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Whenever, then, the usual and ordinary rate of the profits of agricultural stock, and all the outgoings belonging to the cultivation of land, are together equal to the value of the whole produce, there can be no rent. (Quote by - David Ricardo)

A lot of people have a negative stereotype. We've had a big push in educating people to know what agriculture and natural science is. (Quote by - Eunice Foster)

It is Illinois agriculture, .. with some manufacturing and perhaps a little bit of tourism. It is not an urban area. (Quote by - Timothy Collins)

Because our agriculture is so spread out, that makes it vulnerable. Our food gets transported a number of times and very widely. (Quote by - Don Hamilton)

It's a link between agriculture and the disability organizations. (Quote by - Rhonda Miller)

There is no reason to pour any chemical into any kind of garden or agriculture. The planet did great without them for thousands of years until the chemical companies came along with marketing schemes to make money at our expense. (Quote by - Mike McGrath)

Going from an agricultural zoning of a minimum 10 acres to one acre lots is a huge change. It's more in the best interest of the developer; it's not in the best interest of the community. (Quote by - David Holtz)

He who owns the soil, owns up to the sky. (Quote by - Douglas Jerrold)

There's not that much viable agriculture in this county. (Quote by - David Miles)

Currently, we can't survive without migrant labor in agriculture. (Quote by - Hank Gilbert)

I won't say 'deflation,' but price paring was widespread. It reached far beyond manufacturing and agriculture. (Quote by - William Dunkelberg)

The research capabilities through this alliance will be unparalleled in our industry. The world agriculture market is changing at a terrific pace. (Quote by - Charles Johnson)

When the Lewis Co. bought the land it knew it was zoned agricultural and was limited to one home for every 10 acres. Going from an agricultural zoning of a minimum 10 acres to one acre lots is a huge change, .. It's more in the best interest of the developer; it's not in the best interest of the community. (Quote by - David Holtz)

I don't think anyone can possibly imagine the impact these hurricanes have had on the region and on production agriculture unless they see it firsthand, .. We saw fields flattened by winds and inundated by salt water. We heard accounts of homes swept from their foundations and we saw trees broken like toothpicks. Of course, the full story can only be told by those whose lives and livelihoods have been forever altered by these storms. (Quote by - Bob Goodlatte)

On this National Agriculture Day, when we all should be taking time to thank and pay tribute to America's farmers, ranchers and their families who produce the food for our tables, we are finding those same people in dire need of our help and support. (Quote by - Michael McCaul)

As a company solely focused on agriculture, Monsanto has a proud tradition of supporting educational opportunities for our future agricultural leaders. (Quote by - Ted Crosbie)

There's a lot of need in the world (but) the budget money that the president requested is in the agriculture budget and that's where we want it to stay. US AID money should come from foreign operations. (Quote by - Chris Garza)

Some of the most-producing farmland is being changed over from agricultural to residential. We're not always using the land the best way. (Quote by - David Keuhl)

I was an organizer in the Food, Agricultural and Tobacco Workers Union down in North Carolina. (Quote by - Al Lewis)

Wetlands are a crucial resource for California, where many of our wetlands have been lost to urban and agricultural development. We believe these investments will help protect and restore our remaining wetlands. (Quote by - Alexis Strauss)

Nearly all models used to predict climate changes either ignore agriculture altogether or assume that farmers behave the same way through time. In reality, farmers are changing rapidly in response to new technologies, growth in demand and other factors. This study suggests that these changes may have important cooling effects, especially at local scales. (Quote by - David Lobell)

Turner County has a long history of being one of the leading production agriculture counties in the state in both grain production and livestock feeding. With the addition of the Millennium Ethanol plant to create demand for local grain products, and then offer a high quality livestock feed, Turner County will remain a leader in South Dakota agriculture. (Quote by - Steve Dick)

Penn State has also continued to be a leader in Pennsylvania's largest industry: Agriculture. (Quote by - Tim Holden)

Everyone will enjoy this mini reunion. We want to unite women from diverse facets of agriculture and this conference provides everyone a vehicle to gather together as women involved in agriculture in a highly positive and enthusiastic event. (Quote by - Diana Goldammer)

There's nothing like castrating 20 pigs before lunch. I did that during school whenever the need arose. They'd call out the agricultural class and put us in trucks to go help the local farmers. (Quote by - Fred Ward)

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