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I never compliment the other pitcher. I make my living off pitchers. (Quote by - Carl Everett)

What we've been looking for and we've had it just once or twice it seems is that complete offensive game. And we've got to compliment that with good pitching and defense. We're getting to that time of the year where it's an excellent time to start doing that. (Quote by - Todd Abbott)

Despite some falls, not a single one of them gave up. Several parents and course officials complimented me on the heart of my team. That meant more to me than any championship. They just love skiing. I?m very proud that they had the drive and the pride to finish, no matter what. (Quote by - Andrew Dorais)

This new co-operation of two market leaders will build a strong foundation for future success through innovation and manufacturing expertise. With our strong market share in our region, this transaction will provide us the resources necessary to expand outside of Australia, while complimenting local sales with the addition of proven Chamberlain products. (Quote by - Scott Nicholson)

This is really good news. I compliment our staff, the leadership teams in the schools, the students and parents everyone who had a part in that. (Quote by - Ed Allen)

I sat down with Joey this summer, and I came under the impression, talent aside, here's a young man confused, frustrated, insecure, needs to grow up, and someone who doesn't particularly like some of the people he played for. Didn't appreciate Jeff Garcia. He wanted the compliment that this is his job, and he hasn't been able to handle that. I think he needs to move on. (Quote by - Terry Bradshaw)

I don't know that I've ever witnessed someone as talented as he is and at the same time relentless and nasty -- and I mean that as a compliment. Justin Cage defended him as well as you could. (Quote by - Sean Miller)

I've been told that I am not big enough, not fast enough. The only thing that people said is that I am a hustle player as if it was a backhanded compliment. (Quote by - Bryce Fisher)

Insults should be written in sand, compliments should be carved in stone. (Quote by - Arab Proverb)

It is unusual, .. If you're picking on form, they didn't finish in the top six and they have had a lot of injuries. (Gareth) Hock and (Sean) O'Loughlin would have been considered. It may look incredible but I think it's a compliment to the standard of the competition. (Quote by - Brian Noble)

I can live for two months on a good compliment. (Quote by - Mark Twain)

The President complimented both the teams for playing excellent cricket. He also appreciated both the teams for playing cricket in its true spirit and displaying themselves as true ambassadors of their respective countries. (Quote by - Abbas Zaidi)

It's very exciting for us, as a coaching staff, to have so many guys get invited to the combine. That's never happened before and is a compliment to the work we've done here. That would have been unbelievable five years ago, but we've made a lot of progress and these guys have earned it. (Quote by - Rocky Long)

Coach (Joel) Hawkins and his players went up and hugged Brandon after the game and complimented him on his competitive showing. I don't recall ever seeing Coach Hawkins react that way, but it was obvious he really likes the heart and effort of Brandon. (Quote by - Raymond Robertson)

It's different. You've got to win today's game. It's almost like every game's an elimination game. I think it's a compliment to the teams the U.S. played against, and also it's the timing, so you don't get a true read of the teams. How many games of consequence do you have where a catcher plays half a game?. (Quote by - Terry Francona)

I think it was more joking than anything else. The fans know the game and what went on. To me, you get traded for a guy like that, it's a compliment, and it gives me an incentive to keep working hard. (Quote by - Dave Williams)

Our new city administrator has been great, because I had no experience as a finance director. I am an accounting person, which is a bean counter and finance is a little different than being an accountant. Accountants are more exact and finance people have more vision. He's got the vision. He's been a good compliment to me and has helped me a lot and I really appreciate that. He's a little more involved.. For the most part everybody has been great and I have enjoyed every minute of it. (Quote by - Shirley Norton)

As hypocrisy is said to be the highest compliment to virtue, the art of lying is the strongest acknowledgment of the force of truth. (Quote by - William Hazlitt)

I think a little bit of what we were doing in the fall came out in our play today. The whole team defended well from top to bottom and we limited the good looks on goal for our opponents. To go three games without giving up a goal is a pretty good compliment to the team. (Quote by - Patrick Baker)

Being taken for granted can be a compliment. It means that you've become a comfortable, trusted element in another person's life. (Quote by - Dr. Joyce Brothers)

An acquaintance that begins with a compliment is sure to develop into a real friendship. (Quote by - Oscar Wilde)

Well, it's three for our program. It's just a compliment to our players. They've done a terrific job. They should get all the credit for that. They've had a great commitment to winning. The 20-win seasons are a result of that commitment and effort. (Quote by - Mark Fox)

This group of guys has been knocked on their backsides and they continue to get back up. I think that's the greatest compliment I can give them. Everyone looks at their record this year, and that's something they've earned, but sometimes people tend to forget what we went through to get to this point. (Quote by - Jim Roberts)

We have received strong, positive customer feedback about Premium Roast coffee over the past year and we are pleased to have served as a test market. Our customers have now asked for a sweet good offering that compliments Premium Roast coffee and we're excited to bring McDonald's Cinnamon Melts to southeast Michigan. (Quote by - John Betts)

Good, bad mediocre or whatever it is, if a director wants me in his movie, I take it as a compliment. (Quote by - Scott Caan)

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