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I was bleeding profusely because my coronary artery was literally coming apart and the right side of my heart wasn't functioning. They told me they gave me 13 gallons of blood, which is such a massive quantity, and they said that's more blood than they had ever seen anyone receive before who lived to tell about it. (Quote by - Doug Shore)

The take-home message is that feelings of loneliness are a health risk, in that the lonelier you are, the higher your blood pressure. And we know that high blood pressure has all kinds of negative consequences. (Quote by - Louise Hawkley)

Since raised blood pressure is the major cause of stroke, the blood pressure lowering effect of potassium could be one of the major mechanisms contributing to a reduced risk of stroke with an increased fruit and vegetable intake. (Quote by - Feng He)

In the lining of the blood vessels and arteries, they keep blood from clotting easily. If there's an inflamed area, they tend to prevent the accumulation of blood there, which otherwise could lead to a blood clot. (Quote by - Donna Kernodle)

For the man sound in body and serene of mind there is no such thing as bad weather; every sky has its beauty, and storms which whip the blood do but make it pulse more vigorously. (Quote by - George Gissing)

Blood is a cleansing and sanctifying thing, and the nation that regards it as the final horror has lost its manhood ... there are many things more horrible than bloodshed, and slavery is one of them! (Quote by - Padraic Pearse)

I think maybe there's more bad blood now between us and Vancouver than with Detroit. I think now with us and Detroit, it's just a rivalry between two good teams. Most of that bad blood was a long time ago. We didn't have anybody out there tonight who was a part of it in '96. (Quote by - Dan Hinote)

A viper stung a Cappadocian's hide, and poisoned by his blood that instant died. (Quote by - Demodocus)

And he shall bring them unto the priest, who shall offer that which is for the sin offering first, and wring off his head from his neck, but shall not divide it asunder: / And he shall sprinkle of the blood of the sin offering upon the side of the altar; and the rest of the blood shall be wrung out at the bottom of the altar: it is a sin offering. (Quote by - Bible)

The caloric burn is not significant. Yoga doesn't assist with lowering blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol or other cardiac risk factors. (Quote by - Fabio Comana)

The way to make money is to buy when blood is running in the streets. (Quote by - John D Rockefeller)

My mother's mother was full-blooded Yavapai, and my mother's father was full-blooded Apache. On my dad's side it is the same way. (Quote by - Shanna Ramirez)

The blood vessels in the eyes share similar anatomic characteristics and other characteristics with the blood vessels in the brain, .. More research needs to be done to confirm these results, but it's exciting to think that this fairly simple procedure could help us predict whether someone will be more likely to have a stroke several years later. (Quote by - Paul Mitchell)

I do wear lipstick because when I suddenly get pale or green, it seems whole blood goes away. (Quote by - Nastassja Kinski)

I was in for 10 hours and had 40 pints - beating my previous record by 20 minutes. (Quote by - George Best)

Your belt is stopping the blood flow to your head!. (Quote by - Darius Danesh)

An accumulating body of evidence suggests that this translates into health benefits for those who consume cocoa or dark chocolate with a cocoa content of 60 percent or more. Benefits have been seen in endothelial function, a measure of blood vessel health, blood pressure, insulin levels, and serum lipids. (Quote by - Dr. David L. Katz)

The ultimate goal is to take this technology and apply it to the whole blood supply so that every unit of blood that's given in the United States would be converted to a universal type before transfusion. The polymer coating hides the blood group antigens so that the recipient's immune system can't recognize the foreign blood cells. (Quote by - Timothy Fisher)

And it shall be, that whosoever shall go out of the doors of thy house into the street, his blood shall be upon his head, and we will be guiltless: and whosoever shall be with thee in the house, his blood shall be on our head, if any hand be upon him. (Quote by - Bible)

It will have blood, they say; blood will have blood. (Quote by - William Shakespeare)

The rest of the impure blood was leaking through a hole in the heart to mix with purified blood making the entire circulatory system impure. The boy became bluish. It was one of the most challenging cases. (Quote by - Dr Moosa Kunhi)

When he goes at them the way he does, you don't want to be a defender. He gives them twisted blood. (Quote by - Gary Pallister)

Dave Bowman is a great guy to have around the place because he's got tangerine blood running through his veins. (Quote by - Gordon Chisholm)

The guy killed them in front of him and left. He remembers that experience. When they would ask him what was his favorite color, he said, 'red,' because he remembered all that blood. There was blood everywhere. (Quote by - Pokey Reese)

Of all writings I love only that which is written with blood. Write with blood: and you will discover that blood is spirit. (Quote by - Friedrich Nietzsche)

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