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Our primary competition is still domestic banks. But we are certainly aware there is going to be competition from foreign banks directly and indirectly because every day you read about another investment in a domestic bank and they will be bringing in risk management, better processes and more capital. (Quote by - Frank Newman)

I wish him well, it is possible. But that is of course depending on competition for places. At the moment he is fine, as there is not much competition, so he could do it. (Quote by - Just Fontaine)

Victory does not exist without conflict, competition and challenges. (Quote by - John Di Lemme)

We're confident that once they have reviewed all the facts, they'll agree that Microsoft is completely within the law, that there is healthy competition throughout the software industry and that consumers are the big winners from that competition. (Quote by - Mark Murray)

It was great to see Amanda make it to the state individual competition in vault again. The last four years she's been one of our leaders, so I was really happy she will be going in vault and the team competition. (Quote by - Mark Hartley)

The biggest things are always the easiest to do because there is no competition. (Quote by - Willian van Horne)

We knew that the better the competition got, the better Blair played. She really rose to the challenge and thrived when the competition was tight. (Quote by - Julie Myer)

In '05, they didn't have a lot of competitive products. But in '06 they are finally bringing out some of those new products that should make them more competitive. (Quote by - Cody Acree)

I really like that corps. There is some youth in it and some speed and we have some excellent competition. We're seeing that competition now and I think we have a chance to develop some good competition in the fall. (Quote by - Chris Ault)

I'm just competitive by nature. Ask anyone who knows me. Anything I play or do, I'm very competitive. I'm competitive in golf, in cards, in whatever. You name it, I'll want to beat you. I just like the satisfaction of winning. (Quote by - Cathy King)

This will be the racing competition to end all racing competitions, .. I am extremely pleased to be working with Electronic Arts on this exciting opportunity giving music and gaming fans the chance to live the Need for Speed TM experience. (Quote by - Jay Kay)

If competition is encouraged to come into the state, we should be able to attain that level of success with other types of insurance. The competition is the same, the concept works, if only we give it the opportunity to work. (Quote by - Elanor Kitzman)

It's always a competition. Every game, every week last year was a competition. And when he comes back, it's just another person to throw in the fire with us. It's always a friendly competition every week for the job on the weekend. (Quote by - Troy Perkins)

All clubs and fans have known competition points are in jeopardy when breaches strike at the heart of the competition's fairness. (Quote by - David Gallop)

It's a guy doing a little too much. There is a lot of competition in camp and everybody wants to shine. It's nice that we have competition in camp, and sometimes everybody is a little guilty of overthrowing. You have to settle down a little bit. (Quote by - Mike Maddux)

Race, what is that? Race is a competition, somebody winning and somebody losing. . . . Blood doesn't run in races! Come on! (Quote by - Beah Richards)

More people are entering the labor force, so there is more competition. More competition means there's less leverage for employees. (Quote by - Anthony Chan)

Coach Carey, he felt like every game could be won. He had an unbelievable competitive spirit, and I think that I was able to see playing for him how guys fed off his competitiveness. You can't fake your competitiveness. You're either a warrior or you're not. He certainly was. (Quote by - Mark Fox)

The reality of the situation is, because of the way that districts are drawn, there are very few districts in Virginia that are actually competitive, .. Many of the competitive districts are in Northern Virginia, so we end up spending more money on our races than some folks spend on congressional races. (Quote by - Peter Shannon)

This competition will develop the services in the country. Everybody participating in this competition is a winner. (Quote by - Allan Palmer)

Our contention has been it's not a competition when you pay one guy 40-something million dollars. In this salary-cap era, you start the guy [you paid that to] at least for a year or two, right? This is a farce that there's going to be competition. (Quote by - Jimmy Sexton)

In business, the competition will bite you if you keep running; if you stand still, they will swallow you. (Quote by - William Knudsen)

I thought the competition wen; played was pretty good. We're playing in the Central Region, which I thought was extremely competitive. But all at once, there is not a single at-large bid from the Central Region. We had the kids in the classroom to watch and we were so upbeat.n;But it was dead silence (when then;field was announced) and the silence said it all. (Quote by - Mia Smith)

The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be only sustainable competitive advantage. (Quote by - Arie de Geus)

A continuous supply of high performance executive talent is probably the only sustainable competitive advantage in toda s global marketplace. [On Leadership as Strategic Competitive Advantage]. (Quote by - Med Yones)

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