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They were caught out of competition. We tested them at private homes where they were staying. I'm a strong believer in unannounced, out-of-competition testing. This is the strongest deterrent and most effective way. (Quote by - Jacques Rogge)

We had the Colonial Cup competition where they had a five-team competition, then now we have the six-team competition on top of that so local players have twice the opportunity to show selectors what they have. (Quote by - Wayne Pivac)

Our solution provides a clear return on investment for TJX by identifying millions of dollars in previously undetected fraud risk. It enables The TJX Companies to reduce fraud and contribute to their bottom line. Not only is this a win-win for both of us, but for consumers as well. With margin pressures and stiff competition, shrinkage reduction is one of the few places that retailers can gain a competitive edge. (Quote by - Tony Allen)

I'm a competitive person and it is in my nature to try hard in every match I play. The only time I'm not competitive is when I'm playing against my mom. (Quote by - Michael Chang)

Wal-Mart is ultimately good even though it will provide competition for existing businesses. But competition isn't always bad. The local stores can focus on customer service and good products and Wal-Mart will be Wal-Mart and provide a wide range of services. (Quote by - Kelley Smith)

There's a competition in this camp, and I don't take anything for granted. It's unspoken (among the starters), (but) it's not as if you want somebody to do bad so you can look better. Competition makes you better. (Quote by - Shawn Chacon)

They could have tried to show a softer side a little bit because it was there. But you get in the heat of the 'Race' and that competitive spirit can take over, and Lake is very competitive. (Quote by - Michelle Garner)

He's competitive. I'm competitive. Neither one of us likes to lose to anybody, especially this one. We've got to win out from here on out now. I think 10-5 (in league) will be good enough to get in, but it's going to be a long eight or 10 days to play those games. (Quote by - Mike Hoog)

To create competition, the distributors - namely the banks - must be allowed to compete over fees and service. The current system does not encourage competition. With the banks getting a blanket annual fee for the customer's inventory of fund units, their interest will be to sell as many units in stock mutual funds as possible and to prevent clients from selling them, even when unbiased advice would reach the opposite conclusion. (Quote by - David Klein)

On that basis both our sides should do well in the competition. Our aim is to do well in the competition we've picked two even sides as opposed to A and B teams. (Quote by - Wayne Pivac)

We like to think our fees and services, the charges we apply, are competitive. .. For things that we don't control, the charges the tugs charge to provide assistance is competitive to other ports. The same holds true for our pilots, the guys who physically guide the ship in. (Quote by - Don Allee)

It was a very competitive meet. (There were) lots of competitive matches. (Quote by - Mike O'Connor)

If we had won a competitive game, I think we would've been seeded, but (not being seeded) didn't mean we weren't a good team. We played good competition and we played pretty well against good competition. (Quote by - Bob Scott)

Senator Allen has long been a leader on competitiveness issues in the Senate and as governor of Virginia. His announcement of the Competitiveness Caucus comes as great news to the nation's manufacturers. We support every item on this agenda and will work with Senator Allen and others to make it a reality. The time has come for Congress to recognize the vital role manufacturing plays in American life and do what it can to strengthen our ability to compete in the global marketplace. (Quote by - John Engler)

It was random, it took about three weeks. They filmed me for my first real competition as a competitive eater. (Quote by - Ian Hickman)

I think the common elements first are that, basically, we are entering markets or in markets that are deregulating or have recently deregulated, and so they have become competitive, moving from monopoly franchise-type businesses to competitive, market-oriented businesses. (Quote by - Ken Lay)

I'm a great believer in the competitive system, and think that competition will bring us greater innovation and put American industry in information ahead of everyone also. (Quote by - Harold H. Greene)

There is more competition, and as the years progressed, the times kept getting faster. The city grew into a more competitive atmosphere. (Quote by - Jorge Espinosa)

Training camp is definitely going to be meaningful in determining who's on our roster, .. It'll be hugely competitive, especially for spots on our blue line. And I think there will be great competition for two or three forward spots. The preseason games will be very important. There's only so much evaluation you can do in practice. (Quote by - Bill McDonald)

Latin America is becoming more deregulated, but there still is not a lot of competition in a lot of markets and there is no Southwest competition. (Quote by - Alan Sbarra)

I don't think it does. We've always thought it was competitive before this and moving forward it will continue to be competitive. (Quote by - Chris Karam)

They're competitive and they want to stay competitive. It's more than a retirement home. (Quote by - Doug Springer)

We're very pleased that our entries won Internet Advertising Competition awards this year. The competition was filled with impressive work from a host of qualified agencies. (Quote by - Tiffany Young)

These decisions have to be made before you can do a design competition. We can't run a design competition saying we don't know if it's going to be replacement or companion. (Quote by - Ron Rienas)

What pulled us back in the fourth quarter was office equipment. The color copiers market faced more- than-expected competition and inkjet printers also had bigger- than-anticipated price competition. (Quote by - Toshizo Tanaka)

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