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Christ beside me, Christ before me, Christ behind me, Christ within me, Christ beneath me, Christ above me. (Quote by - Catesby Paget)

It's not a Christian store . . Go Fish is a store run by Christians who want to show the integrity of Jesus Christ. We're doing nothing more than what God wants us to do. (Quote by - Curt Coleman)

Knowledge of the sciences is so much smoke apart from the heavenly science of Christ. (Quote by - John Calvin)

This is all the inheritance I give to my dear family. The religion of Christ will give them one which will make them rich indeed. (Quote by - Patrick Henry)

Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God, and Timotheus our brother, / To the saints and faithful brethren in Christ which are at Colosse: Grace be unto you, and peace, from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. (Quote by - Bible)

It cannot be emphasized too clearly and too often that this nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religion, but on the gospel of Jesus Christ. For this very reason, peoples of other faiths have been afforded asylum, prosperity, and freedom of worship here. (Quote by - Patrick Henry)

Jesus Christ is our supreme commander, but He operates only through His word, which is unquestionably a training manual. However, He has many interpreters, and few people see the Bible as a true training manual. (Quote by - Gary North)

But now the righteousness of God without the law is manifested, being witnessed by the law and the prophets; / Even the righteousness of God which is by faith of Jesus Christ unto all and upon all them that believe: for there is no difference: / For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; / Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus: / Whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation through faith in his blood, to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are past, through the forbearance of God; / To declare, I say, at this time his righteousness: that he might be just, and the justifier of him which believeth in Jesus. (Quote by - Bible)

I had a student ask me, "Could the savior you believe in save Osama bin Laden?" Of course, we know the blood of Jesus Christ can save him, and then he must be executed. (Quote by - Jerry Falwell)

Therefore, friends, As far as to the sepulchre of Christ-- Whose soldier now, under whose blessed cross We are impressed and engaged to fight-- Fourthwith a power of English shall we levy, Whose arms were moulded in their mother's womb To chase these pagans in those holy fields Over whose acres walked those blessed feet Which fourteen hundred years ago were nailed For our advantage on the bitter cross. (Quote by - William Shakespeare)

We have a message about Jesus Christ for you. Do you believe in Jesus Christ?. (Quote by - Jesus Christ)

The New Testament is a commentary on the Old Testament, in the light of the new revelation given by Christ and the Holy Spirit. (Quote by - Gary North)

The sentiments attributed to Christ are in the Old Testament. They were familiar in the Jewish schools and to all the Pharisees, long before the time of Christ, as they were familiar in all the civilizations of the earth -- Egyptian, Babylonian, and Persian, Greek, and Hindu. (Quote by - Joseph McCabe)

A pagan heart, a Christian soul had he. He followed Christ, yet for dead Pan he sighed, As if Theocritus in Sicily Had come upon the Figure crucified, And lost his gods in deep, Christ-given rest. (Quote by - Maurice Francis Egan)

I give thee charge in the sight of God, who quickeneth all things, and before Christ Jesus, who before Pontius Pilate witnessed a good confession; / That thou keep this commandment without spot, unrebukable, until the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ: / Which in his times he shall shew, who is the blessed and only Potentate, the King of kings, and Lord of lords; / Who only hath immortality, dwelling in the light which no man can approach unto; whom no man hath seen, nor can see: to whom be honour and power everlasting. Amen. (Quote by - Bible)

Wherefore gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and hope to the end for the grace that is to be brought unto you at the revelation of Jesus Christ; / As obedient children, not fashioning yourselves according to the former lusts in your ignorance: / But as he which hath called you is holy, so be ye holy in all manner of conversation; / Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy. (Quote by - Bible)

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. (Quote by - Jesus Christ)

Christ Hospital is known for offering exceptional healthcare. By withdrawing from the Alliance, Christ Hospital will be in a better position to further enhance its services and provide outstanding healthcare to Greater Cincinnati. (Quote by - Mike Keating)

Nor will I be using any imagery that mocks Jesus Christ. (Quote by - Garry Trudeau)

I know Jesus Christ died for my sins, and that's all I really need to know. (Quote by - Ann Coulter)

It means a lot because he's like Christ. .he's risen again. He rose again. .you know and what did Jesus Christ do on Easter. Same scenario. (Quote by - Ken Jolly)

For I could wish that myself were accursed from Christ for my brethren, my kinsmen according to the flesh: / Who are Israelites; to whom pertaineth the adoption, and the glory, and the covenants, and the giving of the law, and the service of God, and the promises; / Whose are the fathers, and of whom as concerning the flesh Christ came, who is over all, God blessed for ever. Amen. (Quote by - Bible)

Lovely was the death Of Him whose life was Love! Holy with power, He on the thought-benighted Skeptic beamed Manifest Godhead. (Quote by - Samuel Taylor Coleridge)

Be not thou therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord, nor of me his prisoner: but be thou partaker of the afflictions of the gospel according to the power of God; / Who hath saved us, and called us with an holy calling, not according to our works, but according to his own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began, / But is now made manifest by the appearing of our Saviour Jesus Christ, who hath abolished death, and hath brought life and immortality to light through the gospel: / Whereunto I am appointed a preacher, and an apostle, and a teacher of the Gentiles. (Quote by - Bible)

Paul, and Silvanus, and Timotheus, unto the church of the Thessalonians in God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ: / Grace unto you, and peace, from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. (Quote by - Bible)

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