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We took into account the spirit, the fairness, the competitiveness of the competition were certainly an issue, but we also had to fulfil our legal obligations. (Quote by - Ron Evans)

You have to come. The reason I come is not because everybody here has got what you want, but the coaches are so good. These coaches get after it. They breed competitive kids. They're competitive and can help you win. (Quote by - Rick Comegy)

The Netherlands has one of the most competitive broadband markets in Europe. Early on, there was competition in broadband from cable TV operators, which sent prices plummeting and helped boost the use of broadband. (Quote by - Paul Jackson)

I think what she needs and likes and wants the most is not so much the competitiveness. What she probably likes more about Samford is the community and social aspects, not the competitiveness. Though she'll be competitive when she needs to be. (Quote by - Mike Gruber)

You can never find a more competitive person on the planet than Herb. That family was unbelievable to be around in terms of an environment where competitiveness was allowed to thrive. (Quote by - Jim Loehr)

There's a lot of competition between us. Being siblings and being on the same team, we get pretty competitive, especially since we swim the same stroke [butterfly]. But we do push each other to do better and work hard at practice. (Quote by - Katie Cutrell)

This is the first set of competitive intelligence studies to examine banking Web sites from all angles. To achieve their business goals and stay competitive, banks need to ensure their sites are performing well on a technical level, customer experience or satisfaction level and in terms of incorporating industry best practices. Without detailed metrics into each of these critical areas your online service will likely fall behind the competition. (Quote by - Lance Jones)

A vigorously competitive airline industry is vital to our economy and effective antitrust enforcement is important to preserving the benefits of competition in a deregulated airline industry, .. If this acquisition were allowed to proceed, millions of consumers ? business, government and families ? would have little choice but to pay higher fares and accept lower quality air service. (Quote by - John Ashcroft)

When I started this competition, I didn't expect to get far at all, .. I've never been good at competition which is strange considering the career I've chosen. When I first came into this situation and, seeing the level of talent everyone had, I felt literally this small. I've gone through my share of insecure moments during this experience and what I'm most proud of is all the times I've bounced back and the amount of strength that takes. (Quote by - Suzie McNeil)

Consumers shouldn't infer that there is something particularly suspect going on if they see price variations. . . . If you saw the same price at every station it might indicate competition is working perfectly, but it isn't inconsistent with competition that there's a variety of prices. (Quote by - John Seesel)

Honestly, there is always competition. The difference this year is there is so many proven guys. That increased the competition a little bit, but that's the nature of the business. (Quote by - Jerheme Urban)

It's almost a crossroads for me right now, to find the competitive warriors and the competitiveness of those guys will transcend the talent and reputation. I'm going to try to find the guys who are going to try to play the hardest and best in support of our two great players. (Quote by - Pat Riley)

Obviously, the technology community in Massachusetts competes in a global economy, and our efforts to create a more competitive environment recognizes that competitiveness at a local level. We'd expect employers in other states to use this site as they consider where in Massachusetts to locate or expand their presence. (Quote by - Christopher Anderson)

In today's retail environment, competition comes from every conceivable retail format. To succeed, we have to operate more efficiently and compete more effectively against players at all levels of the retail demographic. There is no question that this is a bold and exciting move, and one I believe will have a positive impact on competitive retailing for American consumers in the longer term. (Quote by - John Dunham)

Zach has an underlying competitiveness that stems from his competitive racing and his desire to be the best at what he does. (Quote by - Bill Tierney)

The best defense against generic competition is innovation, because you don't have to worry so long as you come up with an innovative product that antiquates your older product, .. You can replace your own products before generic competition comes out. (Quote by - Albert Rauch)

A.J. and I were about as competitive as two people can be. Actually, competitive is a big understatement. It could be in golf, poker, basketball - we just compete. That's a big reason why we both have done so well in competitive situations. It's a huge part of us. (Quote by - Ryan Hawk)

We'll be competitive with organized labor, we're also competitive with regular, unorganized labor, working people who see their stakes and their future in the plans we're putting forward to move Massachusetts forward. (Quote by - Deval Patrick)

One of the things I'd like to see is drivers doing more practice getting out of the cars. Maybe we could set up a competition, like the pit-crew competition, as incentive. (Quote by - Tom Gideon)

I don't think it's a wildly adventurous case, but it shows they're looking at types of competitive restraints they didn't before. I'd sort of look at the government's ability to prove that there is a harm to competition in the sense of either effects on prices, or on the offering of new services in the markets they're concerned about. This isn't a slam-dunk where you prove something and you win. This case involved the economy, and it's much more complex. (Quote by - Spencer Waller)

I never won a World Cup competition. I won jumping, but never won the whole competition. This morning when I won (jumping), I was feeling happy but I didn't try to think about winning a gold medal. (Quote by - Georg Hettich)

There wasn't a lot of high-powered competition. There were mainly non-Division I schools, but there were definitely some very good athletes. There was not as much competition as a typical meet that we go to, but that's what we wanted right before the Big East conference. (Quote by - Dave Uhrich)

Unfortunately, the toughest competition comes the last two weeks of spring, and I'm not sure where we're going to be (with the starters). It would be nice to be able to see them all in the toughest competition of spring. Will we be able to? I'm not sure yet. (Quote by - Dave Duncan)

I love those guys. He had quickness in his body, very good hands and he's very competitive. Knowing that he's competitive and an athlete is 90 percent of it. I knew he would be a good player. (Quote by - Pete Hughes)

It was excellent. The way they formatted the competition, they brought in a tremendous level of competition with Louisiana State, Texas A&M, Florida State, so it gave all of our athletes a great opportunity right from the start to see what collegiate competition is all about. (Quote by - Fred Harvey)

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