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Sri Lanka is our country. Our culture, our race, our people. Sometimes we forget this, forget that greatness can also be achieved in our Motherland. Our Motherland, what it means to us and how we can make it better. We chase that elusive dream, the white picket fenced house, which is not ours, some white-man in the west goes to sleep and wakes up thinking about it. And we foolishly dream his dream. When can we ever shred the noose of our colonial masters?. (Quote by - Dhammika Dharmawardhane)

I think it's a movie about us, .. I think it's a movie about this country and it's a movie about the Constitution. I think there is a very comfortable and familiar myth in this country and not necessarily a false one, but an important one about a set of freedoms that we have in this country. I think the fact is this country has never really been tested. (Quote by - Ed Zwick)

We are..looking into the balance of trade between our two countries and to encourage more investment by Kenyans to their country and by Chinese to our country. (Quote by - Alfred Mutua)

Last year marks a significant development, and became a landmark of the two countries' relations after the heads of state of the two countries made an official visit each other's country. (Quote by - Jia Qinglin)

Long ago the country bore the country-town and nourished it with her best blood. Now the giant city sucks the country dry, insatiably and incessantly demanding and devouring fresh streams of men, till it wearies and dies in the midst of an almost uninhabited waste of country. (Quote by - Oswald Spengler)

The UN should arrange, as US forces leave, for an international group of peacekeepers and negotiators from the Arab countries to bring together Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds, and work out a solution for self-governance that would give all three groups a share in political power. Simultaneously, the UN should arrange for shipments of food and medicine, from the United States and other countries, as well as engineers to help rebuild the country. (Quote by - Howard Zinn)

Our country is more diverse than it has ever been, .. What is the strength of our country? It's the ability of people. If you don't get the best out of everybody, who knows what the country has lost?. (Quote by - Charles McGee)

The people of Canada have worked hard to build a country that opens its doors to include all, regardless of their differences; a country that respects all, regardless of their differences; a country that demands equality for all, regardless of their differences. (Quote by - Paul Martin)

This year, Russia has become a different country. It is no longer a democratic country. It is no longer a free country. (Quote by - Andrei Illarionov)

People have called it alternative country before. I think it's got elements of pop in it, but we're definitely a country band. Americana/alt-country that seems to be a good home for us. (Quote by - Chris Thompson)

If you lead a country like Britain, a strong country, a country which has taken a lead in world affairs in good times and in bad, a country that is always reliable, then you have to have a touch of iron about you. (Quote by - Margaret Thatcher)

Only a damn fool believes that American Christians have been kissing Israeli butts for 60 years and granted their every wish so the Jews could have their own country. The Israelis have been willingly put in harms way as an American outpost for control of the Middle East oil. (Quote by - Bobby W. Miller)

I think that all good, right thinking people in this country are sick and tired of being told that all good, right thinking people in this country are fed up with being told that all good, right thinking people in this country are fed up with being sick and tired. I'm certainly not, and I'm sick and tired of being told that I am. (Quote by - Monty Python)

Currently, Taiwan has an intake of 320,000 foreign workers from Southeast Asian countries. The Pacific island countries are relatively small and have very low populations. If we introduce, say, 500 workers from each of these countries, I think this number can easily be absorbed by Taiwan's market and in the mean time, it will significantly benefit our small Pacific allies. (Quote by - Donald Lee)

The proposal will cancel 100 per cent of the World Bank, African Development Bank and IMF debt, and calls on all countries to cancel their bilateral debt for the 18 immediately eligible countries have already met the full requirements of the highly indebted country process. (Quote by - Scott McClellan)

It's an opportunity to give something back to our listeners. Country music has been associated with gospel for a long time. A lot of country stations have forgotten the roots of country started in gospel. (Quote by - Mike Kirtner)

These hotspots (other than the United States and Japan) also tend to be countries where laws and law enforcement lag behind what is found in Western-style democracies.] Countries around the world are drafting stronger laws, .. But hackers will find the weakest link, the country with no laws. (Quote by - Christopher Painter)

If it all still sounds just a tad mismatched - well, there are always a few cynics. Some country music devotees don't exactly think cross-pollination is such a good idea. New York's too good for country? Ha! More like country's too good for New York. There are people in this genre who are extremely territorial, .. I can't quite put my finger on who that group is made up of. But it's not the purists. I'm a purist. I'm a die-hard country music person. (Quote by - Lee Ann Womack)

The hockey world is getting bigger, no doubt about it. The so-called lower countries are getting close to the big ones. Right behind the seven or eight big countries are countries that can beat anybody on any given day if you're not playing 100 per cent. (Quote by - Bengt Gustafsson)

Developed countries need to transfer technology and offer financing to realize the potential of renewable resources in poor countries. This makes good business sense. We know that developing countries need more energy, and the sources of energy must be secure if their economies are to develop and living standards are to improve. Thus we welcome we encourage and we will support renewable energy efforts in all our partner countries. (Quote by - Kathy Sierra)

When I think about Great American Country's decision to come to Nashville, I see a much bigger picture, .. I see the picture this network paints of the country music industry, our industry, and of Nashville in 40 million homes across America. Great America Country is a great addition to Nashville. (Quote by - Bill Purcell)

Americans like to travel in their own country, and there is much to do here. We're like a country of countries. We don't need to go anywhere,. (Quote by - Suzanne Cook)

There are Batavian graces in all he says. (Quote by - Benjamin Disraeli)

Our country has caused tremendous damage and pain to the peoples of many countries, especially Asian countries, through colonial rule and invasion. Humbly acknowledging such facts of history, I once again reflect most deeply and offer apologies from my heart as well as express my condolences to all the victims of the last major war both in and out of the country,. (Quote by - Junichiro Koizumi)

Our relationship with India is not related with Pakistan. Both the countries are friendly countries with great ties. The relationship between us and India is not affected with regard to any other country. (Quote by - King Abdullah)

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