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They have to do it in a game-like situation, they have to try these things. It was meant for these kids to do what they have to do in a competitive situation. That's what I'm happy about. Depending on your level of competition, you tend to meet your competition and you always want to be above (it), to stay above and meet that level of consistency. And we did that tonight. (Quote by - Amy Van Eekeren)

The scouts feel he has an opportunity to be successful in our ballpark. I thought he was paid the ultimate compliment by his teammates in Pittsburgh that said he was the most competitive, hard-working pitcher on that staff. I have no doubt that he'll bring the same competitive style here. (Quote by - Dan O'Brien)

It was competitive but a reflection of where the competition is. We are just jostling for places right now. I am not unhappy with the quality of play because we just introduced a lot of young players and to score three goals on the road is good. (Quote by - Bradley Stewart)

I enjoyed her level of competition. Debbie could pull six kids out of PE class and be competitive. The two schools built a great friendly rivalry. (Quote by - Mark Zalin)

He's the most intensely competitive person I've ever met in my life. When he walks on the floor, everyone totally understands he knows what he's doing. Viewers will see an intense competition. They'll see that the kids really wanted to be selected. They'll see that it really mattered to the kids. And they'll see that [Knight] really cares about the kids. (Quote by - Rob Lundgren)

The antitrust division is investigating the possibility of anti-competitive practices in the air cargo industry. We're coordinating with the EU and other foreign competition authorities. (Quote by - Gina Talamona)

This is such a competitive industry that even with fewer players, it will still be very competitive. (Quote by - John Lichtblau)

There is competition, .. Can any Microsoft endure future competition without innovation? The answer is no. We've got to keep changing. (Quote by - Bill Gates)

We're trying to make sure we have a competitive tension and a competitive environment. (Quote by - Ron Prince)

I think Glennon does have a little bit of an edge. It's an open thing and we want to see some good competition. I think all our quarterbacks bring something to the table. It should be a great competition. (Quote by - Frank Beamer)

Every man in the world is better than someone else and not as good someone else. (Quote by - William Saroyan)

Losing out in the competition was a big blow; this is just part of the same big blow. I suppose. But we have to wheel and come again and do what we did last year when we won the competition easily. (Quote by - Brian Breese)

The key to any game is to use your strengths and hide your weaknesses. (Quote by - Paul Westphal)

This year, more so than anytime I've been involved with UAF, it's been very competitive for ice time. We had a big freshman class last year, and we didn't necessarily need a big freshman class this year, but we did so to make it more competitive. (Quote by - Wade Klippenstein)

If you make every game a life and death proposition, you're going to have problems. For one thing, you'll be dead a lot. (Quote by - Dean Smith)

Competition is a process or variety of habitual behavior that grows out of a habit of mind. (Quote by - Willard Beecher)

Shelby and Casey had a solid day but at the Zones there is little room for mistake since there is such tough competition. We hope to get the same out of the three-meter competition tomorrow and maybe step it up a notch. (Quote by - Eric Elliott)

Bethany is very competitive. She thrives on competition. (Quote by - Andy Hossler)

I know they always say the competition in the west is stronger than back east but we kind of created our own competition with former college players against my high school kids. (Quote by - Debra Pegram)

The focus there is to see how we compete against somebody (Hamilton County) of that caliber. Obviously, they've proven how good they are, and their competition is tremendous. We'll have to see how we play against competition like that. (Quote by - Art Brandon)

As European markets move farther east, Ukraine becomes cost-competitive with our most competitive places. (Quote by - Bill Muir)

I think this meet is indicative of the competition within the Southeastern Conference and certainly among the nation's top-12. At this level of competition, you can't afford to count a fall and tonight was no exception. (Quote by - Sarah Patterson)

They're used to competition, and they love the competition. The pressure doesn't seem to make them want to back off. If anything it might make them step up to that next level, which is where you've got to be able to get, and hopefully these kids will be able to do that in basketball as the next few weeks unwind. (Quote by - Brian Billings)

Previously, I believe it's been an individual effort but I see signs among my colleagues and I that we do have genuine interest in working together as well as competing when necessary. There was a day where we always saw ourselves in competition. I think we've crossed the threshold of seeing each other as only competition. (Quote by - Lowell Junkins)

I think athletic competition at the world level is going to change. We're going to have competitions essentially with people who have re-engineered their muscles, and all the records in speed and strength events are just going to go by the boards. It's a terrible thing, because it will make a mockery of all the competition of the past. (Quote by - Lee Sweeney)

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