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Young women. you are, in my opinion, disgracefully ignorant. You have never made a discovery of any sort of importance. You have never shaken an empire or led an army into battle. The plays by Shakespeare are not by you, and you have never introduced a barbarous race to the blessings of civilization. What is your excuse?. (Quote by - Virginia Woolf)

No provision in our Constitution ought to be dearer to man than that which protects the rights of conscience against the enterprises of the civil authority. (Quote by - Thomas Jefferson)

What could I do but go with them Civil War soldiers, or work for them and my country? The patriot blood of my father was warm in my veins. (Quote by - Clara Barton)

Sunday is the core of our civilization, dedicated to thought and reverence. (Quote by - Ralph Waldo Emerson)

By the time of the Civil War slavery was not an issue in the North. The issue was in the South and so it was very easy to continue to demonize the South after the Civil War. (Quote by - Valerie Cunningham)

If you will protest courageously, and yet with dignity and Christian love, when the history books are written in future generations, the historians will have to pause and say, There lived a great people-a black people-who injected new meaning and dignity into the veins of civilization. (Quote by - Martin Luther King Jr.)

That a man can take pleasure in marching in formation to the strains of a band is enough to make me despise him. He has only been given his big brain by mistake; a backbone was all he needed. This plague-spot of civilization ought to be abolished with all possible speed. (Quote by - Albert Einstein)

It is an awesome thing to comprehend the magnitude of the fact that what a human being dreams and imagines can be realized. The power of that truth needs to be directed toward our creation of a future that is worthy of true human value and the world civilization. (Quote by - Vanna Bonta)

He?s spoken individually to some of our people and he?s civil in tone. But we?re not part of this process. (Quote by - Brock Evans)

Newspapers are unable, seemingly to discriminate between a bicycle accident and the collapse of civilization. (Quote by - George Bernard Shaw)

Civilizations proceed from the heart rather than from the head. (Quote by - Mark Twain)

Nothing can be more abhorrent to democracy than to imprison a person or keep him in prison because he is unpopular. This is really the test of civilization. (Quote by - Winston Churchill)

A year ago, it was possible to write about the potential for civil war in Iraq. Today that civil war is well underway. (Quote by - Niall Ferguson)

Mankind is not likely to salvage civilization unless he can evolve a system of good and evil which is independent of heaven and hell. (Quote by - George Orwell)

I think God's going to come down and pull civilization over for speeding. (Quote by - Stephen Wright)

One of the keys to ensuring accountability is to have civil servants who witness fraud, waste and abuse to blow the whistle. (Quote by - Byron Dorgan)

The end of the human race will be that it will eventually die of civilization. (Quote by - Ralph Waldo Emerson)

If one could only teach the English how to talk, and the Irish how to listen, society here would be quite civilized. (Quote by - Oscar Wilde)

A civilization built on dualism and war within and between persons, one that puts its most creative minds and its best engineers to sadistic work building more and more destructive weapons, is no civilization at all. It needs a radical transformation from the heart outwards. It needs to outgrow and outlaw war just as in the last century it outlawed slavery. The human race has outgrown war, but it hardly knows it yet. (Quote by - Matthew Fox)

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