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August Quotes
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I make appearance at local park and recreation agencies when the program starts, when they have the qualifying meets at the local levels. Then I try to go to the regional competitions, and of course I'm there in Hershey, Pa., in August for the North American final. (Quote By - Rafer Johnson)

I mean, if somebody said to me, junior year of college, you can go anywhere, your old man's paying for it, I'd have been gone in a flash. But I had to work. Every summer my mother would say, 'Get that job and hold on to it until August 30.' (Quote By - Chris Matthews)

While in El Paso, I met Mr. Clinton Burk, a native of Texas, who I married in August 1885. (Quote By - Calamity Jane)

Fundamentally, the economy has not slowed as investors had hoped or the Fed requires. It puts a tightening in August back on the table. (Quote By - Charles Lieberman)

Meanwhile after failing the bar twice, I knew some people in New York and moved here in August '71. (Quote By - Robert Quine)

The band's never taken a year off. Last August we decided to take one, and three months in I was bored to tears. (Quote By - Steven Tyler)

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