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The manner of the victory was very satisfying. The players were up for it, were hungry and displayed aggression while Birch was outstanding. (Quote by - Bill Midgley)

Most recently, terrorist forces have captured Israeli soldiers and fired rockets into Israeli cities - both unprovoked. These acts of aggression deserve the rapid and decisive response they received. (Quote by - John Boehner)

We attacked the basket more. We were more aggressive on defense and we definitely came out to play this game. (Quote by - Christine Baldauf)

Iconic clothing has been secularized. A guardsman in a dress uniform is ostensibly an icon of aggression; his coat is red as the blood he hopes to shed. Seen on a coat-hanger, with no man inside it, the uniform loses all its blustering significance and, to the innocent eye seduced by decorative color and tactile braid, it is as abstract in symbolic information as a parasol to an Eskimo. It becomes simply magnificent. (Quote by - Angela Carter)

I wanted to be more aggressive offensively. I'm probably one of the best 3-point shooters in the country right now (55.8%); passing up shots isn't helping our team. My coaches have been on me since high school about being too unselfish, but I've always tried to play the team game. (Quote by - Wayne Arnold)

We were playing good hard aggressive defense. I'd like to see a little more offense, but that's gonna come. (Quote by - Carolyn Compton)

The more aggressive team won tonight. (Quote by - Dale Layer)

I think if you watch the aggressive way Urban Meyer coaches on the sidelines during a game, and watch his wife in the stands, you know they're not going to take no for answer from a recruit. I think his persona has a lot to do with his recruiting. (Quote by - Allen Wallace)

Currie came out aggressive and really looked for his offense. He's been hurt the last two weeks so it was good to see him with a lot of movement and a lot of offense tonight. He was getting after it. (Quote by - Chad Latch)

In 2006 Delta is continuing to aggressively transform our network to expand into new or underserved routes where our customers want to visit or do business. The reach and convenience of our Atlanta hub will make it easier for customers from most any point on the globe to enjoy the charm, fine dining and world-class entertainment that the Jersey shore has to offer this summer. (Quote by - Bob Cortelyou)

Xenophobia manifests itself especially against civilizations and cultures that are weak because they lack economic resources, means of subsistence or land. So nomadic people are the first targets of this kind of aggression. (Quote by - Antonio Tabucchi)

They (Huss) came out real aggressive. We got into a hole and never got out. (Quote by - Bill Ellis)

The officials allowed much more aggressive play than our conference allows. The officials let us bang, grab and push tonight. When that whistle blew, you could have flipped a coin. (Quote by - Wells Gulledge)

We played solid tonight. We knew the Bruins would be aggressive tonight after their game against San Jose but we just kept battling. (Quote by - Andy Murray)

These guys aren't professionals by accident, .. They're very sound fundamentally, they execute well, they're extremely hungry and aggressive in their play. (Quote by - Bo Ryan)

We have been concentrating on not only being more aggressive but also getting better jumps. We knew coming in that part of the scouting report was we could take advantage of running on their catchers, but a couple of our players also picked up on some of the pitches and ran on their own. (Quote by - Brenda Coldren)

We must have our say, not through violence, aggression or fear. We must speak out calmly and forcefully. We shall only be able to enter the new world era if we agree to engage in dialogue with the other side. (Quote by - Tahar Ben Jelloun)

We're going to engage in a pretty aggressive [mosquito] spraying program with the boards of health advising us as to how we might do that safely. (Quote by - Dana Parker)

We told Cedric to be more aggressive. That [the dunk] got him pumped up and it got the team pumped up. We're on the right track, but it is early in the season. (Quote by - Antonio Coghill)

Dick Cheney blows birds out of the sky for pleasure but he drops bombs on Iraqi children for power. (Quote by - Krodha Vakishwari)

It is the habit of every aggressor nation to claim that it is acting on the defensive. (Quote by - Jawaharlal Nehru)

These days, our senses are bombarded with aggression. We are constantly confronted with global images of unending, escalating war and violence. (Quote by - Margaret J. Wheatley)

Certainly, H-P is becoming more aggressive. (Quote by - Charles Smulders)

Aggression only moves in one direction - it creates more aggression. (Quote by - Margaret J. Wheatley)

When we got on base, we were aggressive. (Quote by - Brad Francis)

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