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The sugar industry doesn't want to see more of the agricultural areas turned into storm-water treatment areas. Ultimately they want to develop that land for houses and a shopping center. (Quote by - Charles Lee)

E'en in mid-harvest, while the jocund swain Pluck'd from the brittle stalk the golden grain, Oft have I seen the war of winds contend, And prone on earth th' infuriate storm descend, Waste far and wide, and by the roots uptorn, The heavy harvest sweep through ether borne, As light straw and rapid stubble fly In dark'ning whirlwinds round the wintry sky. (Quote by - Virgil)

I applaud the hard work of local agriculture, forestry, state, tribal and other federal partners to develop a solid plan for recovery. (Quote by - Bob Lohn)

So imagine a world 6 degrees warmer. It's not going to recognize geographical boundaries. It's not going to recognize anything. So agriculture regions today will be wiped out. (Quote by - Steven Chu)

U.S. agriculture policy has far-reaching implications for our producers and our state economy, .. and these listening sessions will provide an important opportunity for farmers, ranchers and all Nebraskans to weigh-in on the issues that directly affect them. (Quote by - Dave Heineman)

The United States as we know it today is largely the result of mechanical inventions, and in particular of agricultural machinery and the railroad. (Quote by - John Moody)

I think the Everglades Agriculture Area is going to be the epicenter for this freeze event. The things they've got growing down there now are the most susceptible [to freeze damage]. One grower I talked to felt he lost thousands of acres of beans. The corn is probably going to show a lot of damage, too. (Quote by - Ray Gilmer)

The goal has always been to keep agriculture the No. 1 industry in the area. (Quote by - Arlene S. Hall)

Every major food company now has an organic division. There's more capital going into organic agriculture than ever before. (Quote by - Michael Pollan)

We are the world's largest exporter of agricultural products. We are also the world's largest importer. We are much more open in terms of low tariffs and lower subsidies than most other developed countries, Europeans, Japanese and so forth. We have a lot of disputes with them. (Quote by - Bob Goodlatte)

I made several reports to the Ministry of Agriculture but was told that they are not responsible for the loss of livestock. (Quote by - Shairoon Ramdial)

We're the biggest food and agriculture company in the world. (Quote by - Dwayne Andreas)

We are the canary in the mineshaft. What we have to look at is our whole agriculture community. You know, rural life and everything like that. What is it worth?. (Quote by - Herman Berfelo)

I think a very important thing happened. There was agreement that we shouldn't be negotiating only on agriculture. (Quote by - Frank Vargo)

It's a celebration of their lifelong commitment to agricultural endeavors. We recognize them for their longevity in service within agriculture. (Quote by - Jack Olsen)

If the Department of Agriculture can't even take this baby step forward, what can they do to protect health?. (Quote by - Carol Dansereau)

Talks have reached a critical stage and negotiators need to reach a deal on agriculture in the next two weeks if efforts to restart the Doha round by the end of the year are to succeed. Some speak of a deadlock in the talks, .. I prefer to talk of a padlock, and the key is in the hands of the EU. (Quote by - Celso Amorim)

Agriculture was the first manufacturing industry in America and represents the best of all of us. (Quote by - Zack Wamp)

Galveston was down and out when the state economy shifted from agriculture to oil in 1901. Houston was bound to become the center, to represent the state's economy. (Quote by - Casey Greene)

They shouldn't lose sight of agriculture because it's always been the backbone, but they need to add value to it and diversify. The economy of the nation and world is changing, moving into a service sector economy. (Quote by - Richard Rathge)

Some expected these bees to be a major threat to agriculture and life in the Southwest. Others expected an initial surge of activity and then the problem would somehow go away. The truth in New Mexico is somewhere in between. (Quote by - Carol Sutherland)

Before the discovery of agriculture mankind was everywhere so divided, the size of each group being determined by the natural fertility of its locality. (Quote by - Arthur Keith)

As the tension eases, we must look in the direction of agriculture, industry and education as our final goals, and toward democracy under Mr Mubarak. (Quote by - Naguib Mahfouz)

You could for the first time have a farm bill not written by the agriculture committees. That could change everything. (Quote by - Ralph Grossi)

If you take a photo of the agriculture around here, you can see all the land around the site. That's what it used to look like, beautiful pristine land and this is what it's turned into, a massive disaster that will have to be resolved somehow. (Quote by - Art Trinidade)

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