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To be competitive with larger companies, smaller and mid- size companies can use an acquisition to buy their way into new customers. Head-to-head competition is expensive with lower margins. Buying your way into a customer or a contract can be more profitable. (Quote by - Ken Johnson)

The numbers are there. They're seeing better comps (comparable-store sales). They are resetting the aisles, or just repositioning some of the product, and they're getting more competitive from a pricing point of view. But it's still a challenge. It's a very competitive environment for them. (Quote by - Bruce Missett)

Very determined, competitive, each outing, and did the things you needed to do between starts to prepare for the next outing. And Dave gives you that competitiveness. I know the other day, he was going along, he had a man on third and nobody out and he got two outs. You think he's out of the inning, and he gave up a hit and gave up a run. He was really ticked about it. So that's the kind of thing that you like to see in a guy. (Quote by - Doug Melvin)

Live daringly, boldly, fearlessly. Taste the relish to be found in competition -- in having put forth the best within you (Quote by - Henry J. Kaiser)

I think most of the time we're very competitive. When the girls are focused and come ready to play, we're very competitive. (Quote by - Tim Hicks)

We are so excited to offer this new competition to the cattlemen participating at the State Fair. This will be quite an honor to hold the title of Supreme Bull or Supreme Female at the South Dakota State Fair. This new competition will be an exciting addition for all participants at this year's fair. Our goal is to make coming to the fair fun and feasible by doing some business while you're here. (Quote by - Susan Hayward)

These are the days when it takes all you've got just to keep up with the losers. (Quote by - Robert Orpen)

I don't think we are expecting to face increased competition from Myer. We faced the fiercest competition from Myer when they were part of Coles Myer. (Quote by - Mark McInnes)

In this ultra-competitive global vehicle market, anything DaimlerChrysler as a complete entity can do to streamline administrative functions is going to be a benefit to their competitiveness. (Quote by - Michael Robinet)

We asked them not to look at the competition, but believe that 'you are bringing the competition'. They ran like they were used to being in a big meet. (Quote by - Ronald Williams)

As we move ahead, United is committed to continuous improvement in costs, revenue and operations to optimize our resources and sustain competitive margins. We have achieved a great deal in our restructuring to reposition this company and build upon our assets, an unrivaled global network and our dedicated employees. We can be better. We are in a very competitive industry, and we take nothing for granted. (Quote by - Glenn Tilton)

I think the biggest issue is that men historically have had opportunities to start developing competitive skills at a very young age, whereas most women didn't. So a lot of women athletes missed out on the opportunity to work out all those complex emotions that happen in fierce competition. Rather than genetic differences, I've found that the real differences go away when males and females have equal competitive experiences beginning at a young age. That's happening more in our culture, and no question the top women athletes of the future are going to be just as tough and focused as the top men. (Quote by - Jim Loehr)

They are three very important competitions. I am trying to take each one at a time. My priority is to win the Champions League which is the top club football competition, something that any player wants to win. (Quote by - Ronaldinho)

To play 12 one-day games in a competition can get a little bit much, and they need to re-look at that if they are going to have a triangular competition again. (Quote by - Graeme Smith)

We believe this is a fair and responsible contract that recognizes the contributions of our CAW work force, while enhancing DaimlerChrysler Canada's overall competitiveness. Our Canadian-built vehicles are clearly industry benchmarks, and with this agreement, our Canadian operations will make significant progress in terms of competitiveness. (Quote by - Mark Gendregske)

I think it's going to be a competitive division, .. The sides are pretty even. Like I said last week, I don't think that's reflective of what Philadelphia is. They have been better than that, and I look for them to come back. I think the Giants are going to be a pretty competitive team. They have weapons. We will have our hands full. (Quote by - Bill Parcells)

Canada would benefit from a fresh dose of competition. Although tariffs on goods are declining, the list of non-tariff barriers is daunting. The primary impact of these barriers is to raise costs, which reduces the competitiveness of Canadian firms. This is not a federal versus provincial issue ? all governments are responsible for maintaining barriers. (Quote by - Paul Darby)

They're better able to articulate their strategy than in the past, and the new management talent has contributed to that capability. But there are still some real competitive issues, especially in the computer systems division, where they're facing declining market share. Sun has always been competitive, but we're also seeing a revitalized IBM in the server space. But as long as HP can get its strategy right, then we should see a recovery as things progress. (Quote by - Ed Black)

We will provide a competitive, integrated mix of local, long distance, Internet and high-speed data services, providing more choices, new and improved services, more competitive prices and more convenience for millions of consumers. (Quote by - Edward Whitacre)

I would hope that we'd be able to sign big-time recruits every year to add to the competition level. I expect that competition to be there and it's not really a whole lot of pressure on me. (Quote by - Alex Douglas)

This year's survey showed that competition in the slot market is as competitive as it has ever been. This is a major concern considering the lack of new sales opportunities in the market over the next one to two years. (Quote by - Steven Kent)

We're constantly assessing competitive landscape to make sure our product is priced competitively. (Quote by - Kurt Ebenhoch)

We're in the middle of this intense competition, and these vendors are looking at all options to differentiate themselves to find a unique competitive advantage. (Quote by - Charlie Buchwalter)

We are going to face some tough competition at Western Open. It is a big tournament that has some quality competition and we just need to play our best. We really just want to be playing our best on the court. (Quote by - Bruce Herr)

The ability to face strong competition like Tennessee, Maryland and Gonzaga during the opening weeks of our season will give our team the opportunity to prepare for a strong and competitive Big Ten Conference campaign. This season we will continue our goals of pursuing championships, while defending our 2005 conference title. (Quote by - Joanne P. McCallie)

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