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We want to get a collective bargaining agreement done with Gene (Upshaw) and I don't see why we're having such a holdup at this time. He has his reasons and we have our reasons, but it's not a healthy situation to have. (Quote by - Bud Adams)

We have a partnership agreement and we have an agreement with the NBA that governs how we operate. Those agreements make sure that we do our business, and we're doing our business. It doesn't mean that every bit of business will be done as perfectly as we'd like to get done, but we'll get it done. (Quote by - Bruce Levenson)

I put together a meeting with all of the disaffiliated principals and we reached an agreement that they will be marching in our Labor Day Parade, .. The unity that we have gives us a better opportunity to survive this. I look at the glass half full this disaffiliation is temporary and its also a healthy debate for us to have. (Quote by - Brian McLaughlin)

I can say that there are very serious discussions, .. All issues that represent the keys of the agreement were in discussions. There are committees, there is a committee for territory and Jerusalem and security and other committee for refugees. There is still a gap, but we are working very seriously, trying to see whether its possible. (Quote by - Ahmed Qorei)

Even savage animals can agree among themselves. (Quote by - Juvenal)

I'm fully optimistic that Randy and I can work through the night and come up with a comfortable agreement. (Quote by - Brian Mackler)

It was not expected to reach an agreement.. but to present various opinions and explore different views, and it was quite successful. (Quote by - Albert Rohan)

I hope that this agreement allows all of us to begin to look to the future and turn to the business of healing the wounds of the past, both here and in Switzerland. (Quote by - Alfonse D'Amato)

As a result of the actions, (Eckstein) entered into agreement to pay the money back, and he has repaid almost all of it. (Quote by - Bill Barrett)

The goal for 2006 is to reach a comprehensive agreement with the United States in the first half of the year on the ISS until 2011. (Quote by - Anatoly Perminov)

Our agreement allows construction to begin literally tomorrow. (Quote by - Anthony Coscia)

We are very disappointed we have not been able to come to an agreement with KPNX to carry their network. Broadcast networks are given free spectrum by the federal government to provide a service to the community. KPNX is available free, over-the-air, to residents in Phoenix. We don't believe Cable ONE customers in smaller Arizona communities should pay for free television. We have worked successfully with other broadcasters including the local affiliates of ABC, CBS, FOX, WB and UPN to keep their stations. KPNX also rejected our offer of a 60-day contract extension while negotiations continue. (Quote by - Brad Dorsey)

We view the agreement as a milestone deal, giving the company global rights to an attractive portfolio of high-margin, entertainment-based content. (Quote by - Anthony Gikas)

One of the primary purposes of the collective bargaining agreement was to provide for the medical needs of an employee after retirement. (Quote by - Bill Wyllia)

This is very serious for Ontario and we can't sign on to an agreement that specifically disadvantages us. (Quote by - David Ramsay)

It's definitely coming to a head. We're going to see if they can reach an agreement on what do you do about the 12 million here, and what do you do about the people coming in the future. (Quote by - Angela Kelly)

We're actually working on an agreement with Korea right now, so students who want to go there will be able to. We want to get as many agreements as we can so students who want to have a different experience and not just go to Britain or Ireland, are able to do that. (Quote by - Bridget Carey)

Nothing in this agreement shall be construed to be an admission of liability or wrongdoing by any party. (Quote by - Bob Bennett)

I'm looking forward to the day when we have a free trade agreement with New Zealand. (Quote by - Jim Kolbe)

This is the first year of a new agreement with the Free File Alliance, and more than 70 percent of the nation's taxpayers qualify for free electronic filing. While the Free File numbers are down slightly, this remains an important e-file option that taxpayers should consider as the April filing deadline approaches. (Quote by - Bert DuMars)

I am deeply concerned by this report and I have instructed the VFACOM (Visiting Forces Agreement Committee) to fully assist the victim of this crime and to support all efforts by our authorities to investigate, prosecute and try this case. (Quote by - Alberto Romulo)

You can get assent to almost any proposition so long as you are not going to do anything about it. (Quote by - John Jay Chapman)

The ball is in the Israeli court, .. Will they do what is needed to reach an agreement? Or will they stick to their unacceptable demands?'. (Quote by - Abdel Rahman)

On the commercial side, we are more or less at the point of agreement. (Quote by - Bernie Ecclestone)

There is just talk, a primitive agreement, but in our plan there is a widening agreement. (Quote by - Akif Zagros)

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