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Whatever agreement we come to, if we do come to one, if it doesn't change business as usual in predatory lending practices and doesn't have real practical effect in reducing or eliminating these predatory loans, we're going to come back next year with very strong language to improve it. (Quote by - Bill Mason)

We are pleased that we have been able to reach a negotiated tentative agreement that we feel is good for our members. (Quote by - Bruce Bell)

The government has agreed to implement a clause in the agreement in relation to the paramilitary groups. This is a good sign. (Quote by - Anton Balasingham)

A bad agreement is better than a good lawsuit. (Quote by - Italian Proverb)

In the spirit of the agreement, I'm currently in the process of having our radio ad pulled from New York City and surrounding suburban markets. (Quote by - Bill Powers)

An agreement is a kind of debt. (Quote by - Moroccan Proverb)

Morales, even with his great legitimacy, no matter what, will have to forge an agreement with the regions to create a viable government. (Quote by - Carlos Toranzo)

My current view after discussions (with Pacific Group) is that we weren't as close to an agreement as I thought we were. (Quote by - Bill Hagemann)

France hasn't been a member of NATO's military command for the last 37 years, so their agreement on military planning isn't even required. (Quote by - Bruce Jackson)

The compact which exists between the North and the South is a covenant with death and an agreement with hell. (Quote by - William Lloyd Garrison)

This agreement will ensure stable supplies to Europe. (Quote by - Alexei Miller)

With this agreement, virtually the entire mutual fund industry has now sworn off improper trading practices and agreed to compensate investors who were harmed. (Quote by - Eliot Spitzer)

No union has indicated to the company that they have any intention other than to sign the agreement. We believe that's what is important. (Quote by - Bruce Hicks)

We do not reject the idea of renegotiating the 1992 agreement, provided this results in an improvement in the current system and that the sum of support on both sides is equivalent. (Quote by - Anthony Gooch)

We're in basic agreement. It's just not signed yet. (Quote by - Bill Bunch)

An alliance with a powerful person is never safe. (Quote by - Phaedrus)

It would have been preferable to carry it out in the country itself, inside America. He was in agreement. (Quote by - Ahmed Ressam)

New Jersey stands ready to proceed with a seven-state agreement. This is going to go forward. (Quote by - Bradley Campbell)

You'll notice that the college people weren't there, and that's because there is no agreement, and it's because these parts of the Open Meetings Act that I just explained to you have not happened, and that's the only way the college can settle a lawsuit. (Quote by - Bob Sanders)

This agreement protects acres of old forests that are good for the owl and other animals that would not have had protection otherwise. (Quote by - Becky Kelley)

We are not going to see a significant impact overnight as a result of an OPEC agreement. I don't see prices going any higher for the time being, but it will take some time to see the increase of supply push down the price of fuel. (Quote by - Calvin Schnure)

We have an agreement that provides job security for our 39,000 members. (Quote by - Bill Johnson)

It took a lot of work and, trust me, the final agreement, we all worked hard to make it happen. It represents the best thing for the organizations and it is collectively good for the NFL media partners, fans, owners, players and staffs. (Quote by - Arthur Blank)

There's probably broad agreement within the Tory party for that. There's no concrete details on that, but you get the impression that Conservatives would probably support that as well. Obviously, the Liberals would support it because it's their program. (Quote by - Andrew Pyle)

No. 1, on the site agreement the tour is not directly involved. It's the host organization's job - being led by Gerald Goodman - to get that done, and Gerald is very confident that it will get done. (Quote by - Bob Combs)

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