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Microsoft's omnipresence was apparent at the show in statements from executives of open source companies. Microsoft is the largest software company in the world. They are our competition, .. The day when they're not the competition is when we'll stop talking about them. (Quote by - Larry Augustin)

Back in the day when we first had the MVC, it was pretty fierce. It was very competitive and kids came in with a competitive edge. When we didn't have the conference, I felt like that was lost. I have seen that return this year with the reformation of the MVC. (Quote by - Karen Kuhlmann)

We chose Kurt to drive the Miller Lite car because he thrives on competition and has an unrelenting will to win. Healthy, fun- spirited competition is the essence of sport and of business; and the Miller versus Bud battle is one great example of this. We both have a great tradition in the sport, and a little added public competition will be fun for everyone, especially the winner. (Quote by - Tom Long)

This year's competition for the Lilly Fellowships was fiercely competitive, and the two poets who emerged as winners are already writing at an extraordinarily high level, .. I expect readers will be hearing a lot from these two poets in the years to come. (Quote by - Christian Wiman)

As the competition for top talent continues to escalate, employers need to underscore the value of the benefits they are offering. Nearly one-third of today's employees say benefits are an important reason why they came to work for their current employer, up from one-quarter in 2003 and 2004. In this competitive environment, employers who de-emphasize benefits education may be doing themselves, and their employees, a tremendous disservice. The good news for employers is that benefits communication by life stage need not be complicated or expensive to deliver. (Quote by - Ben Colvin)

It looks like all stores are having clearance specials, summer sales. It's very competitive out there. It's a very competitive market, and we think retailers are vying for consumers' dollars as the economy is slow and people probably aren't spending as much. So retailers are giving consumers incentive to come in and traffic their stores. (Quote by - Stephanie Brown)

It would have been highly possible that we could have finished better with those girls at Eastern. I had them compete at Texas to let them see what kind of competition they will face and they were able to face better competition than they would have seen at Eastern. (Quote by - Mike Stevenson)

I've only played two competitive rounds since August and my game was rusty before coming here. But I've slowly started to feel the competitive juices and desire coming back. (Quote by - Nick Price)

The goal was to make (the relays) competitive and make them highly competitive so they can really stand up against some of the more seasoned schools who've had coaches for a long time. .. I hate to say it. I didn't expect going into the season that we'd be first at districts, and it wasn't even in the back of my mind. (Quote by - Lisa Corbett)

Every player is eligible to play on our roster, except one player, [freshman] Wes Williams, so it will be very competitive and it will give us a chance to look at a number of players in a better environment, a more competitive environment. (Quote by - Brian O'Connor)

The first major competition we are selecting a team for is the 2006 FIBA World Championship. This is an important competition and we are taking this as seriously as we take the Olympics. (Quote by - Jerry Colangelo)

Usually in baseball, you don't expect to win this many games in a row whether you're playing great competition or weak competition, and we've played some good teams lately. (Quote by - Chris McMinn)

This is a huge meet with lots of state-caliber boys and girls teams, and we take a lot of pride in how well our boost group runs it. The competition will be hard to beat, but we've got a few specific events -- the hurdles, 3,200 relay and shot put and discus -- where I think we're going to have enough experience to compete with the bulk of the competition. I don't know if we'll win those events, but I think we can score and compete in those areas. (Quote by - Tyler Gantz)

I think it'll be a good look for everybody in the state and very good competition. There's some very good competition. (Quote by - Bruce Shumaker)

I think he plays bigger than he is. He's a very competitive guy, and some nights he has the [team's] best body checks. When he gets inspired .. he wins every puck battle. He's got a good offensive touch, but I think part of his appeal as a hockey player is his competitive nature. (Quote by - Brad Shaw)

In your mind you pretend that you're at the competition. You visualize your surroundings and do everything you would do at the competition. (Quote by - Cara Pomeroy)

It's competitions like these that give you immense confidence. Shooting is all about confidence. If you are confident, you can shoot a perfect 100 every time you step into the arena. The more competitions one gets to participate, the better. In practice doesn't have pressure. It's only during competitions that we are under pressure. The Government has been very supportive. We generally don't have too much problem acquiring ammunition. May be the Government will support us more after this. (Quote by - Gagan Narang)

When our programs began succeeding, that's when he began complaining about us. I really do think it's a business competitive and a sibling competitive issue. (Quote by - Jim Riley)

Competition brings out the best in products and the worst in people. (Quote by - David Sarnoff)

It's for sure one of the competitive competitions in the world. I haven't played in England yet, that's why I'm very happy to play this year. I hope alongside Alan Shearer, or the other two strikers. (Quote by - Patrick Kluivert)

We are heading in the right direction but we certainly haven't turned the corner. I am thinking that we are in a position to be competitive now. That is the more important thing. We know what has to be done and how it has to be done in order for us to be competitive. (Quote by - Gary Powers)

Students can use the competition as a step to starting their business. Most students who entered the competition in the past saw the competition as an opportunity to be motivated by deadlines to prepare their business proposal in an organized fashion and present it to investors. (Quote by - Fernando Alvarez)

I'm very sorry about anyone losing their job, but all businesses go in cycles. The automotive market is very competitive, and it's going to get more competitive as years go by. (Quote by - John Lee)

What's more true today than it was last year is you have to offer a competitive price and a competitive home. I don't think anybody's going to stop what's in the pipeline. It's just going to be competitive and that's good for the consumer. (Quote by - Chris Peterson)

Even as you're being competitive, and even as your business is doing well, it's because of that competitive nature of the business that you're holding down the actual job growth numbers. (Quote by - Gary Huth)

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