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There's a national imperative to rebuild that infrastructure, .. We've got half-a-dozen critical industries down there -- shipping, refining, agriculture, aquaculture -- that serve the entire country. But where and how to rebuild the rest of the city, those are politically charged questions that can only be answered down the road. (Quote by - Bernard Weinstein)

He was a very inferior farmer when he first begun . . . and he is now fast rising from affluence to poverty. (Quote by - Mark Twain)

Just as the science and art of agriculture depend upon chemistry and botany, so the art of education depends upon physiology and psychology. (Quote by - Edward Thorndike)

One major problem that is contributing to the failure of agriculture is the misuse of land. They are building houses on the flat, and leaving the hills, and I think that is a misuse of resources. (Quote by - Tiffany Williams)

The experience of ages has shown that a man who works on the land is purer, nobler, higher, and more moral... Agriculture should be at the basis of everything. That's my idea. (Quote by - Nikolai Gogol)

If we win, we'll make history, and I'll serve you on the Agriculture Committee. (Quote by - George Nethercutt)

Many of the mainstream agricultural scientists, especially at the agricultural schools, but at all of our major universities, are tied into all sorts of contractual relationships and consulting relationships with the life science companies. (Quote by - Jeremy Rifkin)

The Europeans need to show real flexibility on market access, .. We came here for a discussion basically on agriculture. (Quote by - Celso Amorim)

Profits might also increase, because improvements might take place in agriculture, or in the implements of husbandry, which would augment the produce with the same cost of production. (Quote by - David Ricardo)

I'm disappointed that the Department of Agriculture would get involved in lobbying, and I hope there's a suitable investigation. (Quote by - Dave Gowdey)

Ye rigid Ploughman! bear in mind Your labor is for future hours. Advance! spare not! nor look behind! Plough deep and straight with all your powers! (Quote by - Richard Hengist Horne)

With agriculture and manufacturing, this package links up two of Michigan's largest industries. (Quote by - Rep. Neal Nitz)

If the administration is capable of putting together a better deal on the FTAA, particularly on agricultural issues, they can get greater Latin American support for U.S. leadership on free trade. (Quote by - Bruce Bagley)

We saw a financial disaster in agriculture in the early 1980s as a result of inflated farmland values and the increased borrowing on those values. When the bottom dropped out of the farmland market, we saw loans called in and foreclosures to cover those loans. (Quote by - Gordon Carriker)

One reason for fewer complaints is that the outreach to commercial agriculture has been effective in providing technical assistance and other information on good resource management to landowners. (Quote by - Ray Jaindl)

Our strategy is getting the exemptions removed on the chemicals and earmarking the funds for sustainable agriculture and other programs that would support family farmers. (Quote by - Valerie Frances)

As things stand, France therefore cannot support the commission in the agriculture proposals it has made. (Quote by - Christine Lagarde)

So, I cannot see the rationale at this time to place the company back under the Ministry of Agriculture. Does the Ministry of Agriculture have the budgetary resources to support the factories? I don't think it is the right move. (Quote by - Vincent Morrison)

Agriculture is a big part of what we're all about here. South Dakota is prepared and ready to showcase what we have. (Quote by - Randy Stratton)

There's an unexpectedly high share of workers still in agriculture, .. That's like a fault line. (Quote by - Edward Taylor)

Adam, well may we labour, still to dress This garden, still to tend plant, herb, and flower. (Quote by - John Milton)

The bill has the potential of increasing public awareness of the importance of agriculture. (But) the bill has the potential of ending bona fide agriculture in favor of fake farms. The danger is passing a bill with loopholes. (Quote by - Henry Curtis)

Tourism, viticulture and agriculture, logging and mining, ranching and manufacturing and ever-increasing numbers of small and medium-sized businesses are just a few of the industries, within this diverse riding, that help maintain a growing economy. (Quote by - Stockwell Day)

Over the next year, the tractor will be used to help train more than 200 students in our agriculture and engineering colleges so they'll be well-versed on the state-of-the-art technologies they'll face in their careers. (Quote by - Ramesh Kanwar)

This event is way bigger than last year, and Marin agriculture is growing too. This party allows people to taste the bounty of the county. There's more of it all the time. (Quote by - Dave Evans)

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