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There's people making babies to my music. That's nice. (Quote by - Barry White)

Any man who hates dogs and babies can't be all bad. (Quote by - Leo Rosten)

I am serving the Lord and helping women save babies. (Quote by - Norma McCorvey)

A baby is born with a need to be loved and never outgrows it. (Quote by - Frank A. Clark)

Amnesty is the magnet. Other magnets that you mentioned are anchor babies who get benefits in this country and employer deductions for employees, even if they are here illegally, which Mr. King is addressing. (Quote by - Virgil Goode)

I've always been a true believer that if men had babies, nobody would be trying to tell them what they can and can't do with their bodies. (Quote by - Scott Ian)

If you were to open up a baby's head - and I am not for a moment suggesting that you should - you would find nothing but an enormous drool gland. (Quote by - Dave Barry)

If your baby is "beautiful and perfect, never cries or fusses, sleeps on schedule and burps on demand, an angel all the time," you're the grandma." (Quote by - Theresa Bloomingdale)

An ugly baby is a very nasty object - and the prettiest is frightful. (Quote by - Queen Victoria)

Babies act out when they're hungry, cold, tired. They do this for survival. (Quote by - Marilu Henner)

Loving a baby is a circular business, a kind of feedback loop. The more you give the more you get and the more you get the more you feel like giving. (Quote by - Penelope Leach)

I was married when I wasn't quite 14 and had four babies by the time I was 18. (Quote by - Loretta Lynn)

Babies are necessary to grown-ups. A new baby is like the beginning of all things -- wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities. In a world that is cutting down its trees to build highways, losing its earth to concrete... babies are almost the only remaining link with nature, with the natural world of living things from which we spring.(Quote by - Eda J. Le Shan)

All babies are beautiful. (Quote by - Jeanne Calment)

A baby is God's opinion that life should go on. (Quote by - Carl Sandburg)

Make no mistake about why these babies are here - they are here to replace us. (Quote by - Jerry Seinfeld)

But people that are worried about unborn babies are the same ones that vote against kindergarten programs in Indiana or school lunch funds out of the federal government. (Quote by - Birch Bayh)

Babies need social interactions with loving adults who talk with them, listen to their babblings, name objects for them, and give them opportunities to explore their worlds. (Quote by - Sandra Scarr)

If ever we had proof that our nation's pollution laws aren't working, it's reading the list of industrial chemicals in the bodies of babies who have not yet lived outside the womb. (Quote by - Louise Slaughter)

What good mothers and fathers instinctively feel like doing for their babies is usually best after all. (Quote by - Benjamin Spock)

Giving birth is like taking your lower lip and forcing it over your head. (Quote by - Carol Burnett)

A babe in the house is a well-spring of pleasure, a messenger of peace and love, a resting place for innocence on earth, a link between angels and men. (Quote by - Martin Fraquhar Tupper)

Promises are like crying babies in a theater, they should be carried out at once. (Quote by - Norman Vincent Peale)

A new baby is like the beginning of all things-wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities. (Quote by - Eda J. Le Shan)

Every baby born into the world is a finer one than the last. (Quote by - Charles Dickens)

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