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There were moments where I was hopeful that we could have come to some agreement. But that didn't happen. (Quote by - Christine Quinn)

There is nothing more likely to start disagreement among people or countries than an agreement. (Quote by - Elwyn Brooks White)

I would be probably naive to say that there was agreement on all these matters. There are, of course, profound differences in the approach of the two sides. (Quote by - Albert Rohan)

When that development agreement was approved, the city extracted $1.5 million from the developer. That money was used to help build the Rocklin Sunset Center, which has been beneficial to the entire community. (Quote by - Al Johnson)

Microsoft is not endorsing Java or J2EE [Java 2 Enterprise Edition] with this agreement. We will still compete heavily with .Net against Java, .. But finding that shared customer base led us, like it should, to say, 'Customers are sure finding a lot of value in this. Can we do better?'. (Quote by - Bill Hilf)

I trust that a graduate student some day will write a doctoral essay on the influence of the Munich analogy on the subsequent history of the twentieth century. Perhaps in the end he will conclude that the multitude of errors committed in the name of ''Munich'' may exceed the original error of 1938. (Quote by - Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr.)

No two on earth in all things can agree. All have some daring singularity. (Quote by - Winston Churchill)

However, the agreement is not as good as expected as quota control in trade is totally outdated in a world of economic liberalization and free trade. (Quote by - Bo Xilai)

Those who agree with us may not be right, but we admire their astuteness. (Quote by - Cullen Hightower)

The message is NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement) is there. NAFTA has helped both our countries enormously. We live up to the terms of NAFTA. We ask you, our best friend and most important trading partner to do the same thing. (Quote by - Anne McLellan)

The reason the world is in the spot it's in is because North Korea entered into an agreement and then did not keep up their terms of the agreement. They received aid in return for promising not to develop nuclear weapons. They took the aid, they ran with the aid and then they developed a nuclear weapons anyway. (Quote by - Ari Fleischer)

The agreement with Samsung will help align technologies and validate requirements for future wireless offerings. We are evaluating multiple options for 2.5GHz applications and fostering strategic relationships with ecosystem partners who are vital to progress on next-generation wireless broadband access and infrastructure. (Quote by - Barry West)

Given the current economic context that we're in, this is not the richest-ever agreement that we have bargained, but it's a responsible bargaining, recognizing all of the issues that we face. (Quote by - Buzz Hargrove)

The market's been soft, .. and I think that's mostly a result of the new provisions in the collective bargaining agreement. (Quote by - Andrew Zimbalist)

You may easily play a joke on a man who likes to argue -- agree with him. (Quote by - Edgar Watson Howe)

Entering into this agreement with Acumen made the most sense for our employees and our client base. This allows us to offer a broader range of services to our existing customers and to band together with a highly knowledgeable, highly motivated team of professionals. (Quote by - Brian Phillips)

We have negotiated but have not been able to reach a new agreement..we regret we have had to take this step. (Quote by - Aase Lindskog)

People realize that what we did in this agreement was push back against the corporation's main objective of turning this place into a [non-permanent] contract-hired staff. (Quote by - Arnold Amber)

Europeans should pay more attention. Iran has called for dialogue and is moving in the direction of reaching an agreement through peaceful means. (Quote by - Ali Larijani)

We couldn't come to an agreement on the fountain. (Quote by - Alan Gerson)

We are fighting tooth and nail to defeat backtracking by the EU on the framework agreement on market access, not to mention the developing countries -- a lot of them are viewing this negotiation as: 'We get to have everything given to us and we don't have to do anything in return.'. (Quote by - Bob Stallman)

This bilateral agreement represents a necessary and welcome step towards addressing China's unfair trade practices and highly disruptive levels of textile trade. (Quote by - Auggie Tantillo)

That which corrodes the souls of the persecuted is the monstrous inner agreement with the prevailing prejudice against them. (Quote by - Eric Hoffer)

At this moment in time, the chances of any agreement are extremely small. (Quote by - Ali Ansari)

This is the first national agreement that we're aware of that's ever dealt with H-2 A workers or guest workers in this country. (Quote by - Arturo Rodriguez)

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