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Accuse Quotes
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Conscience is a coward, and those faults it has not strength enough to prevent it seldom has justice enough to accuse (Quote by - Oliver Goldsmith)

I will lower my voice, and then I'll accuse you of selling out to the two major developers in town. (Quote by - Eric Parfrey)

You accuse a woman of wavering affections, but don't blame her; she is just looking for a consistent man. (Quote by - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Accuse not Nature, she hath done her part; Do thou but thine! (Quote by - John Milton)

Some people will of course accuse me of misanthropy and cynicism. I can't celebrate humanity but I'm not out to indict it either. I just want to expose certain truths. (Quote by - Todd Solondz)

I don't think very many people would accuse Paula Zahn of being a conservative. (Quote by - Brit Hume)

I would never accuse Willie Brown of slowing down, because he never does. (Quote by - James Richardson)

It is unjustifiable for the United States to accuse China of inadequacy in its battle against piracy. (Quote by - Chen Jian)

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