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Slavery was something people in the country thought they needed. America was more an agricultural country, and somebody had to work the farms. They tried the Indians, but they knew the country and ran. Indentured slaves were white and could blend in. Do you think black people stood out, that they looked different?. (Quote by - Barbara Jean Washington)

Disarmament should be conducive to the enhancement of every country's general security instead of becoming the instrument and means for a few countries to strengthen their military superiority by weakening or restricting other countries. (Quote by - Sha Zukang)

Taken in context, what I was saying was that, compared to Europe, America is a very young country and we are still growing as a nation. It is a shame that the metaphor I used was taken so radically out of context and slung about irresponsibly by the news media. There was no anti-American sentiment. In fact, it was just the opposite. I am an American. I love my country and have great hopes for it. It is for this reason that I speak candidly and sometimes critically about it. I have benefited greatly from the freedom that exists in my country and for this I am eternally grateful. (Quote by - Johnny Depp)

I think we all remember that those first months after the attack, this country really was a very different country. I think we were ready to do anything. I think we would have marched into hell behind this guy. . . . I think nobody in a position of leadership, not the Democrats, not the president, asked anyone in this country to rethink or redo anything. The most they asked us to do was to keep the economy going, to shop and go see shows again and travel. (Quote by - Bill Maher)

I am thrilled that the Russians are back, they will bring a balance to the bargaining table that the Middle East countries cannot bring. The warmongers in the U.S. and U.K. will not jump on Putin and his crew as we just learned this week. (Quote by - Bobby W. Miller)

To stop terrorists before the strike, we must do three things: deny them entry into the country, curtail their freedom of action inside the country, and deprive them of material and moral support from within the country. (Quote by - Richard Perle)

On the country has gathered the idea of a natural way of life: of peace, innocence, and simple virtue. On the city has gathered the idea of an achieved centre of learning, communication, light. Powerful hostile associations have also developed: on the city as a place of noise, worldliness and ambition; on the country as a place of backwardness, ignorance, limitation. A contrast between country and city, as fundamental ways of life, reaches back into classical times. (Quote by - Raymond Williams)

Outside of a Grand Slam, I don't think there's a tournament in the world that has this many top players representing their countries. It's really remarkable that we have this many No. 1's. And with so many countries being represented, it's going to give the fans from Las Vegas who are from those countries a chance to come out and root for their countrymen. (Quote by - Steve Bellamy)

My intention with 'Bobby' is not to make a political picture, although the 1968 California primary figures prominently in the story. The film is about being at critical mass -- critical mass in relationships or between race, and the hotel and the characters under its roof serve as a microcosm for what was happening in the country during that time. The entire country was experiencing critical mass. Culturally, we all unraveled after that tragic night on June 5. And now, 37 years later, our country has reached critical mass once again. (Quote by - Emilio Estevez)

There are people saying Venezuela is a dictatorship country; the funny thing is that they say it on public media of all kind, on Venezuela's territory land, and they keep saying it for long time without getting arrested by any form of secret police, and even so there is people who believe they are saying the truth. The irony of this is so intense, it blows my mind. (Quote by - Jairo Fern ndez)

The East bow'd low before the blast, In patient, deep disdain. She let the legions thunder past, And plunged in thought again. (Quote by - Matthew Arnold)

New Zealand is a beautiful country. But there are more sheep and cows than people. (Quote by - Allan Tibby)

In developing countries the situation could be even worse because developing countries do not have to count their emissions under the Kyoto Protocol. Private companies from industrialized nations will seek cheap carbon credits for their country in the developing world. (Quote by - Jennifer Morgan)

We just do it for our country. Now we play for our country. We know there are a lot of people just watching the games and a lot of people believe in us. That's why we just came up and we were a little nervous. We're nervous just because we want to do something for our country. (Quote by - Miguel Tejada)

Whenever there's a lot of media focus on Country Music, music supervisors start looking for Country material. Increased media attention creates a greater awareness of Country Music as a genre in Hollywood. (Quote by - Alan Brewer)

Prime Ministers, Ministers and Members of Parliament should manage and guard the countr s finances and assets entrusted to them like they manage their own affairs, financial or otherwise. DEFICITS would than be history and one might just start seeing a SURPLUS again in the balance of payments. (Quote by - Anthony Mizzi)

I believe that it is my right and responsibility as an American to question our government when our government is wrong. I'm not one of the immature patriots who say my country right or wrong because my country is wrong now, and my country-the policies of my country are responsible for killing tens of thousands of innocent people, and I won't stand by and let that happen anymore. (Quote by - Cindy Sheehan)

Australia's action in giving temporary visas to the asylum seekers from the Indonesian province of Papua obviously shows ignorance about the importance of diplomatic relations between the two countries. It is a bad precedent in the two countries' relations because Australia no longer respects Indonesia as a sovereign country. (Quote by - Ahmad Rofiq)

Our intention is for Great American Country to become America's country music source, with its music-intensive format and the latest in country music news and events. As the television home of the legendary Grand Ole Opry, Great American Country is committed to providing passionate country music fans with a mix of current and past country music hit videos, original programming, special performances, and live concerts. And the place to make this happen is on Music Row in Nashville, Tenn. (Quote by - Ken Lowe)

A lot of poor people are leaving their countries to go to rich countries. Isn't it preferable, isn't it cheaper, to pay so that these people have water, sewage, energy, to keep open the possibility for them to stay in their (own) countries?. (Quote by - Loic Fauchon)

Western nations now realize that if they contain this in Southeast Asia, in fact they might minimize the jeopardy to their own citizens. They are now starting to put money into helping these countries develop surveillance systems, helping these countries to prepare to contain this disease within their own countries. (Quote by - Bob Dietz)

When you stress individualism, as this country does; materialism, as this country does; personal weaponry, as this country does; and racial hatred, which is part of our heritage as white Europeans; and then you add the volatile ingredient of "nothing. (Quote by - George Carlin)

The Pacific Gateway initiative is very important for the country when we talk about the changing economic border where China and India are becoming much more dominant, .. Canada is very strategically positioned when we look at the west and the ability to move trade through our country. A Gateway strategy right across this country is going to be an important initiative. (Quote by - Tony Valeri)

I think of country as being ducks and clutter. Country today is more about today's lifestyles. We've taken country off our business cards and everything. (Quote by - Debbie Leonard)

To get to know a country, you must have direct contact with the earth. It's futile to gaze at the world through a car window. (Quote by - Benjamin Disraeli)

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