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This is an industry that is content-driven, and when the content is there, the box office responds. There's really nothing broken, it's just a matter of coming back with some good product. Fox is having a good year as we are. (Quote by - Dan Fellman)

On demand digital delivery is a fast and convenient way for deadline-driven journalists to receive content. Wireless technologies' daily impact on us all is exploding, and Bluetooth is poised to become a reporter's content choice by making high-quality media content available online. (Quote by - Shoba Purushothaman)

He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have. (Quote by - Socrates)

Why would they want to buy another PC -- it's a hassle. Having to download plug-ins, having to download content versus having content pushed to you. Our research shows that people want a guided experience on the Internet. (Quote by - Rob Bartels)

Today, the way the system works, when you sign up to provide your content for the system, you sign off that your content will be downloaded and replicated. We do have a DRM, but we are keeping it for more commercial content. (Quote by - Suranga Chandratillake)

Enjoy the present hour, be thankful for the past, And neither fear nor wish th' approaches of the last. (Quote by - Abraham Cowley)

Sometimes in order to get to where you need to go, you need to think. You just need to sit and think about absolutely nothing. And through that nothingness your mind will wander. It will wander then wonder, and then maybe, just maybe, you will be content. (Quote by - Leah Kahan)

Being content is feeling rich and wealthy with what you have now rather than what you want to have later. (Quote by - Timothy John Waterhouse)

The launch of Lycos Games is another step toward providing consumers access to exclusive content like Albatross18, while giving creators a unique platform to showcase and market original games content. Lycos has been pretty dormant in the games space over the past three years, but in the coming months, we will continue to partner with global companies, to bring exclusive new games content to the U.S., giving our millions of Lycos users access before anyone else. (Quote by - Alfred Tolle)

It's egotistical to think we're the only ones providing content that's valuable. This is an opportunity for people with powerful brands to pull together content from editors, vendors, customers and your user base to deploy and enhance vertical search, which is something the general search engines can't do. (Quote by - Eric Shanfelt)

The demand for Japanese entertainment content by European audiences is growing substantially and we are pleased to partner with Copyright Promotions Licensing Group to bring exposure and mainstream acceptance of this genre to diverse demographic groups throughout Europe. We believe that our partnership with CPLG, with their expertise in publishing, merchandising and promotions across Europe, coupled with our access to the best content and our experience in the U.S. and Japanese markets, will assure the success of this new venture. (Quote by - Daniel Marks)

The true antidote to greed is contentment. If you have a strong sense of contentment, it doesn't matter whether you obtain the object of your desire or not. Either way, you are still content. (Quote by - Tenzin Gyatso The 14th Dalai Lama)

Voice recognition will play a dominant role in this industry as consumers accumulate large libraries of digital content. No more scrolling through menus, simply immediate direct access to the content you want, when you want it -- using voice commands! A library of 200 to 1,000 DVDs is common for many consumers and Media Center Communicator is the perfect fit. One Voice continues to add significant features that extend the digital home experience for playing all your digital content, from music, videos, photo slideshows, PC-to-Phone calling and now DVD Changer capabilities. (Quote by - Dean Weber)

In keeping with our commitment to be a 21st century publisher, our content needs to be available in a digital format. We have a vision of the future and this is a significant step towards achieving that vision. We are putting our digital house in order so that we are prepared to offer consumers book content in new ways and with a variety of partners. Once the content is digitized and available in a robust database, the possibilities of what can be done are endless. The world we live in today is increasingly technology driven. HarperCollins is going to move with the technology. (Quote by - Jane Friedman)

Content and Riches seldom meet together, Riches take thou, contentment I had rather. (Quote by - Benjamin Franklin)

Happy the man, of mortals happiest he, Whose quiet mind from vain desires is free; Whom neither hopes deceive, nor fears torment, But lives at peace, within himself content; In thought, or act, accountable to none But to himself, and to the gods alone. (Quote by - George Granville, Lord Landsdowne)

Ten poor men sleep in peace on one straw heap, as Saadi sings, But the immensest empire is too narrow for two kings. (Quote by - William R. Alger)

Where wealth and freedom reign, contentment fails, And honour sinks where commerce long prevails. (Quote by - Oliver Goldsmith)

Vertical search takes search a step further by enabling individuals to easily one-stop search for and find specialized content germane to a specific industry vertical, such as jobs, apartments and real estate, across multiple sites and content sources. New innovations in vertical search enable consumers to find the content they need faster and more efficiently than ever before. (Quote by - Jason Goldberg)

There was a jolly miller once, Lived on the River Dee; He worked and sang, from morn to night; No lark so blithe as he. And this the burden of his song, Forever used to be,-- "I care for nobody, not I, If no one cares for me." (Quote by - Isaac Bickerstaff)

Any time you are in the content creation business, you have to leverage that content in as many ways as possible. DVD is one valuable secondary growth channel for HBO. Maybe the Internet is next. (Quote by - James Goss)

Those who want much, are always much in need; happy the man to whom God gives with a sparing hand what is sufficient for his wants. (Quote by - Horace)

Mobile phones have inherent difficulties in the way content can be searched and discovered by users, and we believe that offering this content in retail stores will help educate and encourage consumers to try mobile games as well as other types of content. (Quote by - Bala Keilman)

Sweet are the thoughts that savour of content; The quiet mind is richer than a crown; Sweet are the nights in careless slumber spent; The poor estate scorns fortune's angry frown: Such sweet content, such minds, such sleep, such bliss, Beggars enjoy, when princes oft do miss. (Quote by - Robert Greene)

With more of thanks and less of thought, I strive to make my matters meet; To seek what ancient sages sought, Physic and food in sour and sweet, To take what passes in good part, And keep the hiccups from the heart. (Quote by - John Byrom)

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