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For a good tree bringeth not forth corrupt fruit; neither doth a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. (Quote by - Bible)

I don't think it is fair at all that we should shift the focus from the corruption during Saddam's time and from the corruption that prevailed before sovereignty was transferred to the Iraqis to a period of six months when I was prime minister,. (Quote by - Iyad Allawi)

Acting in evil and corruption, people are immersed in corruption. Without the Name, they find no place of rest. In the City of Death, they suffer in agony. (Quote by - Sri Guru Granth Sahib)

One does not fight corruption by fighting corruption. (Quote by - Daniel Kaufmann)

PACs corrupt the system. They handle vast amounts of money and the money corrupts. (Quote by - Paul Ryan)

It certainly suggests a kind of corruption, not the kind of corruption that can be prosecuted under the bribery law but the kind that shows a manipulation of system,. (Quote by - Kathleen Clark)

This is not one person doing one bad thing. You can't have a corrupt lobbyist unless you have a corrupt member (of Congress) or a corrupt staff. .. This was a team effort. (Quote by - Newt Gingrich)

Corruption is a tree, whose branches are Of an immeasurable length: they spread Ev'rywhere; and the dew that drops from thence Hath infected some chairs and stools of authority. (Quote by - Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher)

Corruption is another tax on the consumer and it is the Maltese families who are forking the money to make up for such corruptions. (Quote by - Joseph Muscat)

But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought. (Quote by - George Orwell)

Good power flourishes, bad power corrupts. (Quote by - Timothy John Waterhouse)

Once upon a time there was a party calling itself the PN that declared total war on corruption and promised to eradicate corruption once and for all. But that was in another century and in another country. It was then also a different party. (Quote by - Evarist Bartolo)

There was clearly corruption in the city. But there's corruption in every city. If you look at the people that Bill Campbell brought in, he had no reason to suspect the corruption. (Quote by - Jerry Froelich)

We just assume politics is corrupt and a little bit of corruption is the cost of doing business. (Quote by - Kent Redfield)

Many trust him. Unfortunately corruption is that way. We don't know what's happening. Important thing is corruption must be fought. (Quote by - Alberto Fujimori)

So true is that old saying, Corruptio optimi pessima. (Quote by - Samuel Purchas)

No one should get into politics, it will corrupt the mind, wither the body, and destroy the soul. (Quote by - Cory Matthew Falls)

Tis the most certain sign, the world's accurst That the best things corrupted, are the worst; 'Twas the corrupted Light of knowledge, hurl'd Sin, Death, and Ignorance o'er all the world; That Sun like this (from which our sight we have) Gaz'd on too long, resumes the light he gave. (Quote by - Sir John Denham)

Hospitals are corrupt. Judges are corrupt. Everybody in the world is corrupt. But our newspapers are essentially a monument to idealism. (Quote by - Christian Williams)

It's clear that there is a highly corrupt relationship between some journalists and those in positions of power, .. This indictment shows the corrupt nature of the press system and its linkage to power. (Quote by - Robert McChesney)

Cynics regarded everybody as equally corrupt. . . . Idealists regarded everybody equally corrupt, except themselves. (Quote by - Robert Anton Wilson)

Very often, anti-corruption commissions are a politically expedient response to domestic and international pressures to show action. The focus that there has been on creating anti-corruption commissions to respond to pressures to do something about corruption has not generally been successful. (Quote by - Daniel Kaufman)

There's a lot of corruption over here within the Afghan police. Some, quite frankly, are corrupt, and others are trying to do a good job, do the best they can. And you'll find that a lot of them even in leadership positions, they still can't read and write. (Quote by - David Lentz)

I don't know of a single witness in this so-called corruption trial that's going to say there was a corrupt payment to George Ryan. No one got cheated out of anything. The contracts were good deals, fair deals, for the secretary of state's office. (Quote by - Dan K. Webb)

Only by augmenting bilateral, multilateral as well as regional and international co-operation and setting up an anti-corruption mechanism can an effective fight against corruption be possible. (Quote by - Li Yufu)

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