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She was a legend in her time. The issue of childhood obesity seems so current now, but imagine what it was like in the 1960s when she sought funding for such studies. She had foresight into a growing problem. (Quote by - Patricia Crawford)

There are perhaps no days of our childhood we lived so fully as those we spent with a favorite book. (Quote by - Marcel Proust)

You will say that everyone has seen landscapes and figures from childhood on. The question is: Has everybody also been reflexive as a child? Has everybody who has seen them also loved heath, fields, meadows, woods, and the snow and the rain and the s. (Quote by - Vincent van Gogh)

I don't really have any childhood memories of my dad, unfortunately, .. I was 10 years old when he passed, so my memories are kind of skewed. I don't have many memories of my childhood, period. (Quote by - Lalah Hathaway)

We have common enemies today. It's called childhood poverty. It's called cancer. It's called AIDS. It's called Parkinson's. It's called Muscular Dystrophy. (Quote by - Jerry Doyle)

Childhood has no forebodings; but then, it is soothed by no memories of outlived sorrow. (Quote by - George Eliot)

I started connecting things to my body during my childhood. I approached the computer as a mediating element, as a form of visual art. (Quote by - Steve Mann)

Debate regarding what to do to reduce and to prevent childhood obesity is just beginning. We do know, however, that childhood obesity is increasing, and we can expect even more children to face the prospect of limited child safety seats available to protect them. (Quote by - Lara Trifiletti)

I am obsessive, also I am industrious. Besides, the time when you are most alive and most aware is in childhood and one is trying to recapture that heightened awareness. (Quote by - Edna O'Brien)

Childhood obesity will not be significantly affected by simply taking sodas out of high school. It's an issue that needs to be looked at on a bigger scale. (Quote by - Pam McCoy)

It is the one season of the year when we can lay aside all gnawing worry, indulge in sentiment without censure, assume the carefree faith of childhood, and just plain "have fun." Whether they call it Yuletide, Noel, Weinachten, or Christmas, people around the earth thirst for its refreshment as the desert traveller for the oasis. (Quote by - Contributed by: Randi)

The issue of childhood is extremely complicated, the issue of comics is extremely complicated. And the intersection of the two is extremely, extremely complicated. (Quote by - Donald Ault)

When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. (Quote by - Bible)

It is a hopeless endeavour to unite the contrarieties of spring and winter; it is unjust to claim the privileges of age, and retain the play-things of childhood. (Quote by - Samuel Johnson)

We're supposed to be the modern-day gladiators. This is a big, macho world where people think you can't talk about difficult things from your childhood. You're talking about putting yourself in a very vulnerable position and that's hard for people with this kind of mentality. (Quote by - Vonnie Holliday)

When people think of the diseases affecting children most frequently, they often think of things like obesity or asthma. But dental disease is now the single most common chronic disease of childhood, and is seriously impairing the quality of life for thousands of children in California each year. That not only hurts our children, it hurts all of us. (Quote by - David Perry)

I've been fishing all my life and I hate to see that pulled out from under me. They're stabbing me in the back, taking away my childhood dream. (Quote by - Eric Carlson)

Childhood sometimes does pay a second visit to man, youth never. (Quote by - Anna Jameson)

That great Cathedral space which was childhood. (Quote by - Virginia Woolf)

Punk rock seems like my childhood, the glorious, very exciting naivete of rock n' roll. Stenguns and guitars seem very idealistic when you're twenty. (Quote by - Tony James)

Childhood is the fiery furnace in which we are melted down to essentials and that essential shaped for good. (Quote by - Katherine Anne Porter)

We get tons of requests for foot pajamas. We don't have them, because we haven't seen them on TV yet. But I think it's part of the retro craze, a connection to one's childhood. (Quote by - Francois Shirley)

So, like a forgotten fire, a childhood can always flare up again within us. (Quote by - Gaston Bachelard)

We are trying to get enough early childhood space as we can so that we've got as much flexibility (as possible) . Our goal is to get as many kids in preschool as we can. We just don't want the availability of wrap around childcare to be the limiting factor. (Quote by - Walt Spencer)

The more often I came home, the more trees were gone. It was like my childhood was being eviscerated. There was another OfficeMax or Wal-Mart. ?This is not my home,? I said. I felt in my heart the loss of Turkey Creek. But I think a more dangerous issue is the displacement of our culture. (Quote by - Rose Johnson)

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