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You can't take credit for guarding Dee Brown. He's one of the best players in our league. I think he just missed some open shots, but he still had 11 assists. We can't take credit for that because Dee is an awfully good player. (Quote by - Mike Davis)

When a customer is actually at the point of completely defaulting, there may have been some signs before that time that the company could've picked up on and dealt with in a more humane fashion than what most credit card companies seem to be doing at this point. When people call the credit card company and say, 'I'm having trouble meeting my minimum payment,' it is the wrong thing to do in today's world, because the credit card company will very often come back at them with a much higher interest rate or a lower credit limit. (Quote by - Linda Sherry)

I give credit to Cleveland and give credit to Detroit. (Quote by - Brett Favre)

I like individuals to use a home equity line of credit as opposed to a home equity loan, or second mortgage. The advantage of an equity line of credit is that you don't pay interest on anything other than what you use. You could have a $20,000 line of credit, but if you only borrowed $5,000 you'll only owe interest on that. (Quote by - Dennis Means)

Give us a little bit of credit where we actually deserve credit. (Quote by - Jennifer Holder)

If your credit card bills are completely out of control and far beyond your ability to afford them, then the relatively minor breaks that credit card companies offer to people in credit counseling may not provide enough breathing room for some people to afford a three- to five-year debt-management plan. (Quote by - Travis Plunkett)

Good credit facilitation and consumer finance is going to help consumers buy more things, .. We see consumerism and consumer credit as going directly to the thing we have most on our minds -- the global imbalances. (Quote by - John Snow)

The real profit in the credit card business is the revolving balances, .. Commerce has calibrated what balances they need to be able to make this product profitable without charging the fees that some of the other credit cards charge. (Quote by - Gerard Cassidy)

A person who can't pay, gets another person who can't pay, to guarantee that he can pay. (Quote by - Charles Dickens)

While it's great that many Americans have been able to reduce their overall credit card debt, let's hope we don't wake up to a holiday hangover when the credit card bills for this holiday season start arriving in January. If consumers used credit for their holiday purchases this year, they might erase any progress they have made toward paying down their debt. (Quote by - Steve Rhode)

Emerging-market bond funds did well this quarter, up 3.6% on average, for the same reason as emerging-market stocks. As commodity prices rose, money from the developed world flooded such commodity-rich countries as Russia and Brazil, strengthening their fiscal balance sheets and the credit quality of their bonds. Consequently, investors became less fearful of owning them. Many so-called emerging markets have long since emerged, .. Russia now has an investment-grade credit rating and with oil where it is right now, probably more money in the bank than the U.S. (Quote by - Bill Gross)

We notify the credit bureaus to put an alert on your credit file and keep it there over the course of your membership. This requires lenders to verify your identity before they do anything which could negatively affect your good standing. (Quote by - Scott Mitic)

You have to give him credit, but give their team credit, too. They have a pretty good team over there. (Quote by - Mike Babcock)

Maybe now people will give a man credit where credit is deserved. Roy Jones was beaten by a better fighter period. I'm one of the best in the world. (Quote by - Antonio Tarver)

Fortunately we've not had more damage than we had. We've got to give these guys credit where credit's due. (Quote by - Mike Tapp)

Men are sent into the world with bills of credit, and seldom draw to their full extent. (Quote by - Horace Walpole)

When it comes to fully understanding how to strategically move all the pieces on the marketing and distribution chess board on a worldwide basis, Jeff Blake is always thinking two moves ahead and that gives Sony a true competitive edge. He is the studio's secret weapon and while he would be the first to credit his fantastic sales and marketing team, there are few executives here that deserve more credit for our successes during the past several years than Jeff. (Quote by - Amy Pascal)

It was an unusually good quarter for credit losses. But it reflects a better credit environment, and the underlying earnings were strong, too. (Quote by - Mark Lane)

I don't believe there's any evidence that credit scoring is a risk factor. What is it about someone having a worse credit score that makes them a worse driver? (Insurers) can't answer that. (Quote by - Robert Hunter)

Contact the credit card company or financial institution and ask them to put a freeze on the account. And alert the bank and the three major credit. (Quote by - Mark Green)

They refused to give in to the negative. They knew we could do better. I'd love to take credit for doing some fancy thing, but I can't. I can't give enough credit to the kids. (Quote by - Jim Pettis)

I think a lot of Americans are in credit card debt since it is so easy to get credit these days. (Quote by - Janelle Wittenburg)

These guys don't like to take credit risk. They are very conservative. They like to buy high FICO, no credit risk and try to minimize interest rate risk. (Quote by - Paul Miller)

When you pay with a credit card, your transaction is protected by the Fair Credit Billing Act. As a result, consumers ? by law ? have the right to dispute charges on their bill under certain circumstances. If there is unauthorized use of your credit card, your liability will be for only the first $50 in charges, provided you report the loss. (Quote by - Nancy Granovsky)

We want to focus on financial transactions .. and offer adequate products for all credit profiles. Credit cards are a fundamental part of that market. (Quote by - Marcio Cypriano)

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