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No doubt, it will be tougher competition in the tournament. But we have a shot to be very competitive. (Quote by - Bob Aronson)

Minnesota is very important. You're going to have a competitive race for the Senate, a competitive governor's race, you have an open seat in the 6th (Congressional) District, a state legislature that is closely divided, and a state that was very competitive in 2000 and 2004 and is likely to be again in 2008. (Quote by - Ken Mehlman)

I think that's why I play tennis, because of the challenge, because of the competition, .. That's why we love to play tiebreaker in the third set. It makes it more exciting, and the bigger support in the stand, and more fans involved in it. I really enjoyed the competition and took a lot of hard work to make myself No. 1 at 18 years old. (Quote by - Maria Sharapova)

We're incredibly happy to be a No. 1 seed. We were 13-3 against top-50 competition. We were 7-2 against top-25 competition. These kids are deserving of a No. 1 seed. (Quote by - Jim Calhoun)

Besides winning, [the most fun thing is] getting out there and mixing it up with friends; it's the competition. (Quote by - Al Unser, Jr.)

Competition is easier to accept if you realize it is not an act of oppression or abrasion - I've worked with my best friends in direct competition. (Quote by - Diane Sawyer)

Even though effective competition is the best tool to strengthen innovation and competitiveness in Europe, state aid can also play a very useful supporting role. (Quote by - Neelie Kroes)

Now that our overall portfolio is in a more competitive position and our markets are rebounding with the national average, we are focused on maximizing the returns on these upgraded assets. We will face some ramp- up time, but we are working very closely with our general managers and sales directors to realize the full potential of these renovated, highly competitive hotels. (Quote by - Ed Rohling)

We are not concerned about competition. In fact, we are the competition. We're not worried about EADS and Northrop. (Quote by - James Bell)

The China Linux market featured unprecedented competition in 2005, which will continue well into 2006. As a direct result of such intense competition, price wars will be inevitable in 2006. Most of the public tenders closed with relatively low prices in 2005. Keen price competition continues to serve as a major barrier to the China Linux market. (Quote by - Nielse Jiang)

This is the best team we've had in the past three years. Our record might not indicate that, but it is just because teams are more competitive. It was our most competitive season yet. There was never a game when there was a complete blow out. The competition was very good this year. (Quote by - Tim Cota)

In the past, it was always .. maybe in three or four years you'll be a guy that is competitive. People expect you to be competitive your first year out now. Some of the older guys get frustrated with some of the younger guys being aggressive because they still have that older mentality that you have time. Well, time isn't a luxury that you have in this sport. (Quote by - Casey Mears)

I don't know why in the world they cared about winning one for an old man, .. They needed to win one for themselves. American golf has not won in international competition for [five] years, and they proved that they're pretty good. . . . If I'm never involved in the game of golf again, it's not a bad way to end it. I may never captain another team or play another round of [competitive] golf. This is pretty special. (Quote by - Jack Nicklaus)

But I think competition is good. I am very competitive, if no one has noticed. And I think that if we face off in the future, we'll have an opportunity to make a strong case to New Yorkers about our vision for the city. I hope and I expect that it will not diminish the good relationship we have. (Quote by - Adolfo Carri n Jr)

During this economy, reaching across the competitive aisle will either bring a slap or embrace. (Quote by - kim booher)

I was just trying to project forward what it would look like after this season. Winning is important, but is not the sole reason we have an athletics program. I want to be competitive and we weren't being competitive, but there were other issues. (Quote by - Edgar Johnson)

Year after year, we are seeing that Polk County is getting a little more competitive with its surrounding counties. In the next year we probably won't be seeing those price separations just because of the levels of competition out there and what is going on in the market. (Quote by - Joel Adams)

It's really the first look companies will have of our city. It's very competitive because we're in competition with every other city in California (to attract businesses). (Quote by - Mayor Michael Amabile)

Two weeks ago, we won first place in Planet Earth Outerwear half-pipe competition and second place in the rail jam competition. And we won first place for overall shop. (Quote by - Jason Howes)

I expect to see great competition this spring, and I expect to see all our quarterbacks grow and improve. I'm sure the competition will go through spring ball and extend into the summer before we know who our quarterback is going to be. (Quote by - Tom Amstutz)

Most of the versatile kids are hard workers. You have to be willing to put the extra time and the extra work in. They are all very competitive kids, too. It's very easy to give up on a new event. The kids who are very competitive learn to get better. (Quote by - Rich McGriff)

When you want to win a game, you have to teach. When you lose a game, you have to learn. (Quote by - Tom Landry)

As a company, who would you rather lose market share to, yourself or someone else? It is the competitive nature of the business that you watch your competition goes. You either lead or follow, but you always want a share of the market. (Quote by - Ken Banks)

The level of competition out there today was really good all across the board. It was a perfect day for tennis. It wasn't too windy so the conditions were good. I'm not sure we've seen a better day with weather and competition for this tournament. (Quote by - Len Thiede)

Competition drives innovation and we are not going to shy away from it. This is a reinvestment in our competitiveness in order to remain the world leader in technological innovation. (Quote by - Craig Stevens)

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