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Competitive debate builds confidence, improves academic achievement, and develops leadership skills. The Houston Urban Debate League is bringing competitive debate into more high schools across the city, and that is great news for our schools and for our community. With the HUDL leading the charge, Great Debaters will develop and thrive throughout Houston. (Quote by - Harvin Moore)

Basically this merger will mean even less competition for broadband Internet, and frankly that makes a Net neutrality requirement even more imperative. If there was real competition in the provision of high-speed Internet access we might not be having this conversation, but now the world has gotten even smaller than it was before. (Quote by - Gigi Sohn)

As ardent believers in the power of market competition, we strongly support the idea of a dual-listing, and are proud to be among this initial group of market innovators, .. Our hope is that as more companies opt for dual-listing, we will experience a healthy increased competition in our trading markets, resulting in innovative applications of technology, heightened transparency, and improved trading outcomes for all investors. (Quote by - David Pottruck)

I used to be competitive at one time. Then, I was only competitive in my age group. Now, I'm just a participant. (Quote by - Doug Hickey)

But right now, the nationals and the Olympics are my goal. I try to go to as many competitions as possible so I can keep sharp and improve my experience. I'll fight all kinds of people to bust the competition and try out new stuff. (Quote by - Andrew Oh)

The Japanese auto companies are saying you have to meet a world price. Whether it's China, Mexico, Brazil, wherever it is, because of the competitive nature of this business, you go to the most competitive sources. (Quote by - Greg Young)

He has a very mature approach. He's not loud, but he's competitive. Very competitive. (Quote by - Keith Guttin)

Tournament blackjack is different from regular blackjack in that you're going against the other players. You have to get people to understand that it's a competitive game, a competition. It has a lot of the same elements that a poker tournament has. (Quote by - Ben Mezrich)

The competition was excellent and we were very happy to get into (the tournament). We are group A so how many times are we going to get to wrestle Grundy. I'm really proud of all my wrestlers. We were at a disadvantage because we are not at the level of competition as the other teams but our guys went out there with courage. (Quote by - Karle Byrd)

Part of the beauty and much of the moral seriousness of sport derives from the severe justice of strenuous play in a circumscribed universe of rules that protect the integrity of competition. Records are worth recording, and worth striving to surpass, because they serve as benchmarks of excellence achieved under the pressure of competition. (Quote by - George F. Will)

I'm really excited by this generation. They're so young and so talented, they're meeting the criteria of this competition [using Maori or Pacific language] and they're doing it with impressive musicianship. It's good to see them getting the encouragement that this competition provides. (Quote by - Jason Faafoi)

It's very important when we measure an event to recognize its impact on time. For example, an event eight hours before a competition may not be major, but if it happens 10 minutes [before] or during a competition, it's critical we do something. (Quote by - Patrick Adiba)

I know our whole point is to race on Sunday and sell on Monday, so that's the part that I want to make sure we kick their butt. I'm sure they want to kick ours, but I think NASCAR handles the competition side of it so we can be competitive. (Quote by - Robert Yates)

This is for competitive reasons. It's the competitive nature of the frozen food business. (Quote by - Marybeth Thorsgaard)

What sets the Six Nations apart is that it's the only official competition we play each year. It's a goal, whereas when you are playing Test matches, what matters is not losing. The tournament is the major competition for us in the season, and we have to win it. We are in a position to do that; we have to produce a match like we did last weekend. We have the cards in our hands. (Quote by - Bernard Laporte)

We've got a lot of guys coming back, but the guy pulling the trigger is going to be brand new. We have to continue with the improvement on the offensive line and create competition. We're still not there where there's competition at every position which is going to make everybody better. (Quote by - Mike Shula)

It's only our fifth year as a varsity sport, so we are still building. But we're starting to be competitive with the rest of the teams. Xavier used to crush us five years ago, but now we're very competitive with them. (Quote by - Bruno Duarte)

The old guard that is worried, is worried that the finances become the most important thing. You have to remember that the real competition is on the field. And all the devices we're talking about here - the salary cap and revenue sharing and the draft and so on - are to keep a notion of competitive balance. (Quote by - Michael MacCambridge)

While market conditions will continue to be competitive, we fully intend to expand our business and grow market share profitably in 1999. The company will continue its aggressive drive of reduction of cost and operating expenses in the face of a very competitive market. (Quote by - Eckhard Pfeiffer)

Competition is the whetstone of talent. (Quote by - Traditional Proverb)

This is the first competitive practice we've had in a month. When you have that competitiveness out there, everybody's level moves up. (Quote by - Riley Wallace)

Competition is no problem. We've been in competition all our lives. (Quote by - Richard Adrian)

I have never seen such a high level in a competition before. Today's race was perhaps the most competitive ever. (Quote by - Frode Andresen)

I really like competition. I mean, performing is fun, but I like the thrill of competition. (Quote by - Anna Hill)

This is what it's all about - competition, and I thrive on competition. I'm a very, very competitive person, and I'm glad its come down to this. I'll shake his hand on the first tee and I'll shake his hand on the 18th green, but between those handshakes we are competitors and we'll be trying to beat each other as much as possible. (Quote by - Colin Montgomerie)

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