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Find out the cause of this effect,(Quote by - For this effect defective comes by cause. )

Clutter causes stress, and clutter is one of the main barriers of productivity. (Quote by - Charisse Ward)

Mad let us grant him them, and now remains That we find out the cause of this effect-- Or rather say, the cause of this defect, For this effect defective comes by cause. Thus it remains, and the remainder thus. (Quote by - William Shakespeare)

Electricity is the power that causes all natural phenomena not known to be caused by something else. (Quote by - Ambrose Bierce)

Hence, therefore, every leader to his charge; For, on their answer, will we set on them, And God befriend us as our cause is just! (Quote by - William Shakespeare)

The half-baked sermon causes spiritual indigestion (Quote by - Austin O'Malley)

Nature is full of infinite causes that have never occurred in experience. (Quote by - Leonardo da Vinci)

Certainly the lesson from the Genesis crash, which was apparently caused by parts incorrectly installed, is that you've got to be meticulous in your engineering. And that's certainly going to be the case for Mars. We are going to have to design any return spacecraft from Mars so that it can handle a hard landing, such as we saw for Genesis. (Quote by - Carlton Allen)

I hate the idea of causes, and if I had to choose between betraying my country and betraying my friend, I hope I should have the guts to betray my country (Quote by - E. M. Forster)

The only way you can be successful on a post or win at it is to be at cause over it. (Quote by - L. Ron Hubbard)

Bank failures are caused by depositors who don't deposit enough money to cover losses due to mismanagement (Quote by - Dan Quayle)

But if the cause be not good, the King himself hath a heavy reckoning to make, when all those legs and arms and heads chopped off in a battle shall join together at the latter day, and cry all, 'We died at such a place' - some swearing, some crying f (Quote by - William Shakespeare)

We got into it by actually causing some turnovers ourselves. We subbed in some guys and they picked up their aggression on defense. (Quote by - Billy Mitchell)

Three or four plays cause the momentum to shift. We turned it over and gave Baylor a cheap score. (Quote by - Bill Gray)

We don't want violence. But if it happens, it will be caused by government officials and the government will lose. (Quote by - Chamlong Srimuang)

The excessive increase of anything causes a reaction in the opposite direction (Quote by - Plato)

Loyal and efficient work in a great cause, even though it may not be immediately recognized, ultimately bears fruit (Quote by - Jawaharlal Nehru)

We should seek by all means in our power to avoid war, by analyzing possible causes, by trying to remove them, by discussion in a spirit of collaboration and good will. I cannot believe that such a program would be rejected by the people of this country, even if it does mean the establishment of personal contact with the dictators. (Quote by - Neville Chamberlain)

I love a hand that meets my own with a grasp that causes some sensation. (Quote by - Samuel Osgood)

There has been an increase in the number of malformed frogs. What's causing these malformed frogs is not really clear, though there are a number of theories. (Quote by - Charles Carlson)

Leaders must pick causes they won't abandon easily, remain committed despite setbacks, and communicate their big ideas over and over again in every encounter. (Quote by - Rosabeth Moss Kanter)

There is reason to suspect an let hand behind this. The damage caused by the blasts shows the bombs were powerful and they could not have been engineered by local groups. (Quote by - Yashpal Singh)

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