastating. If your credit card bill comes at the end of the month when there is no money left, contact your credit card company to change your billing schedule to fit with your pay schedule. (Quote by - Bill Hardekopf)

It's important to keep in mind that these tax credits are credits against Dell tax payments that wouldn't exist without significant investment from Dell. In the case of North Carolina, it's a performance basis. Dell doesn't get tax credits unless we meet job creation targets. . . . That's good for Dell and good for North Carolina. (Quote by - Colleen Ryan)

No man's credit is as good as his money. (Quote by - Ed Howe)

Landowners who earn credits would have a vested interest in increasing the value of their credits. The value can be increased by either more stringent regulation or reduced species populations that require a reduction in the number of credits available. (Quote by - Peyton Knight)

I've seen cases of parents with bad credit that use their kid's name to get utilities. Other cases involved friends with addiction or gambling problems that steal your personal information to open credit card accounts. (Quote by - Cort Jensen)

We regularly help people with poor credit find both the home they need and the credit repair assistance necessary to finance the purchase in the future. We have investors and a rent to own program, both of which can help you purchase a home and rebuild your credit. If someone can afford a house payment and has some money for a down payment, but just needs help qualifying for the mortgage, we can help. We have homes that are ready to move into through our lease to own program. (Quote by - Jason Sant)

It's a little disappointing that we didn't play better. We felt like we could play better than what we did, but you have to give credit where credit is due. They were the better team today. (Quote by - Andy Palmer)

I was especially pleased to see the commitment of credit union officials to help their members and communities with special check-cashing services and lending considerations. NCUA is working closely with all affected credit unions to ensure they have the necessary resources to achieve and maintain safe and sound operational status going forward. We encourage credit unions to evaluate the benefits of joining a shared branching network, because many of the credit unions that were able to regain operations and serve their members, were able to do so through shared branching. (Quote by - Joann Johnson)

America's credit unions have done so much to help victims of Hurricane Katrina, .. I encourage that spirit of volunteerism and value the good work of the credit union community across the nation. (Quote by - Joann Johnson)

Certainly the president's tax credit and child tax credit checks helped to boost some consumers' disposable income. Also, many consumers are refinancing their homes .. which leads to a greater amount of disposable income, and the rising stock market is good news for investment-oriented consumers. (Quote by - Ellen Tolley)

Our price per credit hour is about $110-$115 less than the state schools. So you go to a state institution and try to get into graduate school, it's probably about $350 per credit hour so you're talking about a thousand dollars per course as opposed to $690 per course that we have here. So we think we have a viable product and there is a viable market out there for our product. And we think we're doing the right thing. We're upholding the standards of the institution, just looks good all around. (Quote by - Chuck Morton)

If a consumer is paying late, or not making credit card payments, they know that before it hits a credit report. The only thing this might be a safeguard against is some kind of fraud -- and my understanding is that the credit reporting agencies have safeguards. (Quote by - Ken McEldowney)

Maybe there's just something about the uniform that brings it out in a player. Or maybe Bobby Cox still doesn't get enough credit and the man gets a bunch of credit. (Quote by - Chipper Jones)

Some taxpayers think the credit is a loan. This credit is for low- to moderate-income working people. These individuals deserve the credit and they should take it as they would any other tax credit. (Quote by - Mark Green)

We do not know how many will apply and receive credits, but under the agreement, the total amount of credits, plus attorneys fees, will not exceed $90 million. (Quote by - Nicole Wong)

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