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The success of competing formats depends on the availability of content. If the content from Hollywood studios is only available in one of the blue laser formats, then I don't see the other technologies being successful. (Quote by - Michelle Abraham)

Agreement exists in disagreement. (Quote by - Lucanus)

I think that you will see different types of content emerging, just the same as new media generates new content in the physical world. TV created new content, but it didn't mean that radio disappeared. (Quote by - Donna Dubinsky)

This is an industry that is content-driven, and when the content is there, the box office responds. There's really nothing broken, it's just a matter of coming back with some good product. Fox is having a good year as we are. (Quote by - Dan Fellman)

And every time I post on it, my new content goes to the top, and the old content moves down the page. (Quote by - Robert Scoble)

He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have. (Quote by - Socrates)

Digital piracy needs to be addressed. Without content protection, investment in content can't be supported. We need secure distribution. If you (telecommunications equipment and software makers) help us, we will make it easier for you to distribute our content. (Quote by - Robert Iger)

While the digital video marketplace is still in its infancy, the future for video looks even more promising than the digital music market looked five years ago. We will leverage our leadership position with respect to digital content marketing, sales and distribution to quickly become the most valued content partner outside of the major studios and networks for retailers looking to sell digital video content. (Quote by - Greg Scholl)

We are not to make the ideas of contentment and aspiration quarrel, for God made them fast friends. A man may aspire, and yet be quite content until it is time to raise; and both flying and resting are but parts of one contentment. The very fruit of. (Quote by - Henry Ward Beecher)

The industry recognizes that it takes time and expertise to build, maintain and manage content protection databases. It's not the products that identify the Internet threats, it's the real-time content databases that do all the hard work. (Quote by - Patricia Sueltz)

As the definitive consumer brand for everything about television, TV Guide has created a uniquely powerful search experience supported by our unmatched database of television content, and supplemented by video content from some of the leading cable and broadcast networks. TV Guide.com already offers the deepest, highest quality television information, listings, news and reviews. With the launch of this product, TV Guide.com has been transformed into a state-of-the-art Web destination for integrated video and editorial content. (Quote by - Rich Cusick)

This record is an outcome of our focus on quality content. With editors in the newsroom at partner TV stations, we offer continuously updated, relevant content which has gained the trust of consumers. As our traffic climbs, we continue to attract the attention of blue chip advertisers and interactive agencies looking for innovative ways to reach our highly desirable demographic. (Quote by - Julie Burrows)

Content and services can be exposed from our site and be branded by partners, so it looks to visitors like they are on the customer's site. For exposing our content as a Web service, we're doing the heavy lifting. For the consumer of the Web service, it's more like pointing a network toward a URL. (Quote by - Bill Graham)

On demand digital delivery is a fast and convenient way for deadline-driven journalists to receive content. Wireless technologies' daily impact on us all is exploding, and Bluetooth is poised to become a reporter's content choice by making high-quality media content available online. (Quote by - Shoba Purushothaman)

Today, the way the system works, when you sign up to provide your content for the system, you sign off that your content will be downloaded and replicated. We do have a DRM, but we are keeping it for more commercial content. (Quote by - Suranga Chandratillake)

The launch of Lycos Games is another step toward providing consumers access to exclusive content like Albatross18, while giving creators a unique platform to showcase and market original games content. Lycos has been pretty dormant in the games space over the past three years, but in the coming months, we will continue to partner with global companies, to bring exclusive new games content to the U.S., giving our millions of Lycos users access before anyone else. (Quote by - Alfred Tolle)

When we make that contention, we don't do so without evidence that makes that contention possible. (Quote by - George Robertson)

It's that performance improvement that content distributors have as their key value. By distributing content throughout the Internet, they can improve performance from an end-user's perspective. (Quote by - Joe Laszlo)

The whole discord of this world consists in discords. (Quote by - Seneca)

It is the skill of money that makes one content and happy; not how much money one has!. (Quote by - Timothy John Waterhouse)

We've been very pleased with the features and functionality offered by Nine Systems' newly launched Ad Serving solution. Our customer base responded very positively to the Ad Serving service and content provided by Nine Systems, especially to the highest quality of audio and video content offerings. (Quote by - Curt Marvis)

Great contest follows, and much learned dust Involves the combatants; each claiming truth, And truth disclaiming both. (Quote by - William Cowper)

Tis a hydra's head contention; the more they strive the more they may: and as Praxiteles did by his glass, when he saw a scurvy face in it, brake it in pieces; but for that one he saw many more as bad in a moment. (Quote by - Robert Burton)

And Abram said unto Lot, Let there be no strife, I pray thee, between me and thee, and between my herdmen and thy herdmen; for we be brethren. (Quote by - Bible)

The cable operators are paying to show content. The most important content you have is the broadcast stations. They take the position that over the air is free to people, so it should be free to them. (Quote by - Barry Faber)

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