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Today content is locked to play back on one device. Now we have the freedom to enjoy content on whatever device consumers want to use. (Quote by - Eli Harari)

This is a fantastic moment for online video, with full-length traditional TV shows and live feeds of international soccer matches coming online to augment the rich content already there. Orb Networks is pioneering the instant enjoyment on mobile devices of all that content. (Quote by - Ian McCarthy)

The mindset needs to shift from that of a mass producer and publisher to a much more potent mix of high-quality niche content, and also as a mass aggregator of third-party content. (Quote by - Ashley Highfield)

Thus when a barber and collier fight, The barber beats the luckless collier--white; The dusty collier heaves his ponderous sack, And, big with vengeance, beats the barber--black. In comes the brick-dust man, with grime o'er spread, And beats the collier and the barber--red; Black, red, and white, in various clouds are toss'd, And in the dust they raise the combatants are lost. (Quote by - Christopher Smart)

A continual dropping in a very rainy day and a contentious woman are alike. (Quote by - Bible)

And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand. (Quote by - Bible)

Voice recognition will play a dominant role in this industry as consumers accumulate large libraries of digital content. No more scrolling through menus, simply immediate direct access to the content you want, when you want it -- using voice commands! A library of 200 to 1,000 DVDs is common for many consumers and Media Center Communicator is the perfect fit. One Voice continues to add significant features that extend the digital home experience for playing all your digital content, from music, videos, photo slideshows, PC-to-Phone calling and now DVD Changer capabilities. (Quote by - Dean Weber)

Content providers want to know their content will be secure. HD-DVD is sending the opposite message. (Quote by - Taro Takamine)

His biggest impact will be to help guide Disney into the digital age and be the mediator of this major media company's content to the world of next-generation digital content delivery. (Quote by - Tim Bajarin)

Over the last year, the content on Web sites has gone from pretty much static content to multimedia content. If you wanted to watch the Master's tournament, you can watch it live. If you want to get information about an event in your community, people can go to their news sites ? whether it's an election or some other event. Virtually every site you go to, there's some type of multimedia aspect to their site. (Quote by - Martin Hayward)

Hollywood wants to put a mark -- sort of like a mark of the beast for video content -- that says that this is MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) content, and we want to control what you can do with it. (Quote by - Fred von Lohmann)

It's egotistical to think we're the only ones providing content that's valuable. This is an opportunity for people with powerful brands to pull together content from editors, vendors, customers and your user base to deploy and enhance vertical search, which is something the general search engines can't do. (Quote by - Eric Shanfelt)

In keeping with our commitment to be a 21st century publisher, our content needs to be available in a digital format. We have a vision of the future and this is a significant step towards achieving that vision. We are putting our digital house in order so that we are prepared to offer consumers book content in new ways and with a variety of partners. Once the content is digitized and available in a robust database, the possibilities of what can be done are endless. The world we live in today is increasingly technology driven. HarperCollins is going to move with the technology. (Quote by - Jane Friedman)

Any time you are in the content creation business, you have to leverage that content in as many ways as possible. DVD is one valuable secondary growth channel for HBO. Maybe the Internet is next. (Quote by - James Goss)

There is not enough Arabic content available on the Internet. But there's no motivation to put more Arabic content on the Internet as long as you don't have a system to find the content. (Quote by - Hermann Havermann)

Mobile phones have inherent difficulties in the way content can be searched and discovered by users, and we believe that offering this content in retail stores will help educate and encourage consumers to try mobile games as well as other types of content. (Quote by - Bala Keilman)

When individuals approach one another with deep purposes on both sides they seldom come at once to the matter which they have most at heart. They dread the electric shock of a too sudden contact with it. (Quote by - Nathaniel Hawthorne)

Innovation in Intervention: i2 Summit 2006 offers unsurpassed evidence-based content, presented by leaders in interventional cardiology. Live satellite transmissions, computer-based learning and simulation training make the content innovative and interactive. (Quote by - William O'Neill)

Healthcare professionals need to stay abreast of the latest trends, theories, and information. That's why content currency is so important. With Ovid, they have a single, completely integrated source for up-to-date information to enhance their work. Our collaboration with Blackwell is a complementary one. The additional journals add important depth and breadth to our content repository. And we're happy to leverage the Ovid platform and our global sales and distribution to support Blackwell in its efforts to expand the reach of its valuable content. (Quote by - Gary Foster)

Sometimes in order to get to where you need to go, you need to think. You just need to sit and think about absolutely nothing. And through that nothingness your mind will wander. It will wander then wonder, and then maybe, just maybe, you will be content. (Quote by - Leah Kahan)

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