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Because you're not what I would have you be, I blind myself to who, in truth, you are. (Quote by - Madeleine L'Engle)

Well it has been very exciting and very changing as well. Celebrating the 40th year and having the album out and the Channel 4 documentary and I resigned from Blind Date. (Quote by - Cilla Black)

To be blind is not miserable; not to be able to bear blindness, that is miserable. (Quote by - John Milton)

Each and every single time you look in the mirror ,you look at yourself.He who does not get bored ,is blind. (Quote by - nibus sjmch)

Love works a different way in different minds, the fool it enlightens and the wise it blinds. (Quote by - John Dryden)

Doing, a filthy pleasure is, and short; And done, we straight repent us of the sport: Let us not rush blindly on unto it, Like lustful beasts, that only know to do it: For lust will languish, and that heat decay, But thus, thus, keeping endless Holy-. (Quote by - Ben Jonson)

Conservatism is the blind and fear-filled worship of dead radicals. (Quote by - Mark Twain)

Justice may be blind, but we all know that diversity in the courts, as in all aspects of society, sharpens our vision and makes us a stronger nation. (Quote by - Bill Clinton)

Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don't know how to replenish it's source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of witherings, of tarnishings. (Quote by - Anais Nin)

He has blinding hand speed and great dexterity. He can punch going forwards and backwards which is the mark of a true champion. There's no one like him in the world today. (Quote by - Don King)

Interest which blinds some People, enlightens others. (Quote by - Benjamin Franklin)

Always expect the unexpected. Right around Thanksgiving, when the new Alex Cross will be out. It's called Four Blind Mice and it's a pretty amazing story about several murders inside the military. (Quote by - James Patterson)

It is well known, that among the blind the one-eyed man is king. (Quote by - Gerard Didier Erasmus)

About every two minutes a new wave of planes would be over. The motors seemed to grind rather than roar, and to have an angry pulsation like a bee buzzing in blind fury. (Quote by - Ernie Pyle)

An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind. (Quote by - Mohandas Gandhi)

That lack of sharpness is never more exposed than by a pace attack such as the blindingly quick one England have deployed. (Quote by - Dennis Lillee)

If a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit. (Quote by - Bible)

Once the command of the air is obtained by one of the contending armies, the war becomes a conflict between a seeing host and one that is blind. (Quote by - H G Wells)

This indictment of Christianity I will write on all walls, wherever there are walls - I have letters to make even the blind see. (Quote by - Friedrich Nietzsche)

And David said on that day, Whosoever getteth up to the gutter, and smiteth the Jebusites, and the lame and the blind that are hated of David's soul, he shall be chief and captain. Wherefore they said, The blind and the lame shall not come into the house. (Quote by - Bible)

No one else can bring this overwhelming advantage, .. We can see and know where the enemy is and they cannot see and know where we are. They are fighting blind. (Quote by - Don Shepperd)

IT workers at some companies have learned that blind people can compete. But lots of others have never worked with a blind person before, and attitude-related barriers apply. (Quote by - Curtis Chong)

We expect 24 blind and disabled golfers. This will make us the second largest blind golf event in the nation. (Quote by - Howard Shaw)

It is impossible to concieve of this immense and wonderful universe as the result of blind chance or necessity. (Quote by - Charles Darwin)

On my income tax 1040 it says 'Check this box if you are blind.' I wanted to put a check mark about three inches away. (Quote by - Tom Lehrer)

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