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Praise or blame has but a momentary effect on the man whose love of beauty in the abstract makes him a severe critic on his own works. (Quote by - John Keats)

The secret thoughts of a man run over all things, holy, profane, clean, obscene, grave, and light, without shame or blame. (Quote by - Thomas Hobbes)

Don't blame the marketing department. The buck stops with the chief executive. (Quote by - John D. Rockefeller)

Better reality than a dream: if something is real, then it's real and you're not to blame. (Quote by - Umberto Eco)

Your life is the fruit of your own doing. You have no one to blame but yourself. (Quote by - Joseph Campbell)

An expert is someone called in at the last minute to share the blame. (Quote by - Sam Ewing)

I don't have any gnawing guilt over contributing to any unhappiness suffered by my husbands. They were as much to blame as I was. (Quote by - Hedy Lamarr)

Inside a religious body you get sects and hierarchies, inside an information network you get bazaars and cathedrals, it is the same, call them what you like. They survive by pointing the finger of blame at each other. (Quote by - Mary Douglas)

ACT and SAT each have their own parts of the country. The GRE has its lock on graduate admissions. And so, one could blame the companies, but really, economically, they have no incentive to change things very much because they're getting the business. (Quote by - Robert Sternberg)

It is no use to blame the looking glass if your face is awry. (Quote by - Nikolai Gogol)

Can you blame them? We have to filter so much information these days. But it does make it difficult for an artist. I'm 46 years old now. I've had a lot of life experience and my voice has changed. People who expect the same old me are bound to be disappointed. (Quote by - Kathy Mattea)

Luckily, he was in the process of moving to France at the time, anyway. But if he had stayed in the States, I don't know how he would have handled that, because it was getting pretty crazy. I mean, a celebrity which he really did not welcome. And I can't blame him. (Quote by - Terry Zwigoff)

Life takes its path and sometimes there are people to blame. Of course there are bad people in this world. Good, bad, it happens unfortunately. But in a way I think if there was more focus on the good, more good would happen. (Quote by - Andrea Corr)

I don't accept at all the quite popular argument that the press is responsible for the monarchy's recent troubles. The monarchy's responsible for the monarchy's recent troubles. To blame the press is the old thing of blaming the messenger for the message. (Quote by - Anthony Holden)

People can say what they want to say. I'm not going to worry about that one shot. If people want to blame, I'll take the blame. I'd rather take the blame than anyone else on the team. (Quote by - Mike Beers)

If this opens up so we have more and more officers speaking up and blaming Rumsfeld and blaming senior civilians, then it is possibly heading towards a fairly dangerous civilian-military crisis. (Quote by - Andrew Bacevich)

A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit. (Quote by - Arnold H. Glasgow)

Democratic leaders always seem to blame America first. (Quote by - Ken Mehlman)

Congress has really set this thing up in a way that they absolve themselves of blame, .. They have their scapegoats. They can blame the Pentagon. They can blame BRAC. It's hard for voters to say this is Ortiz's fault. (Quote by - Juan Carlos)

You succeed at being a failure when you blame someone else. (Quote by - Jeffrey Benjamin)

I'm not sure. I don't get the sense that consumers have fixed the blame yet ..I think we may be one event away or some catalyst away from that blame being pointed at Washington or the administration. I'm not sure it's there yet. (Quote by - Mark Warner)

When I have been asked during these last weeks who caused the riots and the killing in L.A., my answer has been direct and simple: Who is to blame for the riots? The rioters are to blame. Who is to blame for the killings? The killers are to blame. (Quote by - Dan Quayle)

When you blame yourself, you learn from it. If you blame someone else, you don't learn nothing, cause hey, it's not your fault, it's his fault, over there. (Quote by - Joe Strummer)

Whoever is out of favor at the moment has been blamed, .. The whole Arab world got blamed. (Quote by - Hussein Ibish)

I don't blame David Stern because a player gets on the court and he doesn't put out competitively. No one can make you play if you don't want to play. (Quote by - Oscar Robertson)

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