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Planning and developing areas where people have accessibility to services without having to depend on a public transportation system is a big need. (Quote by - Barb Anderson)

The future just got brighter for Atlantic City International Airport and the travelers it serves. This new service, connecting Atlantic City to the world's largest airport, offers greater accessibility for travelers to our exciting regional destinations and excellent connectivity for our outbound market. (Quote by - Frank Spencer)

The goal is transparent accessibility. It's not always necessary to have big ramps. (Quote by - Deb Michener)

The fundamental magic of flying is a miracle that has nothing to do with any of its practical purposes - purposes of speed, accessibility and convenience - and will not change as they change. (Quote by - Anne Morrow Lindbergh)

The key is accessibility. We are a state institution with a commitment to serving the students in the state. And we want to prepare students for the transfer to Clemson. (Quote by - Debra Jackson)

Road accessibility will remain a major challenge, and it is expected that there will be a continued need for a minimum of five or six helicopters until at least September. (Quote by - Jamie McGoldrick)

As the advocates for user experience I think i s important that w re advocating for everyon s experience and perhaps doing a little bit more than just whispering the word accessibilit in a meeting early on and allowing it to be just as easily dismissed. And not just because of the potential legal implications, but because i s our job. (Quote by - Leisa Reichelt)

The most important thing to us is accessibility to the offices by our clients. And our clients love it because it's much easier to get in and out, and there's parking. (Quote by - Bill Gibson)

The largest concern that we have is the impact that easy access to gambling the accessibility to buying lottery tickets is going to have on the public as several of the commissioners recognize. (Quote by - John Rustin)

The Black Book Commercial Index provides greater accuracy, coverage and accessibility than current industry standards and serves as a common yardstick for measuring remarketing performance across all channels. (Quote by - Brian Wright)

I use the same definition of accessibility everywhere: accommodating features a person cannot change or cannot change easily. (Quote by - Joe Clark)

There are accessibility issues. $100 million lost is going to affect [the University] so much. Rutgers would be a completely different place. (Quote by - Sharo Atmeh)

In any event, accessibility is almost as poorly-known now as it was 2.5 years ago when I started work on my book. That's because most 'Web' developers aren't making Web sites at all, since they don't have a clue what valid HTML and CSS means. (Quote by - Joe Clark)

This integrated EMR improves the quality of care we provide with its instantaneous documentation of and accessibility to patient information. Quick access to patient information through all healthcare entry points is a definite benefit to our community. (Quote by - Mike Allen)

That easy accessibility would give us a great opportunity to increase our marketing in Chicago. At the price of gasoline, I'd certainly use something like that. (Quote by - Renee Monforton)

This has been a big growth area for us, partly because software and hardware is becoming so much more accessible. The conference helps [the religious broadcast segment] take advantage of that accessibility. (Quote by - Dennis Wharton)

They want it somewhere in the vicinity, as opposed to being in the middle of a cornfield and not available to them, For many companies, they're looking at accessibility both for their workers and for raw materials coming in and finished materials going out. (Quote by - Susan Jackson)

These discussions have centered on open formats particularly as they relate to office documents, their importance for the current and future accessibility of government records, and the relative(Quote by - Peter Quinn)

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