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I never envisioned half of what we've done. Going through what we went through, I just wanted to get back to the point where we had competitive games - not even winning, just competitive games. (Quote by - Eric Chavez)

It allows them to see different competition and to see different competition. It allows them to see different styles and the caliber of bowling from across the state. (Quote by - )

Yeah, a little bit. Especially where he was with all the skates. But we had to put him through this because we can't move him from non-competitive drills and then all of the sudden walk him into a game, which is real competitive and have him say he can't go. We've had too many of those where we lose a guy after the first period. (Quote by - Ken Hitchcock)

Just about everyone we recruited had a BCS school (scholarship) offer. That was our competition this year. Other than in-state competition with BYU, we had very little competition with Mountain West schools. It was all BCS schools, which is a good thing. (Quote by - Kyle Whittingham)

Often our athletes gave their best performances in the last minutes of competition and so we are still expecting some more exciting competitions. Already, we are proud of our results and reached our goal to be one of the best countries. (Quote by - Klaus Steinbach)

That's the one we think we have a much better chance at. The competition will be among fewer states, and we think we have a very good chance in that competition. (Quote by - Rob Hurless)

He was always very competitive. Competitive and organized. (Quote by - Terri Risch)

Competition can be viewed in two ways. It can be viewed in a negative light and be seen as destructive, but one can also have the view that it is competition that drives people and institutions to higher and higher levels of excellence and, therefore, to more and more opportunity. (Quote by - Lee R. Raymond)

Competition has flourished. I believe a similar approach to open market competition is warranted and will be equally effective in the cable and video market. (Quote by - Krista Tillman)

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