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If purring could be encapsulated, it'd be the most powerful anti-depressant on the pharmaceutical market. (Quote by - Alexis F. Hope)

Did St. Francis really preach to the birds? Whatever for? If he really liked birds he would have done better to preach to the cats. (Quote by - Rebecca West)

Artists like cats; soldiers like dogs. (Quote by - Desmond Morris)

If I tried to tell you how much I love my cats, you wouldn't believe me - unless your heart is also meow-shaped and covered in stray fur. (Quote by - Lexie Saige)

Who can believe that there is no soul behind those luminous eyes! (Quote by - Theophile Gautier)

We brought with hus in the ship a cat, a most amicable cat and greatly loved by us; but he grew to great bulk through the eating of fish. (Quote by - St Brendan)

It isn't always easy being a father to a cat. (Quote by - B. L. Diamond)

The man who carries a cat by the tail learns something that can be learned in no other way. (Quote by - Mark Twain)

In order to keep a true perspective of one's importance, everyone should have a dog that will worship him and a cat that will ignore him. (Quote by - Dereke Bruce)

Even overweight, cats instinctively know the cardinal rule: when fat, arrange yourself in slim poses. (Quote by - John Weitz)

You own a dog but you feed a cat. (Quote by - Jenny de Vries)

Cats at firesides live luxuriously and are the picture of comfort. (Quote by - Leigh Hunt)

Fans think they want to see more than the 10 to 20 seconds of Itchy and Scratchy that we put on the show, but my feeling is less is more. Once you've skinned and flayed a cat, ripped his head off, made him drink acid and tied his tongue to the moon, there really isn't that much to say. (Quote by - Matt Groening, 1993)

God made the cat in order that man might have the pleasure of caressing the lion. (Quote by - Fernand Mery)

When your kitty purrs to you, doesn't it break your heart that you can't purr back? (Quote by - Candea Core-Starke)

You can visualize a hundred cats. Beyond that, you can't. Two hundred, five hundred, it all looks the same. (Quote by - Jack Wright)

The trouble with a kitten is that Eventually it becomes a cat. (Quote by - Ogden Nash)

Actually, cats do this to protect you from gnomes who come and steal your breath while you sleep. (Quote by - John Dobbin)

With dogs and people, it's love in big splashy colors. When you're involved with a cat, you're dealing in pastels. (Quote by - Louis A. Camuti, D.V.M.)

The sun rose slowly, like a fiery furball coughed up uneasily onto a sky-blue carpet by a giant unseen cat. (Quote by - Michael McGarel)

In the middle of a world that had always been a bit mad, the cat walks with confidence. (Quote by - Rosanne Amberson)

Those who will play with cats must expect to be scratched. (Quote by - Cervantes)

I had been told that the training procedure with cats was difficult. It's not. Mine had me trained in two days. (Quote by - Bill Dana)

If the claws didn't retract, cats would be like Velcro. (Quote by - Bruce Fogle)

There is, incidentally, no way of talking about cats that enables one to come off as a sane person. (Quote by - Dan Greenberg)

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