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This deal makes sense for Level 3. It helps Level 3 get further into the local competitive market as a competitive local exchange carrier. It is not the first and will not likely be the last deal Level 3 does. (Quote by - Jeff Kagan)

I really believe in teamwork and competitiveness. I want competitive people. I want people who want to win. I am really competitive, almost too competitive. So I really want them to be competitive and have the desire to win. (Quote by - Angie Myers)

It doesn't put us at a competitive disadvantage at all. I have no concerns about the competition. (Quote by - Phil Harrison)

Losing in competition is not a sin, never competing offers no benefit. (Quote by - Hal Whiteside)

Everything to get ready for (a) competitive market is good for us, whether the competition shows up or not. (Quote by - John Hayes)

I was relaxed. I've been through enough competitions to know that you can't focus on what will happen if you lose. All I focus on is the level of competition and winning. (Quote by - Michael Luo)

It certainly makes sense to expand the pulp industry in Indonesia, .. It's clear that it will be a very competitive exporter of pulp to the rest of the world, including China and India. So the interest by the Indonesian government is clearly to establish a really competitive plantation fiber base to support a globally attractive export industry. (Quote by - David Walker)

This is a very competitive program and the competition is very intense. (Quote by - Steve Brewer)

We are very happy with our hardware, such as golf clubs and exercise equipment, but competition in clothing is as savage as ever and footwear is competitive as well. (Quote by - Tom Knight)

The competition is very stiff. Brian Williams has proved himself as a credible news anchor (at NBC), and Bob Schieffer has done the same (at CBS). But as Peter and Tom (Brokaw) and Dan have always said about the competition, it makes us all better. (Quote by - Jon Banner)

In the highly competitive consumer electronics industry, and particularly the rising digital television market, it is critical for a company to get product to market quickly. At the same time, companies must uniquely differentiate consumer electronic products in the highly competitive marketplace. Streamlining the development process and reducing the cost of bringing high quality products to market is essential to the future success of leading CE manufacturers. (Quote by - Michelle Abraham)

Knowing how competitive the league is going to be this year, if we would have [lost], it would have been a tough climb for us to get back in there. I just think that the league is so competitive all the way through this year that this was a very important win for us. (Quote by - Jake Kiser)

There is one pressing need, we think, to help us compete, and that is the need to define our season, .. That relates to, first of all, creating a real season, which would include a year-long competition and a dramatic finish to that competition. (Quote by - Tim Finchem)

I think it's very important that the competition authorities listen to the slightly smaller companies (and) try to create a level playing field so that the consumer gets the benefit of choice and gets the benefit of competition. ? I wish Pepsi well in that and I hope that Pepsi will not behave in the same way when we come knocking on the doors of some of the big retailers that they are in. (Quote by - Richard Branson)

The team is very excited to get on the road and test themselves in a competitive atmosphere. This is our first competition of the season and in light of the fact that we have the most experienced and most talented team to date, we are pretty fired up!. (Quote by - Polly Schulze)

We thought it would be a competitive league, it is a competitive league. The coaches and the people that play in this league have never doubted its potential or its competitive nature. .. It's a tough league. (Quote by - Bo Ryan)

This is one of our more critical weeks. Tomorrow's Rivalry Series match means a great deal to our team, our athletic department and our school so the guys are prepared to do their best to represent Santa Clara in this important competition. It does mean a little more than an average match when these two very competitive teams take the field. After tomorrow, we turn around and play a motivated Saint Mary's side in the conference opener. (Quote by - Cameron Rast)

It's going to be fun. (May and Bishop) are two of my best friends. I even tried to take May in to coming with me to Georgia. We'll still be friends, but we'll be competitive with each other, just like we're competitive with each other as teammates. (Quote by - Robbie O'Bryan)

IBM's UNI systems have set the industry standard for price and performance for the last 5 years, earning IBM the pole position in this competitive marketplace. With these new products, the AI Collaboration Center and the IBM Migration Factory, we have widened the competitive gap even further, deliver more computing power for the money for our clients and making it easier than ever to switch to IBM. (Quote by - Karl Freund)

Competition for entertainment projects has become increasingly competitive and the state legislature provided Georgia the tools necessary to attract these high-paying, creative, non-resource draining economic development projects. Our incentive package enhances an already strong slate of assets and we are seeing great results. (Quote by - Greg Torre)

The competition is going to be great (in Melbourne). England and Canada and Australia are all very strong, so I think it's going to be a great competition to watch. (Quote by - Robert Newbery)

It was two competitive teams. It ended up OK. Nobody got hurt; nobody got thrown out of the game. You have a bunch of kids that are highly competitive. (Quote by - Wayne Morgan)

The truth is that economic competition is the very opposite of competition in the animal kingdom. It is not a competition in the grabbing off of scarce nature-given supplies, as it is in the animal kingdom. Rather, it is a competition in the positive creation of new and additional wealth. (Quote by - George Reisman)

We concluded that the transaction was not likely to substantially harm competition. There remain sufficient competitive alternatives in the marketplace. (Quote by - Thomas Barnett)

As a company, we believe that competition is a positive thing. Competition brings better service and better prices to the community. (Quote by - Kevin McCall)

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