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I always got compliments on my photos. I would think about what I wanted in the photo and compose it. (Quote by - Villager Gene Parent)

I thought it was an honor that fellow players looked at me that way. I don't think I really put too much more pressure on myself. I just took it as a compliment. (Quote by - Chad Campbell)

I get nervous when these guys all over the (NFC South) division are paying me compliments, but they're guys that have an impact, certainly, in my life. (Quote by - Sean Payton)

The bats coming around to compliment our strong pitching. (Quote by - Brian Gouin)

She moved so well without the basketball tonight and you have to compliment our girls because they did a great job looking for her. I?m just thankful the girls did a great job of executing the plays and setting screens for her and getting her a lot of open looks. (Quote by - Tom Halbmaier)

Look what we've accomplished so far this year. We're pretty much filling the stadium every night with a team that has only won two games. This is pretty much unheard of in the CFL. This is a sign of the completion of the initial phase of this project . . . The fact David can step out this early is a huge compliment to what he has achieved. (Quote by - Bob Young)

I think the greatest compliment I get is when people say, 'Thank you' to us after a show, .. The music brings people back to an easier time, when there was no stress, no worries about bills and mortgages or cholesterol. The biggest worry back then was whether you had a date on Saturday night. We're so happy to be able to make people so happy. The songs are simple songs, ones that everyone can relate to. (Quote by - Jay Siegel)

I believe in an open door policy and encourage feedback on all experiences at the store. If you have any questions, concerns, complaints or compliments I want to hear them day or night. (Quote by - Curt Poore)

Wow. I?m thrilled. It?s such a compliment, 100 percent. It?s great to see that they saw the value in this. (Quote by - Audrey Miller)

It's the first time in a long time that I've been complimented on my leadership skills. Partly it was my fault that I hadn't been complimented in the past. Maybe some people just weren't recognizing. (Quote by - Ron Artest)

Any time you beat Midland it's good because they have a good program. I think it's a compliment to Midland when everybody wants to beat them. (Quote by - Toby Holbrook)

I've paid him a lot of compliments. He earned a lot of respect, with a lot of tough situations. There were injuries, they were forced to sell or trade guys like [Aramis] Ramirez. I thought he did a good job of keeping the club competitive every time we saw them. (Quote by - Tony La Russa)

We just need to take heart from the basic things we did well, bowling in the right areas, restricting the opposition with able fielding and getting a full contribution from the compliment of batters with reasonable partnerships throughout our innings. (Quote by - Wavell Hinds)

He's not going to really share that with us, especially during the season. But coming from him, it's a real compliment. (Quote by - Anthony Fasano)

They're everything they are built up to be. The biggest compliment that I can pay is they play so hard. They're the No. 1 team in the country and they play hard every day. The key to them is Williams and he was just a man (tonight). He does everything and we just didn't have another answer besides Chris McNaughton. (Quote by - Pat Flannery)

My biggest compliments. The conditions are now .. very good. (Quote by - Guenter Hujara)

I guess anytime you are mentioned with Hank Aaron, it is the ultimate compliment, not only as a hitter, but obviously, the great ballplayer that he was. (Quote by - Alex Rodriguez)

It's the ultimate compliment a coach would want from a player. Without a doubt, it's the ultimate. (Quote by - Bob Burke)

We've graduated the bulk of the players who helped capture the conference championship two years ago. We had a strong class last year and we are complimenting it with another one this season. (Quote by - Richie Grant)

I much prefer a compliment, even if insincere, to sincere criticism. (Quote by - Titus Maccius Plautus)

An occasional compliment is necessary to keep up one's self-respect. (Quote by - Mark Twain)

Let's face it, Drapes sets the work ethic for this team. That's his job. If Dan Cleary can gain something from that, that's fantastic. .. That's a real compliment to Drapes, but (also) a real compliment to Dan Cleary if he's smart enough to figure it out. (Quote by - Mike Babcock)

We have been getting a lot of compliments. In the front lobby we've moved some things around and the Park & Rec. has had some of their guys in here painting and doing things to make it have more of a Waltham feel. The MDC really wouldn't let us do anything like that. (Quote by - Tony Romano)

I know who I am supposed to be with. I'm just waiting until the time is right. I know what i want. I want to be so sure of everything in my life and be so good on my own that someone just comes in to compliment it. I want somebody who is happy. I don't want to meet someone who needs me. I want someone who is good on his own. (Quote by - Amanda Bynes)

It has gone over real well. We get a lot of compliments on it. The only problem sometimes is that its a late-season hunt, so the weather came mess up a hunt. Last year we had all that ice on the first day of one of the hunts. (Quote by - Richard Morton)

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