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It is well deserved that they recognize people who are working very hard to provide safety for our children, especially with all the water in our community, .. I can't say enough about Dottie and her dedication, not only to the children, but to the community. (Quote by - Cindy Love)

But the children of the murderers he slew not: according unto that which is written in the book of the law of Moses, wherein the LORD commanded, saying, The fathers shall not be put to death for the children, nor the children be put to death for the fathers; but every man shall be put to death for his own sin. (Quote by - Bible)

So concerning them Moses commanded Eleazar the priest, and Joshua the son of Nun, and the chief fathers of the tribes of the children of Israel: / And Moses said unto them, If the children of Gad and the children of Reuben will pass with you over Jordan, every man armed to battle, before the LORD, and the land shall be subdued before you; then ye shall give them the land of Gilead for a possession: / But if they will not pass over with you armed, they shall have possessions among you in the land of Canaan. (Quote by - Bible)

When people think of the diseases affecting children most frequently, they often think of things like obesity or asthma. But dental disease is now the single most common chronic disease of childhood, and is seriously impairing the quality of life for thousands of children in California each year. That not only hurts our children, it hurts all of us. (Quote by - David Perry)

Above all, though, children are linked to adults by the simple fact that they are in process of turning into them. For this they may be forgiven much. Children are bound to be inferior to adults, or there is no incentive to grow up. (Quote by - Philip Larkin)

Where parents do too much for their children, the children will not do much for themselves. (Quote by - Elbert Hubbard)

Children's children are the crown of old men; and the glory of children are their fathers. (Quote by - Bible)

I don't think there's anything more important in this state than the education of our children. This vote was about my district and how overwhelmingly my district wants less children in class sizes. (Quote by - Alex Villalobos)

I'm concerned about obesity in children. As a rule, children nowadays don't eat good, nutritious food. And I don't see that there is much of a family dinner time. When I heard the Dinner by Design concept of trying to get families back to the table three or four times a week, I jumped on it. (Quote by - Mary Bishop)

For as children tremble and fear everything in the blind darkness, so we in the light sometimes fear what is no more to be feared than the things children in the dark hold in terror and imagine will come true. (Quote by - Contributed by: Randi)

The best thing is the team targets children with information on how to keep themselves safe. After teaching a class, instructors ask children to write them a note. This gives children a chance to tell someone what happened to them without it being public knowledge in the classroom in front of their peers. It also gives the team a chance to make sure the children received (the information) all right. (Quote by - Vickie Horton)

We are honored to work with Build-A-Bear Workshop to support the rights of children. More than three million children are involved in reports of abuse and neglect each year in America. Through our relationship with Build-A-Bear Worksho , we raise awareness of these special children and bring concern for all children to the forefront of our nation's consciousness. (Quote by - Peter Samuelson)

I think grandmothers are more open, even more than mothers sometimes, to the goodness in children. We aren't always trying to push the children to do 'what's best' for them. They aren't being allowed to be children. What I think we should change is our perception of children. (Quote by - Carolyn Peterson)

To answer my childre s question, I asked them to identify the values of the Lincoln-era Democrats and Republicans. They correctly identified that the slave states (then the Democrats) stood for state rights and against civil rights for African-Americans. Lincol s and Hamli s views on the issue of state rights can best be summarized by Lincol s response in the Douglas debates: (Quote by - kristan peters-hamlin)

This brutal act of terrorism killed 168 innocent people, including 19 children, and injured hundreds more. Its savagery stole parents from 219 children and made 30 children orphans in a single act. (Quote by - John Ashcroft)

Children have a good number of teeth by the time they reach a year old. Their moms usually have them on bottles during the ages of 6 months to a year and that can cause tooth decay, because what the children are drinking stays on their teeth. (Quote by - Diane Thomas)

They would love to get their children back. They miss them tremendously and they love their children. What happened was an unfortunate situation and one that got worse over time, but they never intended to harm their children. They realize now that their actions were not in the children's best interest, regardless of what they thought at the time. (Quote by - Michael Foley)

Often they have to return to their other children, whom they've left in the bush. Sometimes they come with other children, which puts these new children at risk of contracting disease. Husbands also pressure them to return. It's very frustrating, especially when you know that they're going to have to come back. (Quote by - Dr. Khadija Abdalla)

I was told by my mom when I was very young not to drink and to make good decisions so for those who have younger children, I advise them to do that but for those who have children who are my age and have not done that I think they need to check up on their children. (Quote by - Andre Williams)

And it tries to strengthen procedural safeguards for the most vulnerable of children from contiguous countries, such as asylum seekers, and abused, abandoned or neglected children. That includes children who are too young to make a decision on voluntary departure, or children who are incompetent by virtue of mental retardation. (Quote by - Christopher Nugent)

Very clearly, the increase in diabetes prevalence among children signals the beginning of multiple health-care issues for many, many children as they grow into adulthood, and vast economic costs to our society. (Quote by - Ed Weisbart)

It's going to be a little further for me to take my children, but the Montessori has been good for my children so I'm willing to take them further. I think it will be a good thing to keep them in the program. (Quote by - Connie Smith)

We do not inherit the land from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children. (Quote by - Brian Jenkins Leggero)

They have decided in the interests of their two children that it is better to separate. They are both very sad that it should come to this, but have as their priority the welfare and happiness of their children and are determined to remain friends and be loving parents to them. (Quote by - Mara Buxbaum)

California is one of 34 states requiring the use of booster seats for older children, and one of 16 states that includes an educational component in its law that provides funding for public health education about the importance of car safety seats for children. All children under 6 years old or under 60 pounds are required to ride in an age-appropriate safety seat or booster seat in this state. (Quote by - Alice Bisno)

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