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Communities and neighborhoods are affected. Idling trains, traffic backups, grade crossing accidents and other safety issues all affect the quality of life in our neighborhoods. (Quote by - Bill Lipinski)

The guesses which serve to give mental unity and wholeness to a chaos of scattered particulars, are accidents which rarely occur to any minds but those abounding in knowledge and disciplined in intellectual combinations. (Quote by - John Stuart Mill)

It's no accident that capitalism has brought with it progress, not merely in production but also in knowledge. Bureaucracy is the death of any achievement. (Quote by - unknown)

The "public" seems to have bought into this belief that life can, and should, be run without risk, that all accidents are avoidable, and that death is something that only happens to people who eat meat and smoke. (Quote by - Jeremy Clarkson)

Some mistakenly misread the mercy and graciousness of God. For instance, some partial believers are always scolding God, or disregarding Him, because of the observable and lamentable consequences of our misuse of God's gift to us of moral agency. It is as if a teenage son, given his first car, promptly had an accident with resulting pain, suffering, and expense, and the errant son then railed at his father for permitting the suffering resulting from the son's misuse of the gift of the automobile. Granted, in defense of the analogy, mortal parents ought not to give youngsters automobiles too soon, and then only when they have provided wise counsel, driver training, and so on. But there still comes a time when, if they are ever to drive alone, trained teenagers must be left alone at the wheel. The principle is the same with us in the second estate. (Quote by - Neal A. Maxwell)

It is a mortifying truth, and ought to teach the wisest of us humility, that many of the most valuable discoveries have been the result of chance rather than of contemplation, and of accident rather than of design.- Charles Caleb Colton)

It may have been accidental but you knew enough to let this alone. The intelligent painter is always making use of accidents. (Quote by - Charles Hawthorne)

The spirits of men are being born into the world by divine appointment, and not by accident. (Quote by - Joseph W. McMurrin)

We don't make mistakes here, we just have happy accidents. (Quote by - Bob Ross)

The case with most men is that they go out into life with one or another accidental characteristic of personality of which they say:(Quote by - S ren Aabye Kierkegaard)

Things are bound to begin happening if you've got your wits about you. You create the lucky accidents. (Quote by - Lewis Thomas)

Omissions are not accidents. (Quote by - Marianne Moore)

And with the passing years, what had once seemed like a miracle or the luckiest of chances and which he had always promised himself he would never become enslaved by, has gradually become his sole reason to go on living. (Quote by - Paulo Coelho)

I throw down the gauntlet to chance. For example, I prepare the ground for a picture by cleaning my brush over the canvas. Spilling a little turpentine can also be helpful. (Quote by - Joan Miro)

To accomplish our destiny it is not enough to merely guard prudently against road accidents. We must also cover before nightfall the distance assigned to each of us . (Quote by - Alexis Carrel)

Americanism is not an accident of birth, but an achievement in terms of worth. Government does not create Americanism, but Americanism creates Government. Americanism is not a race, but a vision, a hope and an ideal. (Quote by - Dr. Louis L. Mann)

No doubt soaring cathedrals, stirring music, moving stories and parables, help a bit. But by far the most important variable determining your religion is the accident of birth. (Quote by - Richard Dawkins)

We are all such accidents. We do not make up history and culture. We simply appear, not by our own choice. We make what we can of our condition with the means available. We must accept the mixture as we find it - the impurity of it, the tragedy of it, the hope of it. (Quote by - Saul Bellow)

I shall take particular notice here of the third of November, both because 'tis my own birth day, and also for that I have observed some remarkable accidents to have happened thereupon. (Quote by - John Aubrey)

We can't achieve excellence through talent alone. Or merely by making technological improvements. We can't even buy our way to excellence, no matter how much money we have available to spend. More dollars will never do it. We have to develop a strong corporate conscience. Ethical muscle. And that doesn't happen by accident either. (Quote by - Price Pritchett, Ph.D)

Our government has become too responsive to trivial or ephemeral concerns, often at the expense of more important concerns or an erosion of our liberty, and it has made policy priorities more dependent on where TV journalists happen to point their cameras. . . . As a nation we have lost our sense of tragedy, a recognition that bad things happen to good people. A nation that expects the government to prevent churches from burning, to control the price of bread or gasoline, to secure every job, and to find some villain for every dramatic accident, risks an even larger loss of life and liberty. (Quote by - William A. Niskanen)

In live action movies, you just hope that everything works. Because the actor may had a bad morning and doesn't play good, or accidents happen continuously. Many things contradict what you are trying to say. But in cartoons, nothing contradict what you want to say. (Quote by - John Hench)

A photograph is not an accident - it is a concept. (Quote by - Ansel Adams)

They're funny things, Accidents. You never have them till you're having them. (Quote by - Alan Alexander Milne)

There is no accident, just as there is no beginning and no end. (Quote by - Jackson Pollock)

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