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At first blush it looks like much, but if prorated over the year it doesn't look like much at all?. (Quote by - Rusty Hardin)

It is part of a poor spirit to undervalue himself and blush. (Quote by - George Herbert)

So much alarmed that she is quite alarming, All Giggle, Blush, half Pertness, and half Pout. (Quote by - Lord Byron)

Such a blush In the midst of brown was born, Like red poppies grown with corn. (Quote by - Thomas Hood)

Girls have an unfair advantage over men: if they can't get what they want by being smart, they can get it by being dumb. (Quote by - Yul Brynner)

Fit thy consent to my sharp appetite, Lay by all nicety and prolixious blushes, That banish what they sue for: redeem thy brother By yielding up thy body to my will, Or else he must not only die the death, But thy unkindess shall his death draw out To ling'ring sufferance. (Quote by - William Shakespeare)

I managed to get the four most polite children ever and they blushed through most of the rehearsals. At first, they were very uncomfortable with it and whispered the words. But, they got used to it because all of their characters use swear words. (Quote by - Katie Keyser)

Such young men are often awkward, ungainly, and not yet formed in their gait; they straggle with their limbs, and are shy; words do not come to them with ease, when words are required, among any but their accustomed associates. Social meetings are periods of penance to them, and any appearance in public will unnerve them. They go much about alone, and blush when women speak to them. In truth, they are not as yet men, whatever the number may be of their years; and, as they are no longer boys, the world has found for them the ungraceful name of hobbledehoy. (Quote by - Anthony Trollope)

His kindled duty kindled her mistrust, That two red fires in both faces blazed. She thought he blushed as knowing Tarquin's lust, And, blushing with him, wistly on him gazed; Her earnest eye did make him more amazed. (Quote by - William Shakespeare)

Girls. You never know what they're going to think. (Quote by - J. D. Salinger)

I am such a strong admirer and supporter of George W. Bush that if he suggested eliminating the income tax or doubling it, I would vote yes on first blush. (Quote by - Jerry Falwell)

Like the last beam of evening thrown on a white cloud, just seen and gone. (Quote by - Sir Walter Scott)

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous. (Quote by - Coco Chanel)

An Arab, by his earnest gaze, Has clothed a lovely maid with blushes; A smile within his eyelids plays And into words his longing gushes. (Quote by - William R. Alger)

Men seldom make passes At girls who wear glasses. (Quote by - Dorothy Parker)

We never forgive those who make us blush. (Quote by - Jean-Frantois De La Harpe)

A blush is the sign which Nature hangs out to show where chastity and honor dwell. (Quote by - Gotthold)

I've never had an ovation like that (after the ace). I was probably blushing walking to the green. (Quote by - Craig Barlow)

Full many a flower is born to blush unseen, And waste its sweetness on the desert air. (Quote by - Thomas Gray)

People thought, because of his financial status, he'd be more independent than any run-of-the-mill Democrat or Republican. On first blush, it doesn't appear that he's any different than his predecessor. (Quote by - Assemblyman Guy Gregg)

We can consciously end our life almost anytime we choose. This ability is an endowment, like laughing and blushing, given to no other animal.. in any given moment, by not exercising the option of suicide, we are choosing to live. (Quote by - Peter McWilliams)

Send forth the child and childish man together, and blush for the pride that libels our own old happy state, and gives its title to an ugly and distorted image. (Quote by - Charles Dickens)

I like when a guy makes me feel like a woman and a little girl at the same time. (Quote by - Tara Reid)

They smile and talk their language. Brad blushes and vocalizes in a serious tone of voice. Courtney's eyes dance with joy and excitement as she vocalizes back to him. (Quote by - Teresa Robinette)

It's a good quarter and they upped their guidance but the stock will trade down because at first blush it looks like their business is becoming less profitable. Guidance for earnings did not increase as fast as revenue. (Quote by - Ed Snyder)

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