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The quarter- on- quarter comparisons are completely meaningless. (Quote by - Rachel Barnard)

Although the NAEP test is very important, it was not designed to make comparisons with individual state assessments. (Quote by - Dennis Kennedy)

Yeah, I'd say there's no comparison in athleticism. (Quote by - Dennis Felton)

Comparisons to the Yankees' YES Network are inevitable. They've had a tremendously successful network, and there are many things we would like to do like they do, obviously, . . We intend to be more of a sports service, not necessarily a Mets service. (Quote by - Fred Wilpon)

Investors are still looking for the economy to begin to pick up toward the end of this year with positive earnings comparisons occurring starting in the first or second- quarter of next year (2002). Trying to trade the market on the basis of whether the Fed is going to cut by 50 or 25 basis points, in a long- term portfolio, is not a prudent approach to investing. (Quote by - Dennis Ferro)

It was devastating, but in comparison to what they had in southern Mississippi and Louisiana, it kind of pales in comparison. (Quote by - Bob Riley)

The brand does make a difference, but if you look at the career growth in comparison to being in a top- end five- star hotel, the difference could be huge. (Quote by - Vaidyanath Purohith)

Ottawa Congress Centre is one of a kind in the City of Ottawa. The wage comparisons that we use, we think we pay fair wages and we think we've made a fair offer. (Quote by - David Hamilton)

No comparison. We're not going to compare, . . It's not needed. I'm not big on the comparisons. (Quote by - Antwaan Randle El)

Like their offline counterparts, online shoppers have favorite retailers that they frequently visit. They are very familiar with the retailer's brand name and tend to go directly to their sites. However, some gifts may involve more research, in which case search engines and shopping comparison sites come into play. Most shoppers use a variety of channels to get their holiday shopping done. (Quote by - Heather Dougherty)

Too often, vouchers caused checks to be written without board members looking closely at the vouchers. We need more time to look at them before approving them. Comparisons need to be made. (Quote by - Gene Cisewski)

I've gotten no information on this whatsoever, . . I really don't appreciate a committee telling me how to vote. I'd like to see a comparison. (Quote by - Wayne Allen)

We all dream; we do not understand our dreams, yet we act as if nothing strange goes on in our sleep minds, strange at least by comparison with the logical, purposeful doings of our minds when we are awake. (Quote by - Erich Fromm)

It would be nice if it turned out we were wrong again, that our forecasts for the second quarter were also too pessimistic, but unfortunately, I don't think that's going to be the case, . . With the ongoing currency situation, higher oil prices, and the more difficult comparisons year- over- year, a slowdown is to be expected. (Quote by - Howard Silverblatt)

If they want to compare how things are going in Washington versus how things are going in Virginia, I'll take that comparison every day of the week. (Quote by - Mark Warner)

I think it's a great comparison. Bobby Jones was a great runner in transition, he was a great athlete on the floor. I believe as David continues to grow, his shooting will get better. He's a very versatile guy. (Quote by - Billy Donovan)

That is to say, nature's laws are causal; they reveal themselves by comparison and difference, and they operate at every multivariate space/time point. (Quote by - Edward Tufte)

Let's win this game first before we start doing all the comparisons. That's all that matters to us at this point. (Quote by - Willie McGinest)

It's been a roller- coaster ride. I feel a tremendous amount of grief right now. I've lost not only a partner but somebody who was fiercely loyal and an absolute joy to be around. It's been a rough week, but it pales in comparison with what the family has been through. (Quote by - Steve Savard)

World events pale by comparison. (Quote by - David Hume Kennerly)

Our efforts may look weak and limited in comparison with the government's strong and thunderous media campaign. Whether history proves the project to be a success or a failure, the fact remains that we were simply a group of journalists who took our profession very seriously. We tried to do what we felt was right at a time when we were needed. (Quote by - Dai Qing)

Our view of the global economy suggests several more quarters of low volume growth and continued price pressure, . . Lower raw material costs and more favorable currency comparison. combined with results from our productivity focus should all contribute to our ability to weather this cycle more favorably than in the past. (Quote by - Charles Holliday)

Even granting that the genius subjected to the test of critical inspection emerges free from all error, we should consider that everything he has discovered in a given domain is almost nothing in comparison with what is left to be discovered. (Quote by - Santiago Ram n y Cajal)

For the lesser evil is reckoned a good in comparison with the greater evil, since the lesser evil is rather to be chosen than the greater. . (Quote by - Aristotle)

Glass antique! 'twixt thee and Nell Draw we here a parallel! She, like thee, was forced to bear All reflections, foul or fair. Thou art deep and bright within, Depths as bright belong'd to Gwynne; Thou art very frail as well, Frail as flesh is,--so was Nell. (Quote by - Laman Blanchard)

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