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For Illinois, current cow numbers are 20,000 larger than those of three years ago and Ohio has added 37,000 cows in the last three years. Indiana, however, has seen beef cow numbers decrease. (Quote by - Chris Hurt)

When the Australian workers boycotted the export of cows to Indonesia in protest of East Timor case, the ship carrying the cows had to take them first to Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore before being unloaded to another ship heading to Indonesia. (Quote by - Thomas Darmawan)

Wha s wrong about eating cows? What do you think god made them for? Their big, their stupid, their delicious. You want more reasons? I never met an animal more prepared to die than a cow. Next time you go to the farm look at a cow in the eyes, it is begging you for a bullet. (Quote by - Paul Rodriguez)

They'd want to get fresh milk, so it would be nothing to be on the lake and there's a cow on a boat. You have to remember - if you came out (to the lake) in the Victorian era, you'd have to have three trunks of clothes. Women changed their clothes three times a day. (Quote by - Don Lane)

Thank you, pretty cow, that made Pleasant milk to soak my bread. (Quote by - Anne Taylor)

Mankind has a free will; but it is free to milk cows and to build houses, nothing more. (Quote by - Martin Luther)

This latest case of mad cow disease in Canada points to a significant North American mad cow problem. (Quote by - Michael Hansen)

I'm a cattle broker, mostly dairy cows. I am always looking for quality in a herd of cattle, but also I'm looking for which group of cows will fit which customer. (Quote by - Laverne Silva)

Know that such is the law concerning the offspring of cows, mares, slave girls, female camels, she goats, and ewes, as well as of females of birds and buffalo cows. (Quote by - Guru Nanak)

Milk the cow, but do not pull off the udder. (Quote by - Greek proverb)

If ,one man s bull were to beget a hundred calves on another man s cows, they would belong to the owner of the cows, in vain would the bull have spent his strength. (Quote by - Guru Nanak)

I saw the van chasing one particular cow, striking it in the back. The cow fell. He backed off, and then re-hit the cow again. One cow, the brown cow, that he hit was limping. He backed off, she got up and then he hit her again. And then he backed off and she was having a hard time to walk. Then he ran to the other side and hit the other cows. (Quote by - Maya Estuani)

It is basically a robot with an arm that attaches the milking cups to each teat so it milks each cow. (Quote by - Bill Fulkerson)

Learning is like a cow of desire. It, like her, yields in all seasons. Like a mother, it feeds you on your journey. Therefore learning is a hidden treasure. (Quote by - Chanakya)

Playing golf is like chasing a quinine pill around a cow pasture. (Quote by - Winston Churchill)

We're featuring the most impressive fishing seminar lineup of any show in California. Many internationally famous anglers will only be appearing in the Bay Area this week at the Cow Palace. (Quote by - Barry Greenberg)

You may rezoloot till the cows come home. (Quote by - John Hay)

If other cows with mad cow disease were slaughtered, we wouldn't know where to begin looking for people who might have been affected, .. With a comprehensive tracking system, we would. (Quote by - Charles Schumer)

I know that in many things I am not like others, but I do not know what I really am like. Man cannot compare himself with any other creature; he is not a monkey, not a cow, not a tree. I am a man. But what is it to be that? Like every other being, I am a splinter of the infinite deity, but I cannot contrast myself with any animal, any plant or any stone. Only a mythical being has a range greater than man's. How then can man form any definite opinions about himself?. (Quote by - Carl Gustav Jung)

One day we'll have to bring a cow into the middle of the room so you can show us, .. We'll have to bring it from a side door, because I don't think cows do steps. (Quote by - Virginia Bell)

Sacred cows make the best hamburger. (Quote by - Mark Twain)

The average man is a conformist, accepting miseries and disasters with the stoicism of a cow standing in the rain. (Quote by - Colin Wilson)

It is my custom to keep on talking until I get the audience cowed. (Quote by - Mark Twain)

Much like the beef herd, heifer retention for herd replacements was up 4 percent and will allow an increase in the number of milk cows by nearly 1 percent this year. (Quote by - Chris Hurt)

Keep a cow, and the milk won't have to be watered but once. (Quote by - Josh Billings)

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