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I will try to be tactful, considerate and respectful when I speak, but America is a free country, ... We have a Constitution and a Bill of Rights and 1,863 people who have died in Iraq in the name of America's freedom. (Quote by - Alan Rowe)

There was always going to be some shock value when the Fed changed 'the considerable period' statement, but we had always felt that the change would come when it was fairly obvious that it should, and when the Fed had softened the blow, by alerting the market to such a change, ... As it was, there was no such warning, and the sharp market reaction is testimony to just how far it caught asset markets 'off-side.'. (Quote by - Alan Ruskin)

This race is nonpartisan, so people should be looking at the qualifications. But that's not a consideration with these groups. They're pretty dogmatic. (Quote by - Alvin Bryant)

In the midterm plan, we're assuming that the need for investment in semiconductors will intensify, and we've also taken the payment for this acquisition into consideration. (Quote by - Atsutoshi Nishida)

Beyond the obvious facts that he has at some time done manual labor, that he takes snuff, that he is a Freemason, that he has been in China, and that he has done a considerable amount of writing lately, I can deduce nothing else. (Quote by - Arthur Conan Doyle Sr.)

The only thing I know is that I paint because I need to, and I paint whatever passes through my head without any other consideration. (Quote by - Frida Kahlo)

was excluded from the consideration of the council. (Quote by - Amr Moussa)

Our study did find a protective effect of long-term aspirin use on risk of invasive colorectal cancer, but only at dosage levels considerably higher than those used to prevent cardiovascular disease. (Quote by - Andrew Chan)

One of the things under consideration is the extension of those programs. And the thought is that by extending the programs those people will be reached. (Quote by - Andrea White)

According to my very rough calculation, that's considerably more than $54 billion. (Quote by - Barry Dragon)

The urgent consideration of the public safety may undoubtedly authorize the violation of every positive law. How far that or any other consideration may operate to dissolve the natural obligations of humanity and justice, is a doctrine of which I still desire to remain ignorant. (Quote by - Edward Gibbon)

A speech is like a love affair. Any fool can start it, but to end it requires considerable skill. (Quote by - Lord Mansfield)

Yesterday, everybody smoked his last cigar, took his last drink and swore his last oath. Today, we are a pious and exemplary community. Thirty days from now, we shall have gone to cutting our ancient shortcomings considerably shorter than ever. (Quote by - Mark Twain)

The man who loves his country prefers its liberty to all other considerations, well knowing that without liberty life is a misery. (Quote by - Andrew Hamilton)

Dr. King is upset that he was not given fair consideration with the others, including many who were better qualified than the candidate who ultimately was selected. This would not even be an issue if the board interviewed him and selected another candidate who they felt was better qualified. But he feels he was not given the dignity of being considered. (Quote by - Avrum Levicoff)

Consideration for others is the basic of a good life, a good society. (Quote by - Confucius)

We have handpicked a number of companies that will have a significant role in water and wastewater infrastructure repair. Our research indicates these water projects will create considerable demand for concrete to replace treatment and storage facilities as well as valves, pumps and the pipe needed as part of the replacement cycle. Investing in these types of companies will create returns for our clients that perform to our high expectations. (Quote by - Alex Seagle)

I want to emphasize one point we are not trying to deny the mill a permit to operate. We are asking that the permit provide adequate protection for the recreational and economic value of Sam Rayburn. At the last ANRA Steering Committee meeting I requested consideration for a solution that would call for adequate monitoring of water quality downstream of Paper Mill Creek and enforcement of any standards violations made evident by the proposed monitoring. The recommendations did not receive real consideration. (Quote by - Walt West)

For having lived long, I have experienced many instances of being obliged, by better information or fuller consideration, to change opinions, even on important subjects, which I once thought right but found to be otherwise. (Quote by - Benjamin Franklin)

Men take only their needs into consideration, never their abilities. (Quote by - Napoleon Bonaparte)

This is your chance to put your considerable money where your considerable mouth is, ... Your fan. (Quote by - George Clooney)

Our campaign aiming to boycott the polls has been successful and taking into consideration appeals made by the seven political parties, various organizations and people, we have withdrawn our strike. (Quote by - Baburam Bhattarai)

It is not enough for the commonwealth to establish a probability, even a strong probability. That is not enough... (prosecution) must present evidence which convinces the court of the defendant's guilt to a reasonable and moral certainty, a certainty that convinces the court's understanding, ... After careful and thorough consideration of the applicable law, and calm, dispassionate and careful consideration of all the evidence...I find . (Constantine Pitsas) not guilty. (Quote by - Patrick Riley)

It is the direction and not the magnitude which is to be taken into consideration. (Quote by - Thomas Paine)

Cheo, he's managed in winter ball, and I think he'd like to have some consideration. And both guys are good guys and all that. Hopefully Cheo and Cecil will be in consideration. I think Cecil will make a good manager. (Quote by - Phil Garner)

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