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Maybe he can put this back on the radar screen as a focus of attention for conservative Republicans. But it's a lot harder when your own party controls Congress, and now you're talking about the line-item veto because they can't control themselves or the president can't control them. (Quote by - Stuart Rothenberg)

Normally when such (foreign investment) agreements are spelt out, there are some fundamental control factors or check mechanisms that are implemented. So, while directly a foreign investor may not get management control, the conditions within the agreement and check mechanism ensure that a foreign investor has sufficient control on operations and finance. (Quote by - Kobita Desai)

People say there is no GOD because mankind is suffering. i say, if there is no god, then man's in control. now why are we still suffering?. (Quote by - guinevere negrete)

Democrats are not as indignant over the high costs of energy now as their party controls congress and it is harder to point the finger at anyone. To date the Democrats, who had blamed the policies of a GOP-led Congress for helping fuel record oil-industry profits, now control the House and Senate. The silence is deafening. (Quote by - Joe Sinagra)

We've got the data now. We got great control. The goal of our program is to bring fire ant control to larger land tracts. The larger the area you manage ants on, the longer the control lasts. (Quote by - Bart Drees)

Human were made to have control over everything in this earth.. even their own body. (Quote by - Ailany Icassatti)

You cannot prevent the birds of sorrow from flying over your head, but you can prevent them from building nests in your hair. (Quote by - Chinese Proverb)

Meeting you is Fate..Becoming your friend is a choice..But falling in love with you - is beyond anyone's control. (Quote by - Paulette Sedgwick)

Those kinds of things drive school district budgets in ways that we don't have a control. We can't control fuel costs, but we must put children on buses. We can't control teachers retirement funds, but we must pay into that system. (Quote by - Lisa Lieberman)

Since 9/11, people have been more home-oriented. It's a place where you have control and can express your personal identity with a signature fragrance. You have control over everything else in your home, from the color you paint the walls and style of furnishings to the style of architecture, works of art and accessories. Why not (control) how it smells?. (Quote by - Terry Molnar)

Control the things you can control. The things you cannot control don't matter. (Quote by - Tom Price)

The lunatics have taken charge of the asylum. - Richard Rowland, (Quote by - Richard Rowland)

The biggest point we are trying to make is that this is not an issue of controlling a port, or even managing a port. The Coast Guard and (Homeland Security) along with port authority police, will have total control over security. We control security for all cargo coming into and out of every port. (Quote by - Kristi Clemens)

I don't like to put pressure on myself that if I don't do well I'm not going to be here, I'm going to be in Triple-A. I don't think about that. All you can do is go out and take control of what you can control on the mound. Everything else that goes on, you have no control over. (Quote by - Chris Resop)

Your are in charge. You have the ability to master you destiny. (Quote by - Michael J. McCarthy)

Self-control in emotion is most difficult to master. Refusing the dictatorship of capricious emotion, I have found that the ability to exhibit the right emotion often resides with acting on the hard choice. (Quote by - Natasha Vanderlinden)

Half of having something under control is believing you do. (Quote by - Eric Collier)

Right now, I'm doing everything the Jets ask me to do, and I'm part of this team, .. But in the grand scheme of things, you can only control what you can control, and I have no control over in the future, if the Jets want me, or someone else wants me. (Quote by - Brooks Bollinger)

The most defying enemy is ourselves because we cannot control our human nature i.e what we were built to do. (Quote by - Kim Hoth)

Here's a trick to self-control: Ask yourself a serious question from time to time - something you might otherwise lie about. (Quote by - Timothy Correa)

Life accumulates. The difference of accumulating days that we are proud of versus days for which we are regretful is in controlling our thoughts in each moment. (Quote by - Thomas J. Powell)

Everyone seems to think that the D.N.S. system is a big deal, but it's not the heartbeat of the Internet. Who controls the flow of the ocean? Nobody controls it, and it works just fine. There are some things that can't be controlled and should be left distributed. (Quote by - Leonard Kleinrock)

You cannot control the market, you cannot control the players, you cannot control the clubs. You can try - but we have done our best. (Quote by - Rafael Benitez)

I should be committed to an institution immediately for even thinking I could get away with that. These two things are opposing, they oppose one another. To be a director you have to be in complete control of the set, complete control of the surroundings, and very aware of what's going on, what's being used and what's not being used.. It's insanity. To be an actor you have to be, in a sense, out of control. (Quote by - Johnny Depp)

The things you don't have control over, you don't worry about. I have control over my attitude, my perception, how I do things, and you do the very best job you can. Other people have control over other things and you let them do their jobs. (Quote by - Mike Sherman)

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