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This man is a conservative. He's been a conservative all his life, and in 1985 when he was applying for a job, he reiterated that fact in his application. (Quote by - Saxby Chambliss)

I think hedge fund managers have positioned themselves conservatively. We're near the bottom now. Almost all of them are conservatively positioned. (Quote by - Barry Colvin)

I only work with conservative candidates. I am a conservative and I believe there are a lot of donors out there that are still interested in her. (Quote by - Erin DeLullo)

As soils are depleted, human health, vitality and intelligence go with them. (Quote by - Louis Bromfield)

I think a lot of retailers were playing it a bit more conservative. If you look at it three years ago, everyone was overflowing with inventories and then just stuck with it at the end. Retailers, including ourselves, have played it a bit more conservative with our orders. (Quote by - Alan Marcus)

We must be both more conservative and more liberal than most students of Christian worship: conservative in holding exclusively to God's commands in Scripture as our rule of worship, and liberal in defending the liberty of those who apply those comma. (Quote by - John Frame)

George Bush is a conservative and most conservatives like him and support him. But most conservatives, at one level or another, are troubled by much of what they see going on in our government. (Quote by - David Keene)

We're at a moment in time where there are two story lines with John that we've seen in the last several months. One is that he's not conservative enough to win the Republican nomination. The other is he's increasingly becoming too popular among conservatives. (Quote by - John Weaver)

One argument is that it was conserved to help us lift buses off of pedestrians who just got hit. My belief is that nature conserved the stress mechanism because of its effect on gestation. Natural selection doesn't care about individuals, it just wants poundage and conservation of genes. It found a way to maximize the pounds and the genes. (Quote by - Ralph Catalano)

This is a very, very conservative judge who in his dissenting opinions is overwhelmingly likely to be more conservative than the majority. (Quote by - Cass R. Sunstein)

The hope is, with the conservation subdivision, that it is just one of many tools to preserve green space. At the heart of the conservation subdivision is the idea that .. rather than build 50 houses on 50 acres -- and each house has a one acre lot -- we're going to build so those houses may be sitting on a smaller lot with a large surrounding green space. (Quote by - Dan Schade)

This is the moment for which the conservative legal movement has been waiting for two decades, .. There was no reason for him to choose anyone but one of these outstanding conservatives. (Quote by - David Frum)

It's been a conservative court. But it certainly hasn't been the conservative court that liberals feared - or conservatives wanted. (Quote by - Paul Finkelman)

With this action, in one fell swoop, the president deprived himself and his supporters of the easiest argument for his next nominee: that surely a reelected conservative president is entitled to replace a conservative justice Rehnquist with another conservative. (Quote by - Bill Kristol)

The memos you wrote while you were working for President Reagan and Bush one, in my opinion, reflect a conservative lawyer advising a conservative president about conservative policies. (Quote by - Lindsey Graham)

What conservatives have realized during the last five years is that we have not elected a conservative president. Nor do we have a conservative majority in either the House or Senate. (Quote by - Bill Lauderback)

Each of our awardees exhibited tremendous leadership in a very visible and effective manner, choosing to stand against anti-conservation special interests, President George Bush, and other powerful members of Congress. They put the interests of America's wildlife conservation heritage and our children's future ahead of political expediency and lobbyists' contributions -- something too rare in Washington these days. (Quote by - Rodger Schlickeisen)

The natural condition of the modern conservative movement is to always be in a state of revolution. Conservatives are, by definition, uncomfortable with power. (Quote by - Craig Shirley)

He pretends to be a conservative, but I don't find any of his actions to be consistent with conservative values. (Quote by - Roy Moore)

I actually don't express contempt for the rank-and-file conservative voters in Kansas. The conservative reviews of the book claim that I do, but by and large I am very respectful of these people. I certainly don't try to make these people sound crazy. In a lot of ways I really respect them. (Quote by - Thomas Frank)

What people need to do is conserve what they have, .. There is a supply out there; we just need to conserve it. Going up and loading up your tank is not going to do that much. It's just going to deplete the supply, and the problem will eventually catch up to you. (Quote by - Mike Easley)

Men are conservatives when they are least vigorous, or when they are most luxurious. They are conservatives after dinner. (Quote by - Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Today's youth are tomorrow's conservationists and if we don't instill in them a love of the outdoors at an early age, the hunting and conservation tradition could be lost. We need to hook them on hunting at an early age, so they become appreciative of the hunting tradition. This will also increase hunter retention and ensure the future of conservation remains strong. (Quote by - Rob Keck)

It is very clear that regional fishery management organizations have failed to properly conserve shark populations. This is a great disappointment for shark conservation. (Quote by - Karen Steuer)

The more experienced and representative Conservative cabinet makes the Conservative minority government appear more stable than feared, while the problems with the Liberal Party suggest that the Liberals will provide a weak opposition, unable or willing to force an election soon. (Quote by - Jeremy Friesen)

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